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  1. It looks unbelievable, best cover of her career BTW the two songs are leaking in minutes / hours, lots of stores have the physical version
  2. It bothers me that she sounds so mature and focused in this documentary, while now she always act bubbly and childish.
  3. In 2000 I was a ten years old boy. I vividly remember watching the Oops video on TV and immediately falling in love with her. I asked my father to buy the single and I've basically been a stan since then
  4. Her cover of My Only Wish is even more tragic than this comment About Britney
  5. She got a few points but girl your album doesn't deserve a Grammy like at all
  6. Instead of talking about Britney she should go and collect the 3,75 dollars she got from her Xmas album sales.
  7. Chillin' With You: the cringy lyrics; the awful, amateurish, noisy production; the lack of Britney's vocals; the tragic Jamie Lynn featuring; the bland melody; the horrible chorus; the fact that Britney doesn't even sing in a duet with her sister and the irony of Myah sounding better than Jamie Lynn makes this trashbin on fire the absolute worst song in her whole career (including unreleased tracks and demos). 0/10 Alien: this song gets the crown for the most disappointing one in her career. William Orbit produced a mediocre and bland track. You can blame the atrocious final mix how you want (the glitch mess is out of this world), but the song itself is plain bad. The melody is boring, there's no chorus, there's no climax, there's no bridge. The vocal line is absolutely awful, and even if Britney's vocals aren't autotuned to death, she sounds unconvincing and uninspired, lacking her usual "kick". The production is dry and empty, with this horrible synth drums to the front. A nightmare with zero potential. Only positive side: the lyrics. Despite not being all that, they aren't a cringefest like Chilling With You. A little bland but quite meaningful, at least. 1,5/10 Rock Boy: this forgotten bonus track is BAD. From the basic melody to the boring, dry production, there's nothing rock about this. Luckily is just a filler bonus track in a record full of bops, so it's definitely forgivable. 2/10 Honorable mentions: Brave New Girl (4/10), basically the whole Britney Jean with stand out tracks like Tik Tik Boom (3,5/10) and Til It's Gone (3/10), Private Show (5/10).
  8. Never heard a single song by him And maybe I'm the only gay in the world who DOESN'T think he's attractive
  9. The song features great melody, but the production is pretty dated It sounds too much 2014-15, it reminds me of Camila Flopbello Crying The Charts Vocals sound great though, and I love the vocal line. Prechorus sounds also great. If it was a demo it could potentially be a banger And yes, it has a little Britney touch
  10. Her smile was unreal. Literally the best smile in the world. It was her best feature...
  11. I've been trying not to dislike her but it's impossible, literally everything she does ends up in a mess
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