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  1. It's not Will. What fanbase could hate her so much? Especially of a legendary artist? We would definitely be excited about jlo or xtina, not to mention gaga or ariana and selena fans mostly like Britney of course. And let's be honest both fanbases would tear their jockstraps apart for a justin x britney collab My guess is Beyoncé, but this is bullsheet
  2. I'd like to have: -clean vocals, like Come Over / Just Like Me / Change Your Mind -good lyrics. I don't necessarily want her to talk about personal stuff or world issues. She can still sing about dancing, love, fun, *** or drama, just in a more mature way. -good pop production. She could do anything, as long as it's well produced, pop, and a combination of uptempos / midtempos / ballads. That's what I wish her to do.
  3. At this point I'd take anything, as long as it isn't britney jean 2.0
  4. No because she hasn't been training for years. Even during the whole pom she hasn't been training her dancing that much. She could get better by practicing of course, but she's a totally different person nowadays. The charisma, stage presence, the spark, the hunger she has can't be just... "practised". She still has potential, I hope she trains her vocals and dancing before coning back once again.
  5. The movie was good but she's been flopping since then dual record with jayz
  6. I don't like her voice and she doesn't seem to have charisma on stage so I would probably not care at all There's only one britney And it's definitely not her sister
  7. Nowadays it's extremely difficult to get the exact number of copies sold. She probably sold 80 / 100 million albums and 50 / 60 million singles (streaming included). Her numbers are unbelievable.
  8. Ok I've always thought her insta posts were random and we were making things up, but this time around she legit threw shade almost directly to her brother and sister
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