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  1. Alex_1991

    music but i'm not gonna ask you for nothing

    These are not Make Me lyrics tho
  2. Alex_1991

    rumor About Rebllion...

  3. I was extremely disappointed. I hoped that this was just a new start, and that she would have given it all for the tour, but I was wrong and I was highly disappointed by the tour also
  4. Alex_1991

    exhale Her eyes -- "I got this sh!t"

    the way she looks at the camera here has been killing me every f**king time since 2004
  5. Alex_1991

    other Underrated performance

    Her stage presence was literally on fire here. Too bad the choreo wasn't great . With prerecorded vocals it would be 100x better! NYE WB was really good.
  6. Alex_1991

    music Her voice is perfect... she is perfect

    I love the original album version (even if it's corny) and I love this. The voice of an angel
  7. Alex_1991

    other Britney’s hair

    She should go for a darker blonde