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  1. It was the worst performance after 2014, but it won't destroy anything. I'm pretty sure Domination will have big numbers, while the new music definitely won't.
  2. Alex_1991

    event Random Things You Predict From Domination

    -We'll be disappointed
  3. She has to literally lock herself up in the dance studio for the next months. She cannot keep performing like that. It’s just disrespectful.
  4. This show will give Domination bad publicity.
  5. I think this show’s going to be cringy
  6. I’m screaming, they probably came out with domination three hours before the event. I’m literally screaming
  7. Alex_1991

    event ET Canada's commentary on Domination

    God literally everyone is dragging the sh!t outta her
  8. They're definitely gonna use Stronger / Crazy dancebreak then
  9. Maybe their next move will be projecting a hologram instead of letting her perform during the show Then britney will appear in a random radio show angrily saying "I'm tired. People don't give me enough credit. I go out there and perform live every night"
  10. Guys everytime we’re like “it can’t get possibly worse than that” Britney and her team are like “surprise!” i swear to god I’m not even frustrated anymore, it’s just funny as f**k