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  1. i watched it when it was on TV but must admit i asked for the DVD for xmas 2005 and its been on my DVD shelf gathering dust ever since.
  2. i cant quite remember because it was 20 years ago but im sure it was seeing the Stronger music video on TV which then made me ask my mum and dad for the Oops album. then hearing that album made me a fan. im sure it was after hearing the oops album i discovered the Baby album and my parents then bought me that
  3. PMSL well, 'well-recieved' is a bit far fetched but I'll always remember when Crossroads first came out in the cinema in 2002, i was only 11 and i begged my mum to take me to see it to which she very reluctedly agree to haha. [it was very interesting experience being 11 and sitting next to your mum in the cinema and britneys character comes out in just a bra and knickers and is just about to lose her virginity but hey ho lol]. anyway we went to mcdonalds afterwards and i said to her Did you like the movie Mum? and she said 'ok ill give britney her due, it wasnt as awful as i thought it would be
  4. yeh same. tbh i think shes had so many albums now she can now drop BOMT / Oops. i think even britney would be happy never to perform them again i'd love her to do Man On The Moon live. i love that song!
  5. why does everyone keep creating practically the same thread on B10? This thread asking more or less the same thing was created on Thursday Listen, i really am not being rude but the thing is we have absolutely no idea whatsoever whats going on with B10. Whether shes done any work on it since her break announcement in January 2019 or whether she even plans on ever releasing a new album. So i feel like talking about B10 is like talking about a dream right now, and its getting tiring now,. Sean said a couple of months ago she said to him she doesnt know whats she is gunna do about her music career and Jamie lynn said recently she hasnt been working on anything. so whats the point keeping talking about it. im not even convinced we'll get a new album even in 2021 anymore because she hasnt even been seen anywhere near a recording studio. so its talking about something that i feel wont be a reality anytime soon
  6. gawdsake how many threads do we need on her new album which we have no idea right now if/when we'll get it i dont think Britney will ever have a hit single again. But thats nothing to do with Britney. its just its 2020 and singles are practically irrelevant nowadays. i only know Cardi B is no1 right now somewhere because they were talking about it on Loose women. but even no1 singles mean nothing anymore. with regards to B10, it depends how well it does on streaming/downloads. But tbh i dont think even Britney will care if she ever has a hit again. in fact by looks of things, right now she doesnt even want to make music for us to even worry how well it does i do think we need to stop talking about B10 TBH. We've now discussed this to death and theres not even a glimmer of hope we'll get it even in 2021
  7. er.........am i a flop fan that i didnt even know she was ever in a girlband?? i dont remember this ever mentioned in the millions of documentaries about Britney ive watched
  8. it doesnt mean that at all. Britney will always be a household name and everyone knows who she is. BJ flopped in 2013 and then she released Glory FIVE years after her last successful album and Glory was successful because it was good music Also, and ive just thought about this. if/when Britney returns to music , shes gunna have to reinvent herself anyway because she turns 40 in December 2021 and all her fans will be at least in their 30s and 40s [i turn 30 next April] so her music will probably have a complete overhaul anyway. so this long break might distance herself from the young poppy singing about slumber parties girl and move her into more serious grown up music
  9. i know, it actually makes me wanna physically throw up tbh. and also this line makes me shiver............... .........in other words Jamie just wants her to make more money the only thing i dont get is whats stopping her getting pregnant anyway. what exactly can they do about it?
  10. yep, because someone who works so high in the music industry that they will have inside secret info that Britney is working on a new album is gunna have a username UnicornPanties
  11. Are you being serious?? Heaven on Earth is amazing :O
  12. to be fair even her promo on Ellen was short and pointless. she came out and said she had an announcement then Ellen asked her what it was and she said i cant tell you til October 18th [or some date like that], i thought then whats the point in even coming on then??
  13. Gawd i remember that night so much. im in the UK and the announcement was being aired at something like 3am UK time. and i stayed up. and i just remember this annoying male presenter with the most annoying voice acting like a hyperactive 2 year old and like half an hour went by, no sign of Britney then she finally came out, walked to the centre of the stage.............then walked straight out. that was it lol but ive said it on here before, the whole thing didnt make sense. it was just a month after her tour, she was also going to work on B10 apparently whilst rehearsing and starting Domination. even then none of it made sense
  14. ive never liked Mannequin. from when i first got Circus, i loved every song but Mannequin. i dont know what it is i just find it monotonous to listen to. Coupe Electrique - just because my french skills are Bonjour...........and thats it. i have no idea what the song is even about Chillin with you - the most cheesiest cringeworthy song ever recorded
  15. thats what kind of pissing me off now even though truth be told, im not an adele fan so dont care if she releases another album ever again. But when she tweeted that she had 'no idea' when her new album was being released, i just thought 1. you're just copying Rihanna, and 2. this whole act 'i dont know where my album is' is so boring and unfunny now. after 5 years, you must know when the hell is happening Also, truth be told. my respect for Adele has went down considerably over the years. its so obvious she is just happy to rank in the millions whilst sitting on her arse. i remember back in 2016 on her last tour she actually said 'this is my last tour becauise i hate touring' and i thought to myself 'you're only in your 20s and only done like 2 tours in your life' and then when 25 was released, she even said then 'yeh after this im taking 5 years off' and i thought i have a friend who works like 50 hours a week at a NHS hospital but you release an album then do a tour then go 'phew that was so hard going, i need 5 years of doing nothing to recover'. Come on!
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