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  1. They kind of all say that though. I remember watching interviews the Spicè Girls did in 2000 for their Forever era (after geri left in 1998) and they moaned about people saying this will be their last album and they would break up after it....what happened...it was their last album and broke up like a month after it was released. Steps said the same in 2001, denied it on TV multiple times then like 2 months later announced their split. I do genuinely think the next album will be the last tbh. They are already venturing into solo projects which is always a telling sign a group is about to split. I love little mix but it's not the same without jesy
  2. yeh. i said as a Britney stan, it was a bit pointless. i do agree for the GP it has shed a light on the situation
  3. lol yeh, all in all as a britney stan, i found it very difficult to watch. didnt learn anything new tbh. bit of a pointless documentary
  4. wow, ok ive just finished watching it. i found it really uncomfortable and upsetting. i never want to watch it again tbh My thoughts, firstly Diane Sawyer should be ******* ashamed of herself. watching that interview with her was like a criminal being interrogated, and since when was it ok for a middle aged woman to ask a 22 year old about her breasts? and when she got upset when she asked her about justin, it was obvious that she couldnt give a **** what Britney was feeling. Diane owes Britney a massive apology Secondly, the bit that sent shivers down my spine was when one of the people that worked for Britney said that Jamie said to her in the early days, 'im going to make a lot of money', what father says that about his own daughter? i didnt even know he said that in the early days! isnt that just proof he always just cared about Britney making him a lot of money? All the rest of the documentary, like GODNEY IS A QUEEN said wasnt anything new that we didnt know. i found it really hard reliving the 2007 footage. Just looking at all the photographers hounding her car reminded me how bad it was. and she nearly dropped Sean.........well no wonder. she had a **** load of photographers surrounding her and Sean, she could hardly bloody walk!
  5. yeh im definately gunna watch it tonight. i just didnt wanna watch it on a night where i needed to be up early the next day
  6. aw im in the UK mind so it only aired on Tuesday night over here [unless there was another way to watch it over here i dont know about] Yeh, tbh i did sort of think there wouldnt be any new info which is why i wasnt desperate to watch it when it aired on Tuesday. Part of me feels like this documentary was just a way to make money again. i dunno, i just havent felt the urgency to watch it
  7. i had college yesterday and today 9-5 so needed to be up early
  8. Its weird, maybe im missing something, i thought it would be a big discussion. im planning on watching it tonight. what was everyones opinion/feelings on it? is there anything we dont know in it?
  9. Sweet Melody only went to no1 because Jesy left, it was first released weeks before and only went to no1 after she left i dunno, i liked a few songs off Confetti but i thought a lot of the songs sounded very samey and nothing special, apart from Gloves Up and A Mess. to me, there werent many standout songs
  10. i think that was probably her initial plan but she knew like everyone the tour was going to be postponed to 2022 and she didnt want to wait that long. i think if they were able to tour in May this year like planned, she wouldve waited til after the tour
  11. yeh, tbh i love LM and ive got tickets to see them next year. But a part of me does think theyve done amazing lasting 10 years, i do think its maybe time for them to go on a hiatus for a few years. they have seemed to run out of ideas tbh, i do think their next album will be the last
  12. To be honest, it's like that with every album era nowadays. I know with Pink, heŕ last 2 albums she has done a handful of interviews over the space of 2 or 3 weeks and that's it done. I think its because CD sales have fallen so low, streaming has taking over and albums are accessible to everyone instantly, there no need to do weeks of promo like in the 90s. It's a shame but that's the way it is. I suppose as well Lady Gaga cant even tour Choromatica at all right now so she probably is thinking she may as well work on another album
  13. i actually feel bad now what Nadia said about when she was on Loose Women in 2016. because i watched that and from my point of view she seemed happy and relaxed because she was laughing and answering the questions fully, not just a couple of word answers. so when nadia said she was shaking under the desk, it has upset me because she was obviously masking her nerves really well
  14. But tbh as well, as much as im gutted she left LM, fair play to her. she was in LM for 9 years and if the real reason was because she was bored of it and wanted to do something different and be more in control, then i respect that. if you think as well, she couldnt have said 'hi guys, im leaving little mix because frankly im bored of it now' because she wouldve been seen ungrateful and disrespectful to the fans and the other girls
  15. i mean, it does seem weird that she said she quit LM because of the pressure of fame etc but then persue a solo career in the same music business she said she found the pressure of it hard. But tbh i always sort of knew right from the offset she would probably pursue a solo career. I mean, lets face it, she was never going to go back to doing a 9-5 normal job and be a waitress again like she was before X Factor. Maybe as well, shes 30 this year [she was born in 1991 like me]. maybe she doesnt want to do poppy music like LM does. maybe she wants to do more mature music and unfortunately, LM has a fanbase which is widespread of ages so they are stuck with doing more radio friendly music. The only worry is Melanie B did that with her debut solo album Hot which she released in 2000 and it was a much more mature album about adult topics and she even swears in one song called Pack Your S***. And that was cited as one of the reasons it didnt do that well. The difference maybe is spice girls were only together a couple of years and so fans were still young in 2000 [i was 9, i made sure my parents didnt hear that song lol], LM has been going for 10 years now so suppose a lot of their fans will be in their 20s/30s now. But i do know my nieces and their friends like LM and they saw them live in 2018 and they are only nearly 7 and 12. So Jesy will have to be careful not to completely change it up and alienate LM fans. Because the vast majority of her fans will be LM fans
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