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  1. i had this on VHS but never got it on DVD for some reason. But funnily enough a few months ago i watched it on youtube for the first time in many many years. it held great memories. i became a Britney fan in 2000 and just after i got into her music, i spotted it on VHS in MVC it was back then before it changed to HMV. and i think i bought it with my christmas money. So it was the first time i saw britney as a person instead of just listening to her music. its a great video.
  2. Yeh same ive got tickets to their Glasgow gig. i was meant to see them for the first time in June this year but that was obviously cancelled because of covid I did read that they are still planning to follow through with the Confetti Tour even if its postponed. Hopefully with a vaccine looking hopeful, if its not next May, itll be end of 2021. But i do have a feeling we'll get a greatest hits album at xmas 2021 then they'll announce a indefinite hiatus after they finish the tour
  3. i remember getting this on VHS in 2001 and tbh feeling so disappointed. i remember it being only 30 minutes long including slave and overprotected music videos i think. i just remember as well a bit where all it was was Britney posing and dancing in front of a camera for 3 minutes i wonder why they even made it. do you think .it was set out to be better but they gave up for some reason?? Her best DVD was definitely the In The Zone DVD. Thats a brilliant DVD of the ABC special, making of toxic video, an full interview with her about ITZ.
  4. i dont think they will officially break up. but i do think at the end of 2021 they will release a 10th anniversary greatest hits then do what spice girls did in 2000 and announce a 'indefinate hiatus'
  5. Baby one more time. i cant stand it anymore tbh. i think its because ive heard it so many times over the past 21 years and when my dad thinks hes being nice by putting britney on, he nearly always put on BOMT and i always think aw god Baby again i still love Crazy, Sometimes, from the bottom of my broken heart, and autumn goodbye and soda pop, love them songs from BOMT album, i just cant stand the song baby one more time anymore tbh only other song i hate but it doesnt answer your question because i always hated it from the first time i heard it, Mannequin. ive never liked that song
  6. aw ok i thought it was already out. have to say, the snippet sounds good!
  7. Has it been released yet? where can i hear it?? PS no #freeBritney comments please, im not buying it but want to hear it
  8. well thats exactly what i was gunna ask. Because tbh i only buy albums. so if i like just a odd song by someone, i download it from YouTube to mp3 and put it on my phone. and so if i like SWTS, thats what ill be doing. So im enjoying a 'new' Britney song but her team wont be getting a penny from me
  9. im confused. i thought she didnt wanna do new music at all ?? although it looks like its just a one off single. the font on the artwork is the same as Glory
  10. i love Glory but i dont want a Glory 2.0 and B10 to just be a rehash of Glory. So i'd be happy if she doesnt work with Justin Trainer on B10. ive said on here before i want B10 to have more upbeat party songs and proper ballads. i dont want another album of midtempos. again, i love Glory, i just want B10 to be different
  11. she looks genuinely happy. i really miss her though. really want this court battle to be over
  12. nah i doubt thats true. if RCA was desperate to release something from Britney, they wouldve released another greatest hits which tbh im surprised they still havent. Record labels apparently can release a GH album without the artist's permission or involvement
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