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  1. 9 minutes ago, ITZFFGL said:

    Britney would sound awful on We Can't Stop and does not have the vocal range for/would have ruined Wrecking Ball.

    SMS is high energy empowerment pop, the background AY YI YI vocals are 100% Britney Spears and the instrumental is absolutely bonkers. The visual would have been nuts.

    The only other Bangerz track I see Britney on is maybe Do My Thang or 4x4.

    "Someone else" is fire :letitburn:

  2. 14 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:


    the smartest thing Britney's team has ever done is sweeping under the rug that atrocious collaboration she only did out of politeness because of Miley being managed by Larry Rudolph too. 

    Miley claims to be a fan of hers, but she looked like her worst enemy when she decided to feature Britney on that track. I mean, you have the possibility to have Britney Spears on your record, and you pick the worst song ever for that? :beynah: 

    Why didn't she put her on We Can't Stop or Wrecking Ball or any other song? 

    SMS is garbage and the worst song on Bangerz... back in the day I was a fan of Miley and not of Britney and I ALWAYS skipped the song...:ehum:

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  3. 1 hour ago, BOBIBCFBG said:

    to use one of the world's biggest pop stars to promote a nobody is so insane. even more insane that britney let them. that could have been a legit feature.

    Yeeah like "Brit, hey I am a fan ! Would you like do some bops?   

    Sure honey, that's what I thought when you came in, would you like to be part of B10's lead single? "


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  4. 3 hours ago, Stannedforever said:


    This was released at the time when ff was almost ready so they decided to add sabi's verse to DDB (which was actually recorded 2009). It's pretty obvious that sabi flopped hard lol

    Edit: My bad, this was actually released some months later than DDB:ehidk:

    OMGGG why do I know every lyric from this song? :umomg::umomg::umomg:

    Back in the day I loved this song when it came on the radio

  5. I mean come on, why a nobody like SABI who steams like a pot of vegetables had the change to be on a international, mega popstar's album in 2011??? She is the weakest feature of all time( and more to come) so why team Brit or even Britney allowed something like this...

    Nicki Minaj would have been an amazing feature for DDB and also imo nicki's remix for TTWE is not good enough,I would have liked another popstar to be part of that remix.

    :tear: DDB had the potential to be a hit at that time with a proper feature, video(FF era had amazing videos) and some promo

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  6. 5 hours ago, Martini said:

    People can comment on her face if they want lol who the f**k are you :shadelaugh:

    i will say i still think she can look VERY beautiful like she did at VMAs 2016 but yeah sometimes it's really jarring how bad she looks

    In 2016 she looked flawless idk what happened in 2017-2018.

  7. I just don't get how a multi-millionaire international star can't be careful with her appearances... Most of girls nowadays with pretty good value make up products can do WONDERS. Maybe she doesn't have the skills right now but I doubt she is unable to find someone to do a clean good make up for her( not professional staff). Also, don't get me started on her plastic surgeon cause that doctor needs to lose his license. :ririshade1:

     I'm sorry but I had to say it

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  8. 7 minutes ago, dcsjr06 said:

    Ok so it was all very quick bc they showed other topics they are featuring tonight. Then it closed with approx. 7 seconds of the “only we’re with Britney...” & everything else I said in my OP. I took a video of it from my tv, and I’m working on getting a screenshot uploaded of what they did show with her. 

    Because they showed a few seconds of footage from Vegas POM in her TTWE costume blowing a kiss to the audience and then they showed like a behind the scenes photo shoot of Britney posing with ET’s host, Nancy O’Dell. But the 2-3 second footage shown in the commercial was from the side so it wasn’t a headshot view. But from what I could tell from the side, she looked sexy af in the dress she was wearing, it was very short & her ass was very tight and stunning in it. And it did look like her hair & makeup looked great.

    Regarding the comments of hoping new music is discussed: I’d be shocked if the interviewer obviously didn’t ask that question. Obv I am dying for reliable tea about it straight from Britney’s own mouth, rather than these insider Twitter accounts. But like someone said, it’s very likely we’ll get a vague response as always, like “coming very soon” and/or “it’s a big secret right now.” Although, on the other hand, the Pitbull feature has been confirmed for what, a couple wks now? And I don’t see them doing this interview prior to then, therefore, I don’t see why she wouldn’t be willing to comment on that. But I wouldn’t have high expectations for detailed info about her own new either buzz single, lead single or B10. I’m hoping she’ll somehow shut down these dumb ass Apple Pie rumors that are getting old af imo. But since the reason for the interview is about returning to the touring life after a Vegas residency, there HAS to be details about how different the POM world tour show will differ from the Vegas POM, if new songs are added, etc.

    **BUT THE ONE THING I ASK** is that ET in the past has advertised Britney and put a topic about her in their guide descriptions and it ends up lasting like a minute, maybe 2 mins long. SO, if it’s disappointing, please don’t blame the messenger  lol  BUT... they’re “with her” to talk about returning to touring, so keep that in mind that it’s not all recycled stuff.

    If I I get this pic uploaded & posted, which I should figure out because I figured it out when no one believes me that I met Larry by the elevators after the NYE show... then that’ll be in a new comment. :)  and you’re very welcome to those who thanked me so you could set it up on your DVRs. 

    the interview could be long or 10 sec short?:yasqueen: