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  1. BTI is in my books a Toxic 2.0, even better. The song is so unique and delicious, mysterious, sexy and perfect. It's a shame that the song didn't get the MV treatment it deserved.
  2. Britney x Dua Lipa on some classic 90's dance pop song Britney x Rihanna doing an amazing R'n'B pop song. They could really pull this off
  3. Yes, I did Here it is : Many of you said that the playlist actually needs to have different songs to count, so I've made another one: Also I use Hola extension for Chrome to change the VPN to USA
  4. Interesting video but kinda racy in some parts catchy song but too short I'll stream
  5. I’m going to get the PS5 at lauch date just for The Last of Us series and some other games that are going to lauch for the next console. I’ve heard the story is worse than part 1 but that’s quite expected because the first part was a masterpiece (back in 2013-14 I’ve watched a lot of let’s plays). This time tho, I won’t see any gameplays because I don’t want to get too many spoilers haha
  6. Even in my flop country MR is #4 Yesterday it was nowhere to be found
  7. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/77FxorrlYXwG31dr0g8CxS?si=Iuk7dCSuSuuGW-OU12X3yA it's also in the OG post
  8. Damn, this song was goals even my mom had it as ringtone
  9. New song from Inna. This is more club-oriented especially because SICKOTOY is an emerging electro-trap star in Romania. You should really give it a try I'm guessing this will explode in eastern Europe this summer.
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