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  1. Jordan, I bet if you gave Jamie Lynn some face time to do some Sweet Magnolia promo on Exhale she'd do a Q&A in return.
  2. Were there any tracks that you worked on with Britney during the Britney Jean or Femme Fatale sessions that were never released, but you and/or Britney liked?
  3. I kinda forget it exists but I wish they put Don't Hang Up or even The Answer in its place on the album and made BNG a B-side!
  4. The song and album that introduced me to Queen Britney. I remember visiting my cousin and she had the album. The cover and booklet captivated me and I fell in love with the music. She let me borrow it and I played it on repeat on my parents' stereo haha. Then for my ninth birthday that same cousin bought me my own copy of Oops. To this day it's probably my favorite birthday present ever. It's funny because my childhood was often challenging and I was a lonely and depressed kid, but listening to Oops dancing away and watching the music videos was my escape from all those challenges. Looking back now on those times I can say that this album and Britney provided so much needed reprieve, and despite the hardships, I can still look back on my childhood and remember so much happiness that this album brought me. Thank you Britney!!!
  5. How long did it take you to choreograph Slave 4 U? Did you just put it on and start dancing or was it a more methodological process?
  6. BOMT - Australian version with the while cover :D Oops (vinyl); I had the actual CD that I got for my ninth birthday :D but this neighbor girl borrowed it and never gave it back in like 2001. *****. Greatest Hits (My Prerogative) B In the Mix lol Blackout Circus - Deluxe Edition FF Britney Jeans Glory I also have several singles, like BOMT (US Edition), Born to Make You Happy, Stronger, Gimme More, Piece of Me, Break the Ice, and Womanizer. I think that's all. I don't even own a CD player anymore so I can't listen to any of them, so I just keep them in a box in the closet.
  7. That's what I was thinking! MAYBE the court is currently reviewing the conservatorship and examining the possibility of ending it. Wasn't a court-appointed doctor assessing Britney's viability to regain her rights? Whatever happened to that, did they share their findings with the court? This can be part of the process, and this is the court's way of acknowledging a possible end of the conservatorship. I doubt her brother would have any interest in taking on the role of a conservator for Britney. That gets messy, and I wouldn't be surprised if her brother was against the conservatorship in general.
  8. I want an a cappella rendition of ~I'm So Curious~
  9. There was an interview with Max Martin somewhere and he said that when he wrote the song his knowledge of English was not yet advanced. He assumed "Hit me" was a slang term for calling someone on the phone.
  10. From my experience in the mental health field, she may be in a hypomanic state. She seems so disinhibited and her behavior is so noticeably different from what typical baseline behavior would be. I just hope she is receiving proper care; hypomanic episodes are not usually worrisome unless the person spirals into a full manic state, which can then be more serious and usually requires hospitalization. What is more worrisome is the depressive state that follows a hypomanic episode. I'm still convinced that her team is allowing her to showcase herself to the world in such a way to convince the public that she does in fact need monitoring and a guardianship, which, unfortunately, may be the case. But it needs to be mentioned that the way they are running her guardianship is very suspect and likely inappropriate to her level of functioning. Ahhhh there's just no harmony in any of it!
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