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  1. With nowadays techniques you could easily reintroduce it. It was indeed very pretty and very interactive.
  2. Bonus layout 2013 was the best to me i was sad to see it retired so soon.
  3. I get the message of blm i support it. Lets hope it changes so we then can change the way people deal and see the disabled and elderly.
  4. This is a discussion board for a reason, also you could be a bit friendlier the user creating this topic hasn’t attacked you.
  5. Do you actually know why it was less successful? it's mainly because around that time britney her team decided to use another touring agency for dwad and clearchannel who did previous tours got fed up about that and basically boycotted her from most american radio channels.
  6. is there a right choice when you have biden or trump? it's just as bad as 4 years ago when it comes to candidates. to be honest bernie would have been the best solution.
  7. You shouldn’t have done that it’s an old article reposted by yahoo.
  8. It’s just childish as **** but thats my opinion I don’t think Britney would enjoy this justice thing if she knew the true motive.
  9. Dwad because of the baby one more time rain sequence i still get chills watching it. I also loved the lonely performance.
  10. Yeah lets look away ya all for the sake of lessen the split in the fanbase. keep looking away and keep buying merch to keep this cship insanity alive. Keep spamming we need new music i kind of find that selfish to be honest. make continuous excuses to make you feel better with the excuse we don’t truly know her and the situation, there is countless of proof in form of documents how ****ed up the situation is but keep buying the new oops merch and visiting the zone, just do it. I won’t start the true fan narrative but my feeling screams that these instagram posts aren’t normal posts even the dances and work out vids seems strange to me nowadays. The thing sadly is we can’t do **** about it we tried with positive insta comment spamming but the negative influx seems too much. i personally decided to unfollow and not to buy any merch until i see an interview with a journalist that is independent and not vetted, see her doing a interview that isn’t cut and her saying she is fine without her team breathing down her neck. And before i buy stuff again i want to see the scamship gone. There are other options to give her the same care but have her autonomy in place.
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