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  1. I liked it too. When I saw the concert, I thought to myself, Britney is really the only artist that will completely remix majority of her songs in concert(sound wise) and majority of the times, the remix's work really well. Matter fact, there hasnt been a song of hers the she remixed in concert that I didn't enjoy. It's not always easy to do, either. Xtina tried doing that with "what a girl wants" with her back to basics tour and it was a horrid remix. Britney has a really great ear when it comes to music. I wish most people realized that.
  2. Mmm...I think it depends. On a lot of factors. For instance, J.lo career was hot at one point, then she started making horrible music and her records sales(and everything music wise) started to suffer. Then BAM comes out "on the floor" and she's back on top..... and years later headlining her first AREANA tour(in the US). I really think if the song is a hit that can connect with a ton of people....anyone can get back on top.
  3. You're really not getting it, lol. You said the party doesnt support the KKK. They do. which is why they feel comfortable voting for that party, lol. You're welcome. I always enjoy an "Each one teach one moment". In Godney we trust.
  4. Then why did Ronald regan(who was a dem initially) change parties, and the rest of his team follow suit. The parties changed babe. Democrats were not ALWAYS liberal. There was a point in time democrats were conservative. You can find that on google, love lol.
  5. People usually vote for a party/person whom their personal beliefs aligned with. So, you have to ask yourself, why DO KKK members support the republican party? What beliefs does the republican/conservative parties have, that KKK members want to support? and how come they dont support liberals? It really isnt that hard to see, buddy.
  6. Trump called Epstein a "wonderful guy" and even said, many years ago, he knew Epstein "likes them young". Trust me, I'm sure Donald knew of his affairs just as gaga knew of R Kelly's affairs. It wasnt a big Hollywood "secret" Everyone knew in Hollywood. They both are guilty of associating themselves with such abusers, honestly.
  7. She went to queen Janet Jackson "Rock witchu tour" GO AWF MS JACKSON!
  8. They are both in the same boat tbh. This is the same sister that has allowed/watched her own sister get abused & threated by their father for the past 12 years. Not to mention she's BFF with someone that STALKED Britney(allegedly). Like, where dey do THAT at?
  9. He's a POS. Dude was GROWN as hell, in his 30's, during that time and much afterwards. He knew better. He has children now & karma is a ****. He better be praying to the high heavens no one ever treats his children like the way he treated most celebrities back then.
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