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  1. Musician? But she doesn’t even sing live lol slay I guess
  2. Taylor is popular, Britney is an icon. Can’t be compared. Fame, charts, streams, grammy awards, etc., do not equal an “icon” status, which Taylor, however talented and popular she may be, will probably never reach.
  3. Good4Ya

    other Make Me played on love island

    You guys this is what Make Me deserves! It’s crazy that so many people don’t even know this song exists and was released 2 years ago and are probably listening to it now for the very 1st time bc of this show. It’s clearly lack of interest and promo. It’s sad to see all of this potential being paid dust by her team. Some delusional people still claim Glory was promoted... But we know the truth, Glory was aborted.
  4. Thank you @jamaphone this was fun and I really like the results listening to the playlist now!
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    music This new Britney impersonation

    LOL so accurate!