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  1. Good4Ya

    video Britney Has Always had Wild Style

    OMG That pink would have ruined everything
  2. Good4Ya

    music What Concept Should B10 Lead Single and/or Album Be?

    Remember when she said the concept of circus was well a circus. That’s what we need, a concept, ANY concept, but please don’t let the glory lack of concept (or overly sexual concept) happen again. I would like for her to have a darker, more experimental, bad-ass era, something more urban, very simple, but still raw and creative and personal... she can still do the crazy sexual slutty mom, but girl, some diversity won’t hurt and I bet people will take it more seriously
  3. Good4Ya

    music Probably AP

    U ok girl?
  4. Good4Ya

    exhale Is Britney Over?

    Well she’s clearly not over, she’s billing millions with her residencies and brand. But no passion or drive so...
  5. Good4Ya

    music Britney’s best top three album names

    1.- ITZ 2.- Blackout 3.- OIDIA I feel like these names actually represent what the albums are about and what to expect from them. ITZ: more mature and in control Britney, 100% confident after three albums. Blackout for obvious reasons, I call it the triple m, mess, media, mental breakdown. And Oops because well, she did it again and every song reflecs the image a pop star that came to stay in the hearts of many. Least favorite: Circus... I mean... yeah a Circus. Glory... says absolutely NOTHING and has nothing to do with the album, concept, lyrics, aesthetics... Britney Jean... because we already had an album with her name. OMG the lack of creativity.
  6. Good4Ya


  7. Good4Ya

    poll Favourite Britney Spears Album (& Why)?

    Favorite - ITZ Least favorite - Beyonka Jumanji
  8. Good4Ya


    Yes it’s definitely a fan favorite and one of the best non singles off FF.... Should of been a single cuz it’s super catchy and love the reference to her old hits (BOMT, Crazy)
  9. My Prerogative because it’s never been performed and it’s a cool song. But.... the lyrics contradict every single aspect of her life so who knows if team b will allow that. Overprotected is my second option but I just don’t see it happening. Say hello to the girl that I am/ I don’t need nobody telling what I’m gonna do about my destiny and I don’t want HIAM because it’s meh
  10. My personal favorite album and era. I wanted every era to be like this. The quality of everything was on point, her professionalism and aesthetics, her music and choreos, her videos and performances were all perfection to me. Thank you Brinni for ITZ, this album really changed my life ❤️
  11. You forgot to mention that she’s the boss and makes every decision