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  1. I watched the Naruto Shippuden episode where Neji died. And dammnnn them ninjas cutting onions. :tear::tifftear::tiffsniffle::crying1::crying4::kidcries:

  2. Been replaying "H.AT.E.U." by Mariah Carey. Brings back so many college memories. And I love how sweet it sounds every time she says "hate." Such an underrated ballad. :mcry:

    1. JustLuvMe


      It such a beautiful song, very relatable too :mcry:

    2. slaveneytbh


      I love it. I just went through a bad patch of my life and that song has been on repeat :meltdown:

      why do i love to torture myself :mhm:

    3. SlayOut


      Seriously an underrated soothing bop and one I had on serious rotation not long ago. :otears:

  3. I love you, Britney! :kiss: Advanced happy birthday and merry xmas. :mcorangu:

  4. Is there any of you here who stan for Prince? I only knew 2 songs from him, "Purple Rain" and "Nothing Compares 2 U," and because I got addicted to the Youtube parody show, TLP, I got interested in him. I checked his discography and it is too much! :surprisedney: Any recommendations for starters? I definitely can't stream 40+ albums in one weekend lol

    1. BoyToySoldier


      Listen to 1999 and Purple Rain, those are his ITZ / Blackout imo. :) 

    2. Vessel.


      I've only heard Kiss because Britney sampled it.

  5. Philippine Congress just put into motion and approved a 20 USD annual budget for the following agencies: Commission of Human Rights, Energy Regulatory Commission, and National Commission on Indigenous Peoples. 20 USD for a year, and highlighting it for the human rights commission, is that what's the 104M people's human rights worth for this stupid administration? Losing hope for this country. If only I could rush grad school so I can get the f**k out of this modern Nazi country.

  6. Mother nature is on a leash. Praaaaaaying that everyone's safe.

  7. First time to watch Schindler's List and I had to pause the movie five times because of it's brutality. I don't think I can ever watch it again. I am so heartbroken right now. :otears:

    1. falka


      This movie made me cry so hard.

    2. Itachi


      No. :xcuseme: are you trying to imply something :xcuseme:

  8. "Even Hitler tried to hide his gas chambers. President Duterte goes around parading heads!"

    Somebody save the Philippines from this madman. :tiffsniffle:

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    2. Itachi


      I wanna undress him using my mouth :thirsty:

      No worries, sis. I just really feel helpless and upset that I can't do something in my power to stop the genocide that psycho is doing. Children and teenagers are dying. :crying2:

    3. K I S S

      K I S S

      Me too. Either him, or Kim Woo Bin. They're both my - platonic -  Korean daddies because School 2013 was my first Kdrama. I've been following both ever since. :milkney:

      I'm really sorry about what's happening in the Philippines; I looked up recent news on the country, and I found very alarming reports with high death counts. I hope you stay safe, and also, I hope, from the bottom of my heart, it gets better. :(

      It is a very messed up world we live in these days. The Philippines, and Barcelona yesterday too. It isn't safe anywhere. :ehno:

    4. Itachi


      Tough times. There's even a threat of world war due to tensions between North Korea and the US. :tiffsniffle: Thanks, bb. Stay safe as well. Let's all hope and pray for a better world to live in. As Jiraiya-sama (if you're watching/reading Naruto) says, I also believe that there's gonna be a time that people will truly understand one another. :mcry:

  9. Anybody in Lan Kwai Fong right now? I'm celebrating. Join me. :drinky:

  10. Anybody here from HK? I'll be there from 5-13. Let's hang out ;)