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  1. i've been meaning to ask, even if britney is under cship, the contract is still between RCA and Britney. granted Jamie has the money, how can he even buy those without Britney's approval since Britney is still qlive? or not unless Jamie coerces her to give her freedom in exchange for that is that even legally possible? would RCA even agree with it given how huge Britney's catalogue and brand is?
  2. ic, poor Taytay. is she going to truly rerecord everything this year? if RCA is stupid enough to sell her master though especially to an old man then i guess
  3. not Jamie pulling a Scooter Braun correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't it masters are owned by record labels? even an artist as big as Taylor can't purchase her own masters, how can Jamie even-
  4. u shouldn't worry about being cancelled if you're not doing anything that can cause u to be cancelled, right Samantha?
  5. idc if i sound like a dying cat when i attempt this but...
  6. she has always been the Queen of Dreams Within a Dream
  7. call me basic but Loud is Rihanna's best album and Blackout is superior over Loud which means Blackout > Loud > Rated R
  8. the way he includes 3 Britney images on his twitter header and only 1 Taylor image says it all
  9. He could be alluding to the fact that: Britney gets too much hate/bashing on her Instagram posts A jab at Team Con Leak Perfume Original mv, please
  10. i love the MOTM reference it still gives me chills how this and Everytime videos accurately predicted Britney's future #Prophecyney
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