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  1. I'm putting makeup on just to take selfies :orangu:

    1. SlayOut

      omg yas sis slay that camera with those selfies! :queenflopga:

    2. Teresita

      AWWWH thank you so much, you made me happy  :bigkiss:

  2. Dance. If she sang live she wouldn't be able to dance, and people like her perfomances because of her dancing.
  3. Pop is very ageist, even more when you're a woman. Like for example in movies a 40 year old man plays a hot playboy who has tons of women but a 40 year old woman plays someone's mom. Anyway, how can you compare BSB with Britney? They haven't had a hit in decades, they're a nostalgia act.
  4. He just mentioned some examples, a lot of other big artists released new albums in 2016, maybe he just mentioned the ones that came to his mind but true, he's been talking about himself like he's a big star lately lol, I hate his music anyway
  5. I agree! I was honestly expecting to see more people saying that BOMT were their favorite vocals
  6. I heard Work ***** at my school almost every morning
  7. I haven't seen any good music video from ANYONE ever since 2011
  8. That magazine is trash, it always focuses on celebrity gossip, I don't know why you give it attention
  9. I love Me Against The Music, this made me think about how underrated it actually is
  10. He's really handsome, talented and he seems to be a good person, I don't blame her
  11. How can a song that says "Turn it up it's your favorite song, dance, dance, dance" can be deep? Just because it's about society it doesn't mean it's deep. It's suuuuper basic, I only watched the music video like once and understood everything she wanted to say that its meant to be deep
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