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Everything posted by iAlwaysSingLive

  1. You have 3k Exhale points, which means you have just enough to give Exhale+ a shot for a month.
  2. The only person I wouldn't mind Dua Lipa losing her Grammy to.
  3. Wouldn't call that a surprise drop - I knew that the Dalai Lama would be coming for The Weeknd's wig like two weeks ago.
  4. omg, you're right: what was I thinking
  5. I vaguely remember something, but I need a refresher.
  6. @Slayer, make a separate thread for this.
  7. I remember seeing you talk about it once and wanting to comment, but I think you were so busy mingling with your other Exhale boyfriends that I didn't want to barge in like that.
  8. Pete Davidson looks so awkward in pictures, so I thought he would be taller than me, but no - he's like 8cm shorter, which means I must look like one of those tube men:
  9. 193cm, which is 6 feet and 4 inches (I think). Sometimes, when people learn this fact about me, I get really thirsty responses from people wanting me to be the dom top of their dreams. Like, calm down, Chile, I literally look like this:
  10. we're talking about the Rachel Platten album
  11. What does him being a one hit wonder have to do with anything? Besides, you might not care and might think that coming out doesn't matter, but if his video manages to comfort and encourage even just 1 person who's struggling with their sexuality, it already matters. I'm from Europe, which is supposed to be progressive, but most people above the age of 30 still think gay people are predators here. You have to realize that just because a lot of people have it good these days, doesn't mean that it's sunshine and roses for everyone. Even in 1st world countries.
  12. Most fans already knew he wasn't straight based on lyrics. But this is cool. Good for him.
  13. Damn, that's pretty crazy, ngl. However, even if I don't condone her behavior, I do think that if anyone should be allowed to behave that way, it's Madonna.
  14. That makes sense. You could most definitely be right, but she seems genuinely distressed and shaken in the video, tbh, so who knows.
  15. Some cute comments from the Marta video: Omg, the Kelly one.
  16. I'll just leave this here for all the new fans who aren't familiar with Martagate. #JusticeForMarta
  17. So, I was browsing r/popheads like I always do and this one thread caught my eye. Basically, it's about sharing experiences and stories of the rudest / nicest celebrities people have met. Needless to say, the replies were very interesting - some mentions shocked me, whereas others made complete sense. Here are some of the comments (they seem pretty legit to me, but who knows): The story itself seems credible. Dua Lipa is a humble legend, wbk. As for everything else, take it with a grain of salt, of course. If there's any truth to this, not surprised about Demi. Your fave Camila makes an appearance, @OnlyFacts. This next one seems a lot more credible: Dua Lipa being a humble legend once again. Demi Lovato making the list of rude celebrities for the second time in a row. Also, Lea Michele. Is anyone surprised? @Style., your fave got exposed. No one's surprised, though. Glad Iggy makes an appearance among the nice celebrities. She has always given me a good vibe. She seems like a genuinely sweet person. What about Gaga, though?
  18. Conspiracy theories or not - you can believe what you want to believe. However, the fact that her father uses / has used her children to threaten her should be enough of a red flag alone. Plus, what exactly does Colon Spears do to deserve so much money (besides, y'know, milking her and beating the same children that Britney barely gets to see. He is the one who should be rotting in jail (except in his case it should be a literal one). **** both of those pieces of scum (Colon and Lou), and I can't wait for the day they finally get what they deserve, which is to have their lives ruined the same way they ruined Britney's. SCUM!!!
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