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  1. Same. You're going to be able to buy matching diamonds for six of your bishes with all the Exhale points you're going to get from these challenge threads.
  2. Tove Lo snapped, we been knew. The whole album deserved better, though - it's literally pop perfection after pop perfection. And, of course, the title track itself being the best song on the album: Even the droplet singles that didn't make the cut are really good.
  3. TWICE - 24/7 Even their group name is a number, so...
  4. Wait, "ANTI" came out just 4 years ago? I know that's technically a lot for an album cycle (especially for Rihanna), but for some reason it feels like it has been MUUUCH longer than just 4 years.
  5. Unrelated, but she recently revealed that "Never Really Over" will be on "KP5" after all. Thank god, tbh - much too good of a track to ditch it like she had initially wanted to.
  6. I've been familiar with everyone who's been cancelled in 2020 so far, but I have no idea who this person is.
  7. That's what I've been saying - she's kind of like the new P!nk. Not a huge charting force (with potential to still get a hit), but does well on adult contemporary radio / charts and will always be a big touring force.
  8. Someone should @ that #FreeBritney twitter thread in K-Pop twitter spaces, tbh. Let them spread it like wildfire.
  9. That poll isn't a list of choices, but a representation of the progression of her instagram. "Bizarre / concerning" is the final stage - the one we're in right now.
  10. Both amazing, but "Sugarfall" is a literal masterpiece. Add Britney herself to the list of celebrities that should apologize to her for not releasing such a gem of a song.
  11. I cringe every time I see Diane's face. She's so annoying.
  12. "now it's nothing but a mile away" (I'm sure there's people that still think these are the actual lyrics)
  13. Jordan leaked "911"? I'll send him a special something as a little thank you for blessing us like that.
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