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  1. "Prerogative: Skinny Needle Edition" confirmed
  2. wow, Mariah below all those people, yikes.. I'm no Mariah stan but this is blasphemy..
  3. yup, my first thoughts too: "oh hey, isn't that the guy who was all over Paris' album"?! that's so interesting..
  4. SHE IS BEAUTY SHE IS GRACE!! also, that belly button ring is hot AF..
  5. ew, shouldn't you report him to the police or something?!
  6. 01:20 AM - is Ryan Seacrest still straight 2019 01:25 AM - who is Andy Cohen 01:30 AM - can you order things from AliExpress while under a conservatorship 01:35 AM - how to make a song chart without promotion wikihow 01:40 AM - what has Keesha been up to 2019 01:45 AM - Selena Gomez new album 2019
  7. I guess the word "nudes" may have confused you.. they're not pictures, it's a video.. google "Tyler Posey nude" and the first result should be from Twitter..
  8. WHAT?! he confessed that he's a pedophile?!
  9. glad to see someone else who appreciates Justin.. I mean, we all know how most of Exhale feels about this guy.. ofc he's still handsome today but IMO his best era looks wise was "The 20/20 Experience".. a suave Justin in a suit, ugh.. how were the nudes?!
  10. "kissed her for publicity".. you're making it sound like she randomly kissed Britney without consent, as if the whole thing wasn't a preplanned publicity stunt by all 3 of them.. delete this stupid thread.. unless we're making jokes about how Madonna sucked out Britney's life force with that kiss, I won't stand for this Madge shade, y'all are sinners, respect the Queen of Pop..
  11. that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.. it was all thanks to "Hung Up" being an INCREDIBLE song that appealed to a very wide audience (especially Europeans) + let's not even get into how genius the ABBA sample was..
  12. I remember making a thread like this a year or two ago, but since the old "General" section is dead / archived / whatever (rip), I thought - why not make another one.. there's not much to say, just go ahead and post pics of celebrities that you have the hots for.. Zayn Malik Daniel Kaluuya Frank Ocean Harry Shum Jr. Tyler Posey Blue Hamilton & Matt Dallas John Cho Rami Malek K-Pop stars: I would SMASH all of these people in a heartbeat, yes, even the women.. if I had to do a top 3 of all of these: Tyler Posey > Joy > Rami Malek.. don't look up Tyler Posey's nudes, they're extremely weird..
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