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  1. Apparently, we have actually mapped more of the Moon and Mars than the ocean. That's pretty crazy to think about.
  2. I think that's the whole, "Black people are naturally dumber because of the shape of their skulls, etc." shtick, among other things...
  3. Come to think of it, I wanna change my tune a bit... Apparently, dogs CAN thrive on a vegan diet (especially compared to cats which are obligate carnivores), but it's risky and easy to mess up. Besides, so many people feed their dogs cheap, garbage-azz dog food that literally has grains and grain by-products as the main ingredient anyway (in addition to low quality meat leftovers, by-products, and even roadkill). Yes, in a lot of countries, dog food can legally contain roadkill, euthanized animals, expired meat products, etc. Therefore, if you feed your dog cheap, garbage-azz dog food, you're no better than someone who makes their dog go vegan. Also, I can guarantee that a lot of the people who are outraged about vegan dogs also have cats at home that are overfed to the point of severe obesity, which is a major problem for cats.
  4. Anyone who isn't white is considered a person of color. I've never understood the point of this term because if anything, it sounds exclusionary to me. To me it implies that white skin is the default, yet people still insist on using this term, IDK...
  5. I mean, at least it's not her cat, but still... Such a bad idea...
  6. That's a hot take. IDK, how I feel about that. IMO, that would just create unnecessary confusion. Sooo many songs are sampled that it would just overly clutter tracklists. In this case, I think it's reasonable because you actually hear Kelis' voice, but if it's just an instrumental, lyric, or melody, I don't think that should apply.
  7. Yeah, I figured there must've been an agreement because I can't imagine wanting to willingly confuse your audience with a feature that's not actually a feature unless there was an agreement.
  8. I'm struggling to find what's so hot about this. Is he conventionally attractive?! Yes, but he looks like any white jock from any American teen high school movie. Too vanilla for me...
  9. I mean, she's not wrong. Her Bussy Boy soap outsold: Lighten & tighten. Y'all should invest the 6 dollars.
  10. No, I like my last name too much. It's part of my identity just as much as my name is, but I wouldn't mind having two last names.
  11. TBH, I'm surprised Kelis is listed as a feature in the first place. Apparently, it's just a sample of her song Caught Out There from which the, "I hate you so much right now," part comes from. I guess it's so prominently sampled that they decided to list Kelis as a feature.
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