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  1. Well, I'm from Eastern Europe. I do it the Russians way - straight vodka. And I refuse to do Jägerbombs because I'm afraid of getting a heart attack or something. It just sounds like a bad idea.
  2. Most alcohol is gross, so I prefer just to take shots of vodka. The only ones that are actually tasty are Jägermeister and some champagnes (especially rosé).
  3. This cover is so much better than the one that's currently on streaming services. Also, "Looking forward to making more pop music in the future." I see you, Nelly.
  4. IMO, experimenting in and of itself doesn't make you not straight. Of course, blowing a guy and liking it means you're probably not straight. However, there's nothing not straight about pegging. All men have prostates, so why not explore that with a partner of the opposite *** too. Furthermore, being attracted to trans women doesn't make you not straight either, IMO. I mean, if a man sees a trans woman on the street and is attracted to her, he's attracted to her because she looks like a woman. Sounds pretty straight to me.
  5. People would be surprised if they knew how many of their favorite rockstars had underage girlfriends / booty calls that they would bring along with them on tour buses and stuff. It's shocking how much of a non-issue it was back in the day because it's absolutely disgusting. Steven Tyler literally obtained guardianship of a 16-year-old girl, so that he could bring her along. Not only did they have ***, but also did drugs together.
  6. I think there's a lot of problematic aspects when it comes to the trainee system, but I don't see how it "devalues" music. It's just another type of music, and some of our favorite pop stars from back in the day were just as manufactured (except they didn't have to go through a rigorous trainee system). If you consume and look at K-Pop as a product that's meant to be consumed, it "devalues" jack ****. I listen to K-Pop for bops - fun music that can lift my spirits and give me a dopamine rush. If I want something more meaningful, I listen to Western singer-songwriters. No one's sitting around and pretending that K-Pop is this epitome of artistry (besides some REALLY delusional fangirls). Furthermore, some of the biggest K-Pop idols out there right now write a lot of their own songs, and more and more are following suit. It doesn't affect me since I don't understand what they're singing about, but I'm just saying that it's not any more manufactured than Britney is / was.
  7. I love how open he is about this stuff. Nothing wrong with being a prude either (to each their own), but I definitely vibe more with people that are open and honest about everything. I was going to say that we shouldn't force a label on Tyler purely based on those videos, but, apparently, he already came out as pansexual back in August, so there's that... In any case, I still want to emphasize that people can experiment however and with whoever they want without having to conform to a label. Blowing a guy doesn't make you gay. Getting pegged doesn't make you gay. Being attracted to trans women doesn't make you gay.
  8. The 80s aesthetic is everything. Good luck, and I can't wait to see what you've got in store for us, King.
  9. Her walking back and forth like that is weird, but this is wholesome AF. That smile.
  10. Lol, reminds me of the days of 3am 18+ channels on TV and being worried that your parents could walk in at any moment. "Justify My Love" sounds EXACTLY like the kind of music that would play on said programs. Such a weird throwback...
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