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  1. By the time it came out, she had already become a meme in the GP's eyes.
  2. "Miss You More" is good, but how is "Tsunami" a ballad? It's like a midtempo s3x song.
  3. Lately, I've been really impressed with her visuals considering she's an independent artist now. They're really good. However, her new music just isn't that good. Also, she may or may not have ripped off Trisha Paytas (of all people).
  4. Too much drama and pettiness. Also, people aren't really here for a white female rapper, IMO (unless it's a pop hit like "Fancy" or "Problem").
  5. Good for her. Makes me happy. Especially considering she really stepped it up after "Stupid Love".
  6. Relistened to "Witness", and it's worse than I remember it being. It's not terrible, but it's just very mediocre. Personally, I love the whole concept behind the album and the album cover (I know I'm in the minority), but the problem is that there's very little of that on the actual record. Had she actually created what she had been marketing the album as, I'm sure critics would've liked it much more. But it fell flat because it's just another Katy Perry album (but more boring and more mediocre). There's only a few 'woke' songs, and even those were scraped off the bottom of a very shallow barrel of 'wokeness'. The lead single is especially annoying. It's like she thinks she has unlocked all the secrets of the universe and she's telling us about all these societal problems that we're not aware of, when in reality most people are aware, so she comes off arrogant and annoying instead. It's like she's acting morally superior, and it's such an eyeroll. And how in the world are the likes of "Tsunami", "Swish Swish" and "Bon Appétit" what she calls "purposeful pop". Plus, never have I ever heard more boring Katy Perry ballads. The girl can write a hell of a ballad, but the ones on "Witness" are a snoozefest. "Miss You More" is good, but the rest are so boring. You can tell "Into Me You See" was just a random shower thought that popped into one of the writers' heads, so they tried turning it into a song, but failed. "Omg, intimacy = into me you see. This is so genius." "PRISM" remains her best album, and that's a fact.
  7. Pretty cool, but, as far as I know, the actual Billboard equivalent in the UK is the "Official Singles Chart", so this is not that big of a deal considering most people don't really buy digital music anymore. The Scottish one seems impressive, though.
  8. Now that I've been studying Norwegian for 2 semesters, I've been looking into the actual pronunciation of different Scandinavian artists' names. And while Norwegian and Swedish are not exactly the same (obviously), the pronunciation is pretty similar. I was shocked when I discovered what the actual pronunciation of her name is (same goes for Tove Lo): https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sv-Zara_Larsson.ogg
  9. Actually, I changed my mind - I stan all the pop girlies who are heavily involved in their music, so I'm going to give the new album a listen once it comes out. In preparation for that, I will relisten to her whole discography. "PRISM" and "Witness" are the only Katya Purina albums I've listened to in full, so I have 2 other albums to catch up with. "Teenage Dream" is like 90% singles, though, so there's not too much to catch up with.
  10. Like A Virgin, Oops, A Girl Like Me (her first 2 albums are underrated AF), Breakout, Born This Way, Revival, Future Nostalgia, 21, The Writings On The Wall. Some of these I haven't even listened to, so I had to go based on artist. (Miley > Demi; Destiny's Child > Fifth Harmony) Also, welcome back.
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