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  1. where the fug has Ellie Goulding dissapeared. "Delirium" was released 2 years and 4 months ago but for some god forsaken reason it feels like it has been 4 years.. :ponderney:

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    2. I Always Sing Live

      I Always Sing Live

      how the f did I miss it, jesus.. judging by the comments it's for a new album.. YAY :snarky:

      umm, Delirium is pretty good but it's very different from Lights and Halcyon, if those two were really good then Delirium was ok.. :toocute:

    3. IUSAtonight


      Also it has like a million tracks and no ones has the time for that :mj:

      Also Halcyon i ve listened to the standard version only. I have to get on the re issue at some point. Burn is kinda basic but also a bop so i'll give it a try :janet:


    4. I Always Sing Live

      I Always Sing Live

      yeah, Halcyon Days is when she started experimenting with more basic and "tryhard" stuff but I still enjoyed most of the songs on it.. "You My Everything", "Under Control" and "Stay Awake" are highlights.. :snarky: