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  1. Turned 18 two days ago. Now I can officially drink and also get married / get tattoos without parents' permission! Hooray! 


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    2. Diamond Horse

      Diamond Horse

      Either way, I hope you will get what you want. Maybe a small tattoo to begin with? :quirkney: 

      If I meet a really good tattoo artist who will also be my boyfriend,then maybe I will get a small tattoo. Although some tattoos are good to look at. Are you a kind of guy who would rock a tattoo?

    3. reecejwilson


      I turned 18 on the 6th, I had my first experience at a nightclub last night, it was insane :staysalty:

    4. I Always Sing Live

      I Always Sing Live

      Oh yes I'd rock tattoos. Maybe not Adam Levine level but I do love some ink. :bgrin:

      Haven't had my nightclub experience yet but I'm planning one because I need to get out my comfort zone some more! :brityes:

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