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  1. 30 minutes ago, IUSAtonight said:

    Really? :idkney: I use a url as well but i think there's a limit like 600kb or something

    I used to have a limit but I don't anymore.. Weird.. Maybe I'm some sort of special member? Go figure.. :makeitrain:

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  2. 3 hours ago, IUSAtonight said:

    Do you mean, how to use a gif as a profile pic?

    You can find a gif you like and then you'll probably have to crop it and make it a smaller size cause there's a size limit. You can do that online. There are several sites for this

    pretty sure there's no size limit if you upload a GIF via url instead of locally from your computer.. :makeitrain:

  3. 18 hours ago, rck92 said:

    I think this thread is genius and really important. Social media and just the world in general is very superficial. It's hard to feel great about yourself when there are so many 'social media models' out there you see everyday. 

    First of all, I can completely relate to the acne problem. I've had this problem too since I was 14 until now, and I am 25. Currently I am going to a skin therapist and i've been in the therapy for 3 months now. It helped alot, I am alot more secure about myself and my skin. Even though I still have acne scars, which I am going for next. It's not cheap, but it's an investment in myself, which is very important to me. Some people did not even care or noticed it before but it bothers me, every single day.

    Now I am going a little personal now, but I am also suffering from a depression right now. Not because of the acne, but many other issues which I am not going into right now, but it's hard. I can say that being happy with the way I look is also one of the factors I got so depressed. Currently I am seeing a psychologist and I'm on anti-psychotic medication which help me sleep better.

    Just wanted you to know, you are not alone. And we all have our stuff and insecurities. Even the most beautiful people you see on social media don't have it easy all the time. It's a show, to show the world how 'great' your life is. But in fact, their lives could be more miserable than ours. 

    Please try to make yourself happy, and be happy with the way you look. There is always a solution and a way, nobody's perfect sweety. You are amazing, remember that. A tip: everyday when you look in the mirror, try to give yourself a compliment about anything you like about yourself that day. That helps alot. It's not easy all the time, but it helped me.

    this, this and this!!!

    while I do often roll my eyes when I see comments online about "loving yourself", honestly.. it's so f*cking true.. if you're not going to love yourself, how is anyone else? sounds cheesy but it's so freakin' true! :divaney:

    I'd say the biggest mentality change one can make is - remember that people are naturally self-centered and don't care as much about other people as they do themselves (most times) which is why being self-conscious is totally ridiculous.. while you are out there worrying about your adam's apple, cankles or back hair, there's a 90% chance other people don't even notice or pay attention to that because they have their own issues to deal with! :mhmnod:  

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  4. acne.. :decisions:


    weirdly another one of my insecurities and the thing that I love most about myself go hand in hand and can't really exist without one another.. I'm a really thin guy and it seems like whatever I do I just can't gain weight.. I coud eat f*cking anything and I just would not gain a pound.. :janet:

    while girls often tell me they wish they had my figure, I don't see that as a compliment, I'm super thin and tall, I look kind of like a stick figure and my arms are literal toothpicks so most days I end up wearing long-sleeve tops.. on the other hand I'm super thankful to have this crazy-awesome metabolism that allows me to eat whatever the f*ck I want without gaining a pound.. it's weird isn't it? the thing that I'm most insecure about is caused by the thing that I love most about myself.. go figure.. :makeitrain: when I was younger I would refuse to take my shirt off at the beach and I would make the excuse of "not wanting to get sun-burnt".. so yeah.. that def isn't just a "fat" thing.. thin people have issues too.. :mhmnod: 

    I also really like my legs, I did folk dancing for like 9 years so they have a nice shape and this might sound weird but I really like a decent amount of leg hair on guys and my legs just so happen to have exactly that.. sounds narcissistic but I do often check my bottom half out in the mirror.. :tiffanynod:  

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  5. Spoiler

    @Chaoscontrol where you at? :)

    seems like this thread might get lost in the storm of perfume / highly unlikely new single meltdowns but y'know.. for some reason this thread idea came to me so here it is.. :divaney:

    in this superficial day and age with social media dictating how we view both ourselves and others we end up developing a lot of sh*tty insecurities that can actually end up being really mentally unhealthy and draining.. while having imperfections is completely normal and IMO actually desirable, we do often end up falling down holes of hating ourselves so I thought what better way to ease the pain than to share it with others.. share what bothers you, what's something you'd like to change about yourself and then also share something that you love and appreciate about yourself (it's all about balance isn't it?).. :makeitrain:

    it doesn't have to be entirely physical or body part specific, it can just be a slight quirk, a weird laugh or the way your farts smell.. share!!! :)  

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  6. 2 minutes ago, LostInAnImage said:

    I've been to all of her tours and those have all been just phenomenal, but although I also own all her albums, musically TF, TFM, and BTW are my favorites. (With TFM being my #1; it was just absolute pop perfection from start to finish. I personally believe she created her magnum opus too early in her career since everything thereafter will forever be automatically compared to its level of quality and idiosyncratic type of content, but I suppose that can’t really be helped).

    But, she really skyrocketed into instant global superstardom in a way I have only personally witnessed on one other occasion, and that was with Britney. And with the music industry being what it is today (I.e., far too accessible to the public via social media and oversaturated with highly similar artists and endless seasons of talent shows), I believe it’s impossible for anyone to maintain that level of fame for more than a few years, max. The public will inevitably either turn on you, or you’ll have a nervous breakdown, or some combination of the two will occur (which seemingly happened with LG). 

    I totally agree about AP though, it had a ton of legitimately great, very solid pop tracks, with many being ahead of their time. The problem was the lack of cohesion, since about 1/3 of the tracklist was so experimental it didn't mesh with the existing radio-friendly tracks (e.g., DWUW, G.U.Y., Applause, Sexxx Dreams, Gypsy, etc.). And then a few songs were legitimately just really bad, like the worst tracks she’s ever recorded (I.e., “Jewels N Drugs”—no offense intended if you’re a fan!) But I do think the few bad songs were weird and/or jarring enough to throw off the flow of the album, thereby preventing the truly great tracks (and truthfully very interesting and creative concept) from shining. 

    Joanne was my least favorite, although I did love a few tracks like “John Wayne” and “Dancin’ In Circles.” I appreciated the massive artistic risk in completely peeling back all the layers of “Lady Gaga” that she had spent years cultivating, and rather creating something so authentic and heartfelt (both lyrically and vocally). And, as stated previously, even all of the Joanne tracks I normally skipped over still managed to sound great in person. But overall, I think the primary issue was simply my hatred for country music (maybe it’s an acquired taste, and I’m not from the US originally). So, all the very heavy influences of folk, rock and country were not appealing to me in the slightest and I can't wait to hear and see what direction she goes next.

    To further my qualms regarding the Joanne era was what it meant for her as a visual artist. Arguably, Gaga’s emergence on the music scene elevated the MV experience like no pop artist has done since Britney, and Joanne, in all of its highly purposeful intent of simplicity, certainly didn’t have the appropriate style of music or overall theme necessary to deliver a typical Gaga video. (JW MV, however, was arguably on par with at least the bulk of her previous work, but then wasn’t even released as a single for some reason, as I’m sure you’re aware). 

    So, with ALL THAT to be said, (sorry, I tend to veer a bit on the loquacious side and don’t realize it until it’s too late), I’m really glad to have another fellow LM here to get excited about ASIB (both movie and soundtrack), the new album (YAY!), and the residency (eh...mixed feelings) with. 


    I wouldn't necessarily call myself a Little Monster but I do follow Lady Gaga with delight because she's one of the most entertaining, interesting and enigmatic pop stars of our time, there's no other major pop star that really compares to her both talent and creative input-wise.. she's a gem! :yesplease:

    you're so well-spoken and you have such a way with words it was a pleasure getting acquainted with your thoughts and opinions! :tiffanynod: 

    in terms of ARTPOP.. it's not just the songs themselves that I appreciate.. it's just.. AH.. Gaga was so into whatever she was trying to do and portray with ARTPOP.. while she might have gotten lost a few times, I think what she ended up creating is truly an impeccable manifestation of her talent and dedication to her craft! it's not something you see often these days so I regard it as some of her best work because it seems like so much effort and mental energy went into it and it was written, produced and polished to the very last detail.. :)   

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