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  1. I Always Sing Live

    music Ooh La La finally hit 100M on YouTube!

    kinda creepy considering the original song was sexy but congratulations..
  2. I Always Sing Live

    music We need hype like this

    K-Pop artists tease non-stop two weeks before the release of the album with promo pictures and video teasers, also on the final day they usually release an album sampler with snippets of every song from the LP.. it's really f*cking exciting and I wish western artists did that, it really does generate hype!
  3. I Always Sing Live

    other The HOT 🔥 Dr Mike gets Britney-ish in New IG post

    he's ok..
  4. I Always Sing Live

    exhale Britney's Iconic "Got Milk" ads

    proof of the dairy industry paying crazy amounts of money to convince people that they need to drink milk when in reality they don't.. good marketing.. I mean it worked but let's be real, it looks like jizz..
  5. I Always Sing Live

    news Cardi B Will Probably Join Maroon 5 At The Super Bowl OKURRRR?

    ew.. Cardi B.. even more cringe on top of Maroon 5.. on the bright side though, at least it's not some sh*tty, hood-rat trap artist..
  6. she's probably preparing another even more personal personal-album.. can't wait tbh..
  7. I mean, she ain't wrong.. she's one of the rare people in the pop music industry that can dance.. Tinashe, Normani and JLo are the only ones that come to mind tbh, this is sad, am I forgetting someone or has the pop music industry really gone THAT downhill.. the only people that dance: two D-listers and one bish past her prime..
  8. oh my, poor black people have to put up with people using the n-word, when other black folks get shot and murdered or died in the slave trade.. the people that died at the hands of actual racism would be so disappointed in how first-world-problems we have become.. such a shame tbh..
  9. I Always Sing Live

    other A new economy great depression is on the horizon!

    highly doubt that.. if the US were to enact martial law on its people, the rest of the world would not be ok with it..
  10. so much fakeness in one picture..
  11. I Always Sing Live

    poll Do you like 'Make Me Oooh'

    the first rap feature in pop music history that wasn't redundant and actually added something to the song.. facts only..
  12. I Always Sing Live

    other A new economy great depression is on the horizon!

    I've seen "warnings" for a collapse all over the internet for months, maybe even a few years now.. I mean, it's probably going to happen sooner or later but still.. even if it happens, since there's nothing we can do about it, why give a sh*t.. besides, it might be for the better, it will star mass chaos or maybe even a war and we will finally go extinct.. we don't deserve this planet..
  13. I Always Sing Live

    video Queen of inspiring pre-teen kids even today

    reminded me of this for some reason.. still better than the "Make Me" MV..
  14. I Always Sing Live

    exhale Photos where Britney doesn’t look like herself

    are we talking about photos here because let's be real, Britney herself doesn't look like Britney anymore..
  15. her response couldn't have been more perfect.. people need to learn to seperate the artist from their political views..
  16. it's ok, it's a very typical, basic self empowerment song but it lacks the bombastic, euphoric catchiness that the likes of Rachel Platten's "Fight Song", Katy Perry's "Roar", Sia's "Alive" had.. it's kinda boring..
  17. I Always Sing Live

    news Cardi B Will Probably Join Maroon 5 At The Super Bowl OKURRRR?

    Adam Levine is seriously such a hottie and one of the hottest guys in music but they're so garbage these days.. I mean seriously.. Maroon 5 used to be so good, now they're just a cringeworthy shadow of what they used to be..
  18. I Always Sing Live

    video This interview is finally on youtube again

    look at her hands, she was fidgeting and playing with the ring throughout the whole interview.. she really shouldn't be doing interviews if they make her so anxious..
  19. I Always Sing Live

    tour Britney's pom entrance looks legendary after this

    do you even remember posting this yourself because let's be real, Christina's entrance blows whatever this was out of the water..
  20. I Always Sing Live

    exhale Get Naked routine on Italian talent show

    suit pants are so flattering on the male buttocks..
  21. I Always Sing Live

    other Britney in Versace

    wof indeed..