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    video This interview is finally on youtube again

    look at her hands, she was fidgeting and playing with the ring throughout the whole interview.. she really shouldn't be doing interviews if they make her so anxious..
  2. I Always Sing Live

    tour Britney's pom entrance looks legendary after this

    do you even remember posting this yourself because let's be real, Christina's entrance blows whatever this was out of the water..
  3. I Always Sing Live

    exhale Get Naked routine on Italian talent show

    suit pants are so flattering on the male buttocks..
  4. I Always Sing Live

    other Britney in Versace

    wof indeed..
  5. I Always Sing Live

    exhale K-Fed being embarrassing

    gotta love that "hahaha" in the caption..
  6. I Always Sing Live

    other Fall? Never heard of her....

    I got all 4 seasons and quite frankly the only months of the year I like are April, May and June.. March is muddy, dark and still cold, July and August are fine I guess but even then it can get too hot for me, I hate sweating (+25C / +77F is too much for me already).. autumn is boring, I don't like it and winter is absolutely disgusting.. there's nothing I hate more than winter.. my favorite time of year is a warm, breezy Spring when you can walk around in a flannel shirt without being too hot or too cold..
  7. I Always Sing Live

    exhale Omg... this pic of Britney & Paris Hilton

    she was so hot..
  8. I Always Sing Live

    What conspiracy theory are you sick of hearing about?

    just because innocent people died, doesn't make it any less of a possibility of a conspiracy being there.. I agree that @Brichney. is being too adamant about all of this by calling it FACT FACT FACT and calling you a brainwashed idiot but it's worth looking into.. there's so many things about 9/11 that don't add up and indicate a possible conspiracy being there.. this video is a good basic, entry level compilation of facts and things that don't add up about the whole thing.. I know it's 30 minutes but it's an interesting watch: I'm not saying it's fact either but it's worth considering and I wouldn't be surprised if it really were an inside job.. I mean they had a good reason for it and since when has the government cared about the people.. we get poisoned by the food industry (Europeans less so because Europe has good regulations in place when it comes to GMOs and different chemicals being present in livestock and crops, the US is garbage when it comes to regulations like these), the only thing the medical industry cares about is money (which I guess you can't blame them for because it's still a business but c'mon, your health care is a joke) and they put people on meds that might help one thing but end up hurting your body in the long run in different ways.. the government has never cared about the people, it's about the money, about power, about being a bully and turning the rest of the world its playground, about f*cking up the Middle East and stealing resources from it.. the US is the most corrupt, cancerous entity to ever grace this planet.. (that last part is only my opinion of course)
  9. I Always Sing Live

    socialney (Team) Britney ignored Jimmy Kimmel

    wow, we complain about Britney's panda eyes so much but here we have XTina looking like Walmart Cleopatra..
  10. I Always Sing Live

    other Names given to Britney Jean - Official Thread

    come on, only like 5 people on this forum are gonna get that..
  11. I mean, we've all been there before but it seems like girls and gay guys seem to fall victim to it much easier.. I swear to god, before I started this new uni year, I told myself that I WOULDN'T.. that I wouldn't crush on guys and "fall in love" too easily again but what do you know.. HERE I AM AGAIN.. it's seriously so frustrating because there's nothing you can do about it, it just happens by itself.. you walk into class, your eyes awkwardly meet with a guy for like 2 seconds and then that's it.. that's where it starts.. you don't even know his name but you still fall for him.. that's cringeworthy enough but when you actually get to interact with the guy i.e. he asks you an informative question and you acknowledge one another's presence for like 3 seconds, bish, you're practically married.. I already know I'm gonna spend this whole semester looking for him in class every lecture and doing stupid sh*t like thinking of stupid, cringeworthy love poems in my head.. just the fact that I'm writing this is juvenile enough but seriously.. what, how and why..
  12. I Always Sing Live

    other I bought my dogs Halloween costumes

    SO CUTE! my ultimate life goal is to have 7 cats and bish you best believe I'm going to dress 'em up for every occassion..
  13. I Always Sing Live

    other LMAO @ this meme

    lol, you tried..
  14. I Always Sing Live

    other That Moment When You Go Through That Juvenile, Boycrazy Crushing Phase Again

    @Inuyasha I bet you go through the same from time to time
  15. I Always Sing Live

    exhale The tragic story of how I became a Britney stan

    mine is kinda similar so dw.. I got a Spotify account and I was like "hey, I should listen to some of my childhood classics".. well, I started with Britney (I liked her music post ITZ but was never a stan) and ended up falling down a hole of performances, interviews, albums, playlists, etc. the sad part is that initially one of the first songs that caught my attention and became my favorite was "Chillin' With U".. idk, I just really liked the "white wine, red wine" lyrics, I thought it was cute and I really liked the melodies.. gotta start somewhere, right?
  16. I Always Sing Live

    other Do you pray?

  17. I Always Sing Live

    other Will Britney ever do a movie again?

    can you even consider Britney a good actress? I mean, the reviews for "Crossroads" were not cute..
  18. I like where you're going with the whole "jews run the world thing" but let's be real here, this is Britney we're talking about.. just like ^ said, she probably just thought it was cute..
  19. I agree with "Luv the Hurt Away" but I think I'd choose "Shadow" instead.. it's the ultimate Britney ballad for me and one of my favorite Britney songs of all time, probably in my Top 5 tbh..
  20. I Always Sing Live

    other What's going on with Miley Cyrus

    isn't Miley kind of a hippie? I wouldn't be surprised if she simply didn't want to use social media anymore, though I doubt she'd do that without an update for her fans.. go figure..
  21. I Always Sing Live

    news Pop Emergency! Dua Lipa featuring BLACKPINK is a BOP!

    receipts and a source?
  22. I Always Sing Live

    other Do you pray?

    I don't think I've ever gone to church in general.. I mean I've obviously been in one, I've lit candles and sh*t but never for a Sunday thing or whatever..
  23. I Always Sing Live

    What conspiracy theory are you sick of hearing about?

    flat earth of course.. the rest are pretty credible and I believe in a lot of theories but the flat earth is just.. no..
  24. I Always Sing Live

    other Do you pray?

    no, no I don't..