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  1. moral of the story: don't get into a relationship with someone named Lil Xanax.. I respect Noah's art but it seems like she has 0 respect for herself, I mean seriously, who would do that to themselves..
  2. I Always Sing Live

    rumor New AMA's Post. Secret performance from 3 Artists.

    she still has two weeks to release music, we'll see tho I'm doubtful.. c'mon, releasing a single at the start of the tour would have made more sense..
  3. I Always Sing Live

    rumor Britney to perform Feel So Free With You At AMAs

    I won't believe any of this bullcrap until I actually see it materialize.. NEXT!
  4. I Always Sing Live

    rumor Has Sam Proposed to Britney?

    jesus, your avatar..
  5. I Always Sing Live

    music 17th anniversary of I’m a Slave 4 U

    is the "4" really a Prince thing though? sounds more like adults pandering and trying to be hip and get with the times, sounds like a 00s tween girl texting on her BlackBerry..
  6. I Always Sing Live

    other Outtake (ap?)

    not only did they melt her face but they also removed her armpits because who needs those right?
  7. I Always Sing Live

    poll Who was most successful?

    lol literally the only Cher song I know is "Believe".. with Madonna I was like "she's a legend, she's a classic, I HAVE TO check out her discography", I felt obligated.. with Cher I've never felt that way, I don't care about her.. I think I'm more interested in Cher's transgender daughter (son these days I guess) than Cher herself..
  8. I Always Sing Live

    Demi Lovato Spotted!

    anyone who dies from drugs.. well.. that's just natural selection taking its course and killing off dumb-dumbs who are dumb enough to try them.. let's hope this b*tch doesn't try any more drugs or she'll end up like many others.. wishing her luck..
  9. imagine making a sh*t ton of money from something your team put together in 10 minutes.. umm yeah, I want to be that.. life goals tbh..
  10. cringe.. she looks like a wax figure with all that surgery, surprised her face still holds together..
  11. I Always Sing Live

    music 10 least streamed Britney songs on spotify

  12. good for her, more celebrities and people in general should do that..
  13. where did I ever say racism wasn't still a problem.. it obviously is but it gets overshadowed by trivial bullsh*t like people using the n-word when not even referring to black people (the Camila is racist thing) or doing "blackface" without mocking anyone or anyone's race.. also, don't forget all the people that get offended by white people wearing dreads.. how dare they, white scum, whitey have no culture.. Black Lives Matter is a joke and all it does is further segregation by crying wolf about trivial things and blaming white people for everything when in reality black people should start with themselves because they have so many of their own internal issues with culture and other things like black on black crime, not graduating high school, committing a disproportionate amount of crime and also the disproportionate amount of single black mothers..
  14. I Always Sing Live

    other Top 3 albums of the 80s

    thank you!! it really is isn't it?? I love the slight 80s vibes and she looks stunning as usual.. she gets better with every new release.. "Gashina" was good, "Heroine" was really good but then "Siren" comes and blows my expectations out of the water..
  15. I Always Sing Live

    socialney Kris Jenner now has as much followers as Brit on Instagram

    what lol, I never expected Kris Jenner to have less, for sure thought she'd have more than Britney..
  16. I Always Sing Live

    Have you guys seen this disgusting "prank"?

    while pranks in general are stupid this one is actually really well executed..
  17. most of the comments are about her hair and I agree.. she should take a year or two off from performing, take her extensions out, stop bleaching her hair and let it grow out naturally..
  18. it's already pretty much October, another missed opportunity..
  19. I Always Sing Live

    tour Underrated Dance Breakdown

    meh, I still find it very cringeworthy..
  20. I Always Sing Live

    tour Underrated Dance Breakdown

    I mean, it's not that far off from POM, actually most of POM is worse than this.. I especially hate the Migos part..
  21. has anyone seen this? I'm not sure how long ago this happened but I just saw this today and I laughed my ass off.. oh my.. this is GOLD..
  22. I Always Sing Live

    socialney Iconic "WHO IS IT?" is in a new REACT video

    omg, I ignored the "who is it?" thing for so long that I didn't even know what it was about.. I'm glad I do now, sh*t's hilarious..
  23. I finished "Friends" today.. ah, these past months watching the show have been amazing and it's so bittersweet.. :decisions:

    I gotta say though, Ross and Rachel fans were done dirty by the writers.. there was like one solid season of them dating and then after that it was just mess after mess.. well.. the final episode was beautiful and the scene of the 6 apartment keys laying on the countertop.. so perfect! :kidcries: 

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    2. I Always Sing Live

      I Always Sing Live

      wow, wtf, turns out he did a lot of voice acting for "The Simpsons".. :decisions:


    3. IUSAtonight


      Oh i don't watch the Simpsons so i wouldn't know :jj:

      Well the hair and the speedo are part of the look he had for the movie that this is taken from (it was a Jen Aniston movie btw). Still a daddy :janet:

    4. WilderWein


      "Friends" is such a great show. Kind of sad a lot of the "netflix generation" call it homophobic, transphobic and sexist etc... because I really don't see it unless you get offended by every little thing and take it all in a negative light. I also don't get the whole "Ross is the worst" opinion they all share. It's a comedy show and it's all just comic relief.


      The Joey/Rachel thing is the lowest of the show, kind of sad, or else the show would have been flawless. The last episode is so emotional because you can see genuine tears and love for eachother. Beautiful. Greatest sitcom ever in my opinion. No other sitcom makes me laugh so hard, so quick. It's great line after great line.