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  1. I Always Sing Live

    music Favorite Britney vocals

    SHADOW Let Go Luv the Hurt Away 911 (prechorus)
  2. I Always Sing Live

    other "B-Army" Alternative

    inspired by this thread right here: so basically, I personally find "B-Army" very tacky.. not as tacky as Selenators, Harmonizers, Camilizers but you get the idea.. I know it doesn't really matter anymore and Britney's fanbase is slowly dying but I was just pondering what "B-Army" alternatives there could have been.. - Britney's B*tches (inspired by the other thread) - Exceptional Earners - Britards - Oopsies k, I'm done for now, share your ideas!
  3. I Always Sing Live

    socialney Britney And Sam Asghari Broke Up: Rumor

    isn't Brad Pitt single atm?
  4. I Always Sing Live

    music "Just like me" appreciation thread

    it's one of those songs where you can imagine the whole music video in your head as it plays..
  5. I Always Sing Live

    other Is Beyonce pregnant?

    she could end world hunger with all that cake..
  6. I Always Sing Live

    other Who is Britney latest choregrapher?

    don't you dare, her choreo is fine, it's her execution that's awful..
  7. I Always Sing Live

    Why Rihanna is promoted so badly?

    Love on the Brain - #5 Work - #1 (6x platinum) Needed Me - #7 the album went 3X platinum not sure what you mean, Rihanna is def in the top 3 when it comes to female pop artists rn (next to Bey and Tay) and people love her..
  8. I Always Sing Live

    tour What Was Your Reaction to the FFT

    FF Tour and Onyx are the only tours I've seen.. all in all it's a complete mess and a cardboard cutout of her would have had more energy and life in its eyes though I did enjoy the Ancient Egypt inspired section / props
  9. I Always Sing Live

    video Piece Of Me: Sweden August 11

    umm.. I f*cking hate the "Toxic" section so much..
  10. I Always Sing Live

    socialney MIA: Cuecardney

    my god the butchered Korean.. I saw this video a few weeks ago and wanted to make a thread about it but I decied not to.. such a mess.. at least she tried I guess..
  11. I Always Sing Live

    music Ideas for B10?

    since she's so good at scrapping she could try scrapping her career too..
  12. I Always Sing Live

    news Queen Of Soul Aretha Franklin Gravely Ill

    I really hope she pulls through, we've lost too many legends already.. I mean seriously, Robin Williams died 4 years ago.. FOUR.. I couldn't believe it when I realised that it happened so long ago.. time flies so fast and it's so surreal..
  13. I Always Sing Live

    tour My take on POM tour!

    I think I might pirate the next album because this b*tch doesn't deserve half of the money she makes these days..
  14. I Always Sing Live

    exhale Do you still STAN Britney?

    btw, sign me up for that Sarah stanclub! I've been stanning her for a while now!
  15. I Always Sing Live

    exhale Do you still STAN Britney?

    I don't watch any of her performances anymore because they're so f*cking tragic and cringeworthy but I do listen to her music and eagerly wait for new music to come out.. that's about it, she doesn't really have anything else to offer anymore.. her IG is sh*t, her interviews are sh*t, something always gets scrapped or recycled.. In terms of actual stan-culture I've moved onto K-Pop where things are bigger and better, where labels actually know how to promote the sh*t out of their artists and make every era unforgettable.. everything is flawless from music, to choreo, to performances and stage production, to teasers to music videos to fan interaction via livestreams.. it's great..