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  1. Tess and Barbara, our skinny legends, seem to have dragged Perez Hilton a bit.. that last sentence is kinda ironic though considering the voicemail..
  2. LARRY?? HOT?? Sam L. is kinda cute (if I didn't know who he was I would smash) which I hate to admit but Larry??
  3. @Dream With In a dream it's L-U-T-F-I blew my mind too when someone corrected me..
  4. this is recent btw.. December of last year.. Courtney Love Alleges Ex-Manager Sam Lutfi Told Her to “Choke on Opiates and Die”
  5. he's definitely not a trend chaser.. IMO his series aren't that great BUT no one else does series like him.. he's like the Madonna of YouTube in the sense that he's been around for so long and he's still relevant because he's managed to reinvent himself multiple times.. the people that chase trends are the ones that do well for a few years and then disappear into obscurity, Shane is T(ea)HRIVING..
  6. this is old: but he followed Sam Lutfi last night or maybe even today
  7. one of the top comments on the video: I have a feeling this is gonna go nowhere..
  8. Philip's video was really good.. glad he mentioned "the movement actually seems to be about getting her out of the cship instead of the facility"..
  9. exactly.. being against this movement is not a personality trait.. if you're against it, then leave, it really is THAT simple..
  10. Shane Dawson follows Sam Lutfi but I'm pretty sure he didn't yesterday.. wow, that's interesting.. could he be investigating and collecting receipts?? edit: yes, Sam is the 2nd to last person he followed meaning it must have happened last night or today EDIT #2: AND SAM FOLLOWED HIM BACK I think Sam was already following Shane before Shane followed him, could they be DMing??
  11. "The Blast" confirmed she was about to die though so I think our concerns are very valid
  12. I'm assuming she meant "our narrative"
  13. imagine riding d*ck that your father paid for