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  1. must have been talking about Sarah here..
  2. knew it was Matt before even clicking..
  3. the hair is so f*cking weird in that pic.. really bothers me..
  4. I won't hold your trash taste against you.. you do you..
  5. I'd be down tbh.. REPLACE "BOYS" FOR FUX SAKE!
  6. what irks me the most is the fact that there's not much we can do really.. they don't ever listen to us.. Britards, drunk Vegas-goers and gays are gonna buy tickets anyway, they're going to keep making money with a sh*tty show and it's gonna end up being another vicious cycle.. I truly hope she surprises us and puts on a good show but judging based solely on POM and this announcement, I'm not expecting things to be any different..
  7. "Hold It Against Me" is trash, "Work Bish" is enough.. praying for "Overprotected" though!
  8. I kind of agree.. while Britney is under a conservatorship, I do strictly believe that she isn't this overprotected damsel we make her out to be.. she could and she should stand up for herself but it seems like she doesn't really want to..
  9. gotta admit, that was definitely a really sh*tty move, not sure what they were thinking..
  10. I Always Sing Live

    socialney Team B sends Adam Rippon T-Shirts

    why tho?
  11. the GP respects and loves her a lot, she also puts on an amazing show.. while I do think the whole acrobatics thing is kinda getting old, she deserves it.. GO P!NK..
  12. the Cher Lloyd song isn't even available in my country.. poor girl, I actually liked her quite a bit, too bad neither the GP or Syco / Epic cared about her.. even though I think the Dua / BLACKPINK song is just ok / decent, it's already stuck in my head.. hope it becomes at least a moderate hit..
  13. also, you don't even have to smoke weed itself.. the hemp plant that weed comes from also contains a compound called CBD which doesn't get you high (THC does).. a lot of people use it for chronic pain with amazing results and at least giving it a try for things like anxiety and depression is worth a shot..
  14. I won't deny that it happens but it happens quite rarely.. it's worth a try to see if it does or does not, it truly depends on the person..
  15. that goes for people in general.. drugs that open your mind are rarely harmful to your health (especially compared to alcohol and tobacoo) and it's convenient for the people in power to keep them away from us.. thank god Canada legalised weed.. step in the right direction..