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  1. 6 minutes ago, 3Pney said:

    she could not even sell out stadiums before tho lol. :unbothered: and you think she can sell out by her lazy armography and walmart stage outfits? :queenflopga:

    Some of TCSBS dates like the Madison Square Garden(where she did multiple dates) if totaled up could be enough to fill a stadium and also recently with the 3 O2 arena dates but yeah if she continues like this she probably will not outgross even FFT for the next tour:decisions:

  2. 5 minutes ago, Julienfrance said:

    So... I come back after few mounthes...

    I used to say a 3rd date will be added in Paris. It was true until the 2nd date doesn't fill up as fast as the first one...

    For the announcement tomorrow, expect the new residency.

    Apple Pie NEVER exist!

    I used to say, in a post in march, new music in June. I assume it was the Pitbull collab, just pushed in July. Expect it in FEW DAYS...

    The commercial for "My Prerogative" will air in few days too...

    If you expect new SOLO music, you will have to wait until november/december.

    As I heard of, the Madonna/Ariana collab is WRONG.


    So... Sorry... Nothing really new and exciting... But important to share.

    See u in few mounthes with, I hope, something more interesting... 


    Kisses to U :)

    Imagine if you get this wrong again:ban: 

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  3. 13 minutes ago, Hungry Hun said:

    From what I herad Toxic, when offered to Kylie, was a romantic ballad first. Maybe that's why she didnt like it

    Is it like how most contestants from The Voice and X Factor covered it:gross:Honestly I don’t understand why people would want to make Toxic into a ballad so badly.:rlynow:

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  4. On the Dec 19 POM date, Britney will perform My Only Wish:groovin: I mean it’s only logical for her to perform her Christmas classic (that is slaying in some smaller countries :pieceofwhat:) days before Christmas. It is the only show this week. That would be the first time she perform this song. Imagine her singing it live.:sobbing:












    Too bad it will never happen:otears:at least I can dream about it:tear: