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  1. This is clearly a photo shoot, not meant to be posted as a clip surely? I genuinely don’t think she knew this would be used as a whole post rather than just to take some shots from, but who can tell anymore.
  2. Well whoever it was posted something yellow again. They would have seen everyone going crazy in the comments about the previous yellow themed posts, and either it’s Britney trying to communicate by using the colour yellow, or someone else is having some fun with it and probably laughing at the reaction. Or neither. I don’t know anymore, it’s all so bizarre.
  3. Omg yes I remember the days...there was a very different vibe on here. I had totally forgotten about that whole Marta debate but yes I remember being upset at the time. However in the interests of being fair and balanced, before all of that happened, I did have some interesting chats with them both and they seemed nicer on a one to one basis.
  4. They say that leaving an abusive relationship is the most dangerous time for a victim. At that point, the perpetrator literally has nothing left to lose, and this is where they can be volatile and unpredictable. I do think of Britney’s situation as her being in a kind of domestic abuse relationship but with several perpetrators. It’s worrying. As for them holding her kids over her, again this is a very common abuse tactic because it works. I’ve often wondered how she’s so upbeat and smiling in her pics and videos since this happened with the boys, but it’s obvious she’s probably repressing it as a defence mechanism. She’ll probably end up with severe PTSD from all this, the trauma of missing her boys lives like this is possibly going to catch up and really affect her mental state. And then they’ll use that against her: “See, she’s unstable, she’s mentally ill, she can’t cope” - just like all abusers do. Google Lundy Bancroft The Water Torturer profile for more on this vile technique.
  5. Yes I remember the MATM outfits, that’s what made me think it would be amazing to see some others, but maybe you’re right in that it ruins the fantasy. Circus one would be cool!
  6. I get what you’re saying, it makes fantasy a reality and that sometimes backfires.
  7. Oh yeah they would totally ruin them! Nice to dream though...amazing choices!!
  8. I might have started a thread on this before, I can’t remember! Forget reality for a moment and imagine that Britney is doing a special performance featuring loads of her songs. She’s asked for fans to vote for their top three video outfits from her videos and she’ll perform those songs wearing those exact outfits 😃 Which ones would you choose? Just fascinated to see what people’s dream video recreations would be!
  9. Omg. This here is the most beautiful girl in the whole world!!! She looks like her prime here.
  10. I agree. This is the most intelligent, calm and relatable she’s come across in years. Actually watching that video made me realise still how much of a fan I am of Britney and how I love her so much. I could listen to her chat like that for ages!
  11. Ok I’ve just watched the video as hadn’t seen this one, and close up it definitely looks like she’s still got the effects of that awful smile lift, even though in some photos this year it looked to be wearing off. And I have to say it’s a bit weird the way she just walks off mid photo session, I’m not a fan of Sam at all but I did kind of feel a bit bad for him or at least imagined how I’d feel in that situation and it’s a bit awkward I have to say.
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