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  1. HairFlipQueen

    tour Piece Of Me: Sweden August 11

    Well that’s a very positive spin on it I guess! The problem is not everyone is ok with being looked at with ‘disdain’ by their idol (actual word used by a recent fan) and be made to feel that they’ve upset Britney when all they’ve done is show up. Yes some will be able to laugh it off and think it’s great they get the ‘human’ version of her but what about those who it upsets? Its not just Britney who I think is the problem, the security and other staff sound like nasty pieces of work yelling at fans to hurry up and treating them like cattle. I cant make excuses for that at all, being respectful should be a minimum standard.
  2. HairFlipQueen

    tour Piece Of Me: Sweden August 11

    Oh I'm so sorry I misunderstood! Glad yours was a great experience
  3. HairFlipQueen

    tour Piece Of Me: Sweden August 11

    Why can’t you say much about her mood ? What tea do you hope someone else spills? Why not just say how it was for you?!! sorry for all the questions!
  4. In this short clip she touches her hair so many times. It’s really frustrating. But.....not seen her dance that sharp in ages!!
  5. HairFlipQueen

    video Yoga Queen(new Instagram post)

    She looks great of course but I thought she wasn’t well? That’s what she was telling fans yesterday night when they asked to do a pose...and judging by how energetic she was on stage tonight she doesn’t seem to be sick. I don’t get it...
  6. Omg she looks so freaking cute and young and hot!!! That skirt and her having her hair down makes SUCH a difference! And her dancing looks more free spirited. I wish all shows were like this. Actually getting M + M tour vibes here lol. I hope she was nice at the M&Gs tonight <3
  7. HairFlipQueen

    tour She fixes her hair about 26 times in Womanizer

    'Angry walking' Love that expression! Well anyway, this is terrible, she is touching her hair in the middle of moves!
  8. The mind boggles, I just don't know what they're thinking really. Well I have my guesses but who really knows? I wish more Britney fans knew about this so they wouldn't waste their money to be treated like a cash cow!
  9. Sending you a LOT of good luck! Will you report back later?
  10. This is so weird. If she's that sick that she can't possibly engage in 20 seconds of talk with a devoted fan, or do a silly pose to make them happy, then she must be pretty ill and should be in the hotel in bed resting. But no, she goes from the M&G to the stage where she doesn't stop moving for two hours and it's business as usual. She either means she's upset (Sam?) or it's a pathetic excuse to be even lazier than usual. I feel devastated for you, I'd be so upset if she was like that with me it would kill the vibe of the concert. What were other people saying?
  11. Totally agree with you, I hope somebody stands up to the lot of them!!! It's disgusting how fans are coming away from these meets feeling like they've done something wrong and that Britney is mad at them - pretty sure if fans are feeling like this (oh plus in tears too) then something is going extremely wrong.
  12. I meant to say this too, how rude. There's no respect for the fans at all is there? The guy who did the petition mentioned they were treated like cattle too.
  13. That must have been so surreal!!! Your friend though eeek! Imagine if he had a M&G with Britney?! Would be interesting to say the least!
  14. Gosh no you don't sound angry or bitter at all, in fact you sound very reasonable after what sounds like a real anti climax. I feel so bad for you and totally respect you not wanting to cause a scene about it, just know though that it's not just you at all. There really have been quite a few of these accounts recently, you may have read them too. And they all say pretty much the same things so I'm definitely believing it. I understand you feeling protective, I think a lot of fans do. Unfortunately, her and her team take advantage of this - I'm sure not intentionally - and they seem to rely on the fact that Britney fans will always stick up for her no matter what. They then charge the most extortionate prices for bargain experiences and that to me is not morally sound. You look lovely in your photo A lot of them seem to be bad quality though so maybe consider complaining to Live Nation, I understand if you don't though. You shouldn't be in a position where you have to.
  15. Oh wow! That is the complete opposite to a Britney one! Did you mind him kissing you on the lips?!