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  1. I would love that, that's my dream album. I also would love if one day she does a Anti Tour like Kylie`s less production and sang non single/bsides songs.
  2. I think the album version is so much better. And next week, you may not see me here, so boy, just make your move
  3. What great picture of her with Lou Taylor on her lap and of course she is writing something like “the game is over bish, my fans exposed you and **** is about to get real, have fun in hell.”
  4. I voted for “Lonely”, but this is hard, tomorrow it can be Cinderella.
  5. Uma amiga me mandou isso hoje, mas não li tudo. https://brasil.elpais.com/cultura/2020-07-23/a-dificil-vida-de-britney-spears-que-ainda-fatura-milhoes-mas-vive-com-1500-dolares-por-semana.html?ssm=FB_BR_CM&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1595519337
  6. Oi, a patroa chegou. /anitta alok, não sou anitter e topo fazer parte do plano.
  7. How funny JL posting about mental illness one day before her sister’s court hearing, even if she was not talking about Britney she should have followed her own advice and kept it silent. I try to ignore her and not drag her down, but it is almost impossible, I want to puke on her big forehead.
  8. Oh great, Lou T is also managing her account. Two months after my first complain about having problem with gif e etc while using my phone and the problem it is happening. I can’t access them, I have to the type them like :britney: and see what pops up. anybody else having the same issue ? That’s annoying!
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