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  1. Some people are just so quick to judge. If you were a real fan, you'd just be happy for it to be out! I personally am totally digging this track, and Pitbull is just fine. He doesn't dominate the track and they DID tour together. And as someone said, if it charted, y'all would be thirsty for it and saying you were the first in line to hear it. I can see this being on the radio, it's a fun track and her parts are so catchy!
  2. This infuriates me - after all this, they are making BRITNEY the villain again. Jamie and Larry are in TMZ's pockets. Blatantly untrue statements are filled in this article. Jamie has control over everything in her life and now that someone else is trying to have a peek, he makes other people the villain. Their "sources" need to come out publicly because I'm tired of the BS - I thought TMZ was better (albeit slightly) than the National Enquirer's and Radar Online's of the world. Guess not. Why did Andrew Wallet leave? Why did Britney stop her Domination show a month AFTER her dad's surgery? Why were there absolutely no paparazzi photos between her last drive-thru photo in January until the post in April about the wellness facility? Nothing is being answered and this all looks forced upon her. I wish this was proved otherwise! I truly hate how the fans being suspicious also puts stress on Britney, because it's really not fair to her. But it's also not fair to her being silent!
  3. The Britney Army won this bracket last year, make sure you vote! First round ends on Sunday, so get a move on https://1033ampradio.radio.com/blogs/extra-eric/fan-army-madness-2019#/questions
  4. OK is a tabloid - they make up stories on baseless accounts and is published by the same people as Star Magazine and The National Enquirer. I know multiple people who work at the publisher but I can't get confirmation about this story. Let's be real though. ALSO - who knew that SlimFast still existed?? Look at the cover, haha.
  5. I do like both Clumsy and CYM more because her performances of these are actually very well done, much better than the performances of her older singles.
  6. I hope no one is actually reading the National Enquirer. If they weren't horrible enough with their baseless accusations, they are also a part of the Michael Cohen investigation and are pro-Trump.
  7. When she was in Vegas, definitely. On tour, I'd say to pass. I saw her in NY and spent way too much money - it was nowhere near the experience I had in Vegas. She just doesn't seem very interested in doing this show anymore and it shows.
  8. Easily Unbroken, its too bad she didn't release that song.
  9. Femme Fatale fit her voice so perfectly and had some of the best bops of her career. Glory is a close second because the songs are all sonically different and took risks. As for the album covers, Circus is the only one with a concept and looks the best. The other three covers just show her nose contouring getting more distinctive each time, haha.
  10. I am angry about this. That POS has SIX children - I want PROOF that this money is going to only those two children. Is the grocery list for the six children or the two? If it's more then take it away. Get a job you lowlife.
  11. 1. Womanizer 2. BOMT 3. OIDIA 4. MATM 5. Slave 4 U 6. Till the World Ends 7. Work ***** 8. Crazy 9. Toxic 10. Circus DLC: Glory Pack (Make Me, Slumber Party), Blackout Pack (Gimme More, Piece of Me), Forgotten Hits Pack (Hold It Against Me, Overprotected (Darkchild))
  12. At least it's better than what another tabloid did by accidentally putting in a photo of Derrick Barry! Life & Style maybe, possibly InTouch...
  13. Me - spent a ridiculous amount of money for Row KK on Tuesday. Honestly, watching YouTube videos and seeing people on this forum complaining does not do it justice. Saw POM in Vegas one time (revamped show, before Glory) front row and it was honestly one of the best experience of my life - and I don't ever use absolutes.
  14. Don't ever trust Radar Online. They turn any factual story, find a "source", and twist it to make it sensational false stories. She's fine - her people will handle it. Just because K-fed can't feed his other however many children doesn't mean he can ask his ex for more than $20,000/month! If you can't live off $240k/year then you are doing something completely wrong. I will say however that much of the Britney coverage in the tabloids (besides this) in the last few years have been mainly positive - OK, Star, Radar Online, Us Weekly (all owned by the same company btw).
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