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  1. And Then We Kiss Touch of My Hand Work ***** K...nee Injury?
  2. Yes, they do. All. The. Time.
  3. Who said anything about Danja? I said Britney made a Max a thing.
  4. Are we just randomly imagining her career? OK, I'll do it. Warning: The "Private Show" of this isn't the same of Glory.
  5. No, thanks. What she needs to celebrate the 20th anniversary of BOMT is something fresh to show evolution.
  6. Exactly. One of my biggest wishes is for her to find a unknown producer and to create a great album without any restrictions. Britney doesn't do that anymore. She goes record songs but she probably doesn't stay in the studio long because she has to pick up the kids at school. It just doesn't have the same connection. And you know some of her fans aren't helping when they want her to record some of the most basic **** like CSTF with Max Generic Martin because they think she'll get a hit. By the way, I would love for Britney to explore the house sound for B10:
  7. She should thank her Spotify deal for that. Hot 100 YE 2017: #73.
  8. They're beyond basic. CTTR was released in 2017 when female pop was straight-up dead. Not exactly an achievement.
  9. In the Zone sold 7 million units WW and produced both her most remembered hit and her signature ballad. Both of those songs are complete ****. Never thought the My Love and Don't Let Me Get Me chanteuses would release something as bad as that. And CTTR was a huge underperformance. And Make Me flopped because it wasn't that good, not because it lacked Max Martin.
  10. No. 2017 was his first year without a #1 since 2007 and NTLTC is already out of the top-10.
  11. No, she does NOT. What she needs is a fresh young producer that will give her a new sound, and NOT someone who is overused by the pop industry and will probaly give her some rejects to get his coins and only that. Max only "cares" about two pop stars nowadays, Taylor and Ariana, and they're getting **** material like RFI and NTLTC. Everyone else is an after-though, as proven by Katy's Witness album which was a complete tragedy lyrically and even worse than the two songs previously mentioned. Exactly. She should focus more on her sensuality (songs like Breathe on Me) instead of making songs about being Lolita.
  12. No, she does NOT and I'm sick of seeing some idiots saying that she does. Britney needs a fresh sound and Max's dated *** ain't gonna deliver it. And I already know that some people in here are gonna mention their "connection", and I ask: what connection? He gave her standard pop songs that were made iconic due to Britney's ideas and vision. He never gave her a Toxic, a Breathe on Me, a Gimme More or anything that didn't sound of its time. Britney made him a thing. There's a reason why whenever Britney has more control over her albums (ITZ, BO and Glory), he isn't present on the tracklist.
  13. What do you mean? That she should've taken advantage of it to take a well-deserved break or that she should've released new music during that time? -------------------- Which happenned first? The JT breakup or the London Crossroads premiere? Whichever hapenned first was the start of her decline. The 55-hour marriage is what made everyone realize something wasn't going well with Britney and her career.
  14. It's catchy but it doesn't really stand out in the Britney album. It's just a standard Max Martin track with a slight cooler instrumental.
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