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  1. I posted this on here about a year ago and i’ve been told by many that it’s def fake. Can’t find receipt tho, probably has been merge in the 3000 pages #FreeBritney thread
  2. I CANNOT believe 1 sec that they lost interest. They are such stans and really had momentum with the movement. They are supposedly working on a documentary or something, but a little heads up wouldn’t hurt anyone. They’ve been silent since end of February. I even reached out to them several times but no response. I’m so sad They were the 2 head figures of the #FreeBritney movement and we need them now more than ever. More than that, I miss their podcast very much, haven’t miss a single one episode. TESS AND BABS, where you at?
  3. Love this tread & the songs so far. here's mine:
  4. I’ll try to get my money back, thanks for the tip.
  5. I paid the 40 bucks hehe. I confirm, not worth it
  6. RIGHT?! Actually I took that tests few years ago and decided to retake it when i saw the thread and I got the same results. I spend an entire afternoon completing it and reading on personality types. I was locked up in my office at work and got nothing else done that day
  7. Makes me think that diversity among exhalers is probably not representative of the general population since all share common traits and interests to begin with (forum discussion, pop culture, etc). Plus, only a few of us responded to the survey, so no statistical significance hehe. But idk, still odd.
  8. First off, thanks @iAlwaysSingLive for the personality poll you did last week. This lead me to read a lot on MBTI personality types and inspired me to embarque on a self-discovery journey. Personal stuff aside, I was very surprised to see that INFJ's make up for ~25% of Exhale's community when we're supposed to be the "rarest type" in the general population (~1.5%). Being an INFJ (advocate type) myself, I can't help but wonder why we are so overly represented on here and if it explains why I feel a strong connection with you all. I'm curious to hear your insight on this! Here's some info on the INFJ personality: https://www.16personalities.com/infj-personality
  9. And so was Eminem, Justin, Christina.. and the list goes on
  10. « People and children gravitate to good energy, and she’s definitely in abundance of that ». Bless you Zoe Saldana, well-spoken classy-act beautiful soul. We love a queen defending our queen. Let’s all remember she’s an ally. 💜 Ok this got me emotional
  11. Happy sweet 16 BH! I've always wondered where that name came from, awesome to finally know. And thanks @JordanMiller for putting so much work into building and constantly improving this place. You've gathered a solid & growing community on here and I'm so happy to be part of it!
  12. We can't be mad she didn't join for real. Honestly guys, did you want brit to chitchat with these nobodies? PROTECT YOU LEGACY QUEEN
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