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  1. In the instagram clip Britney doesn't actually look 'bad' but aged and with her beauty not 'accenturated', (in part because the smile isn't there; again people could find it harsh always critiquing her looks but she ultimately based her career on image) The photo was better but there's never been any consistency with great photos in recent years.
  2. zxcvb

    other Did she do her makeup herself in 2007?

    It took LOTS of plastic surgery to get to where she is now, not aging. Britney was truly a natural beauty. 2013 2015 And in less than two years she can't even replicate this beauty on screen? Has nothing to do with aging to look that different that fast in 2017. Her and her team murdered her natural beauty.
  3. zxcvb

    exhale Britney's Total Tour Gross

    And the DWAD didn't even go to Europe because of the (arguably pointless in retrospect) Crossroads movie. She should be able to tour Canada and Latin America to get over $600,000,000
  4. zxcvb

    exhale Will she ever “come back”?

    She can do what she wants musically...but performing wise, it's over. She's almost 40 and her entire prime performing appeal was based on rigorous choreography/stage presence in the first place. In reality, was fortunate to have the success she's had in the last decade. (Based on nostalgia which has finally faded). I also think her medications eroded her performing but then again, why was a medicated person performing? (It was all nostalgia, but that's finally done.) She should enjoy her life. For a teen star, no matter how big, she's had an incredible career. Her team should know they've been scamming fans for a decade. But she should enjoy her life away from the public eye. She's wealthy, she gets royalties from fragrances but performing wise- no.
  5. zxcvb

    tour she made a few points

    After the Circus era is when she should have 'RETURNED'. If she returned to how she performed from 1999-2004, she would have had better longevity... It was in many ways a manufactured comeback. Without plastic surgery + consistent choreography comparable to 1999-2004, she wouldn't have as much problems with selling another Vegas run. If her priorities changed, the so be it. For a 'solo teen star', she's had an unbelievable career/longevity, but she should just live her life in obscurity at this point.
  6. zxcvb

    tour she made a few points

    I'll just add that 2010 was quite pivotal. Yeah, her dad was there for her but after the Circus era was when she should have returned to form. Have no choice but to at her dad critically too.
  7. zxcvb

    tour she made a few points

    Doesn't Britney's 'style of performing' have an expiration date anyway? Let's be REAL: Britney is a girl that got lucky; whether in her prime or after, no matter the media treatment. Yes, she was a hard worker back then but so are many people who never will never even make a million dollars for their lifetime. Yes she had charisma but so do lots of people who never make it. (We all know Britney's success was due to an image FIRST and everything else after.) She almost threw it all away for K-Fed (both her stupid mother's fault, her management's fault and her fault then the media's fault) Is she mad that K-Fed is getting child support? Who cares??? Nobody should be mad at K-Fed: Britney was lucky IN THE FIRST PLACE to have the type of career she had. Yet, I am still glad she is wealthy and lives comfortably (and should for the rest of her life with royalties) but enough is enough. She and Larry both well know they have been SCAMMING fans since Circus: Perhaps Wade Robson and Britney Spears severed ties ahead of her new tour ‘The Circus’ because the pop tart feared how her long time collaborator would view the decline in her dancing skills. “She missed some early dance practices and wasn’t dedicated about turning up at meetings,” a source close to Britney tells Us Magazine. “She didn’t want [Wade] to see that she’s not as good as she used to be." (January 8, 2009) https://popdirt.com/britney-spears-didnt-want-wade-robson-to-know-shes-lost-a-step/71122/ Based on that Mannequin rehearsal video, we know that her abilities were there and she chose not to put in the effort anymore. Nothing to do with media mistreatment or 'stage fright'. The reason she got away with Circus era to Vegas was because of her 'image'. I think she can tour some in Latin America and Canada or places she hasn't been to for a while; But she isn't entitled to return to Vegas etc... with this laughable performing. Whether some still like her show or not is irrelevant when she hasn't been giving her best whatsoever. If that's party due to medication it still doesn't change the fact that she and Larry have been scamming fans. Why is a medicated person performing in the first place? Look, she is wealthy she should be getting very healthy royalties from fantasy alone and she's had a great career: why the hell does she still want to perform when she's not putting in her all? Release music yeah, but if the performing is not at previous levels it should end.
  8. zxcvb

    tour she made a few points

    Still, the expectation was that she would return to the dancing level she was at from 1999-2004. The Circus era was understandable. But she was supposed to improve after that and never truly did. They obviously instead went for the money grab with Femme Fatale Tour/era, X Factor and Vegas and the interest in her rightfully substantially waned. But again, if she get royalties from fragrance (Fantasy in particular) she doesn't even need to worry about money again and should 'retire' (from performing).
  9. zxcvb

    tour she made a few points

    Part of it is the changing industry but Britney has made too, too many changes from the height of her career for people to be interested in her. Virtually EVERYTHING that made her popular is non-existent today: dancing, image, personality. How is she really supposed to be successful without any of those things? The truth is rather than improve after Circus, they went for the money grab. Nobody can blame media for where she is today. They allowed her back to make money but she never improved. (And got too much plastic surgery.)
  10. zxcvb

    tour she made a few points

    I don't think that tour tanked, if you adjust it for inflation. She still had a MASSIVE fan base in 2004. She would have continued to remain successful if she was the same dancer/performer. But even with all those things, her smile would still be there (without surgery). We don't even see this smile now and this is as recent as September 2015. She was insanely still getting more surgeries after this. Going from this face to the ones from 2017 (less than two years) has nothing to do with aging. Britney or her stupid team apparently thought she could run from her past, a career built completely on image, and they were very wrong. I mean, did her stupid team forget that she built her career on image???