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  1. Besides what David Lachapelle has already said, the fact is that Britney's Everytime (her self-composed song) video undermines all of Larry Rudoloph's life's work. Notwithstanding Britney's dancing talents and likely directional leeway via video imagery, Larry Rudolph wanted to sell an emotionless brand/product but the Evertyime video is completely antithetical to EVERYTHING Larry Rudolph stands for in the music/entertainment business. So when Rudolph says "Britney was always the one directing the creatives. She did what came naturally to her and had an innate intelligence to figure out what and where everything needed to be..." https://www.theringer.com/music/2020/5/14/21258289/britney-spears-oops-i-did-it-again-20-year-anniversary-retrospective That statement and his referring to her as a "brand that needs to be exploited" (12:00) clashes with her very self-explanatory 'Everytime' video about the music industry and media. (and Everytime was intentionally excluded in the above clip) And as long as Everytime was released as a single and is on the same album as Toxic, they two completely opposite narratives co-exist. His 'talent' is to attain deals but his whole career will always be undermined by badly damaging her mental health. He can NEVER be
  2. Absolutely. Britney is done. She already did her media/industry/paparazzi diss track with Piece of Me and did the video for it. She composed Everytime. She's released so many recordings already. And she definitely will get her royalties from both perfume and music. (Don't forget, recording artists get royalties for the sound recording every time a track is streamed.) Once her worthless father is out of the picture, she should live her life happily out of the spotlight.
  3. Agreed with everything you said. Hopefully, Lou Taylor/Jamie Spears/Larry Rudolph are either fully investigated or audited. At the same time, hopefully fans focus on the conservatorship and NOT Britney's personal relationships. I honestly believe she wants to live her life and scrutinizing her boyfriend (and posts) is ludicrous.
  4. But you can see how big a mistake this was as well. All this creating of a false image really destroyed Britney and made others profit from in FAR more than Britney ever did.
  5. Lynne is just as much a JOKE as her lifelong loser ex-husband. Puppy, you've got it right, this pathetic woman just wanted a meal ticket out from her depressed poverty in Kentwood. THAT'S IT. She just wanted to live vicariously through her daughter. This is why you can't blame Jive, MTV, Larry Rudolph, Justin Timberlake or Kevin Federline before blaming her 'parents' for her problems. These idiot 'parents' just desperately wanted out of poverty without thinking of any consequences of their lack of parenting. That's all this has been. While I got criticism for my thread about Britney's 'fans', I stand by the fact that she should date whoever the hell she wants to date regardless of whether she's in or out of a conservatorship. (And turn her instagram comments off, if necessary/possible)
  6. Whether she's in a conservatorshihp or not, the pathetic 'fans' are using that as an excuse to approve of who she wants to date. These are the same 'fans' that obviously missed the significance of her Everytiime video all those years ago. Of course, a prominent fiduciary should be managing her assets (which should have happened over a decade ago) rather than her life-long loser father, but criticizing who she dates and critiquing her instagram posts are things that are ludicrous. It doesn't matter what influence her 'team' may have on her posts, her lawyer is attacking the conservatorship in the courts, as he should. Whatever she wants to post on Instagram is up to her. It is true that she may be better off disabling comments but what she posts should be up to her, which was mostly uncontroversial before 2018/2019.
  7. Of course. This is all a parental "family" thing. Lynne's pathetic character draws attention to Courtney Love's claims as well. The problem is these idiots forgot they made their daughter so famous at that age and never thought of the consequences. Yes, media/industry was/is despicable but she needed parental guidance and her stupid parents never gave her the guidance because of their desperation of leaving poverty.
  8. Exactly. Johnny Wright. And All those different producers she worked with are the result of the A&R people. How can this ******* take credit for her success but never her failures (Britney Jean)? Her imbecile parents are the sole reason for her downfall. The conservatorship should end so that she ceases paying these idiots' bills. If she still wants to pay for her mother's house etc... It should be done without conservatorship.
  9. Of course she deserves deserves a lot of credit for her entire career. Just specifically about the MUSIC though, I have to highlight 'Everytime', since, you know, she actually created it. But that's what I'm alluding to. The problem is the lack of parenting from her parents. She had no guidance because her parents looking to get out of poverty and Lynne Spears wanted to live vicariously through her daughter. There's no doubt Lynne Spears and Jamie Spears' story about Britney in 2007/early 2008 is garbage too. Even if the conservatorship was initiated as a positive thing, a venture firm like Bessemer should have been managing her assets by 2009/2010. My point with Larry Rudolph is that the bast*rd goes around like he is a great manager when his managing destroyed Britney's mental health. And the idiot literally has nothing to do with the greatest music she has put out WHATSOEVER. He probably has only been 'good' with promotion and deals (overworking her and damaging her mental health) which made more money for her label and companies than for her. (Her perfume deal is the only positive from this, but it doesn't make up for his damaging her mental health and he couldn't even replicate much success elsewhere at all.)
  10. Look, I'm not going to say Larry Rudolph is a bad manager. I think he has probably contributed to her great promotional work among probably other things like deals, but Britney's mental issues that also impacted her career absolutely negate whatever the hell he's ever done for him to consider himself a great manager. But as far has the greatest music she's released, the credit goes to her A&Rs-as well as the songwriters/producers, of course-by far over him, EXCLUDING the hit 'Everytime', because Britney Spears created it. That being said, her pathetic parents are obviously more to blame than Larry Rudolph for her problems because they signed off an underage girl for a career in the ruthless music industry. I'm just saying about Larry Rudolph, he certainly can never ever be credited for the great music she's put out. (and he has nothing to do with Blackout either.)
  11. Britney's fans should trash both her manipulative parents at every opportunity. No matter how pathetic Larry Rudolph, Jive, MTV, Justin Timberlake, Kevin Federline etc... are, Britney's problems was, is and will always be LYNNE AND JAMIE SPEARS' FAULT FIRST. These two idiot parents didn't think of the consequences making their daughter so famous at that age. Why? Because they saw their daughter as a CASH COW. Lynne and Jamie Spears are full of ****. and Lynne's book is garbage. What negates Lynne's claims against Sam Lufti is the fact that she's been under mind control her whole life. Her parents weren't even parents when they were supposed to, and nothing in early 2008 changes this fact because their lack of parenting is what caused the mess in the first place. (Plus all those other witness who testified under oath refuting her claims.) What's the real story behind all the legal action against Sam Lufti? The truth???
  12. Obviously only Britney should be paid, since according to that trademark database Britney Brand Inc (which Britney founded) is the owner in addition to the fact that she isn't working. Ingham and the new law firm are going sift through the terrible contracts Jamie Spears may have had her sign.
  13. At minimum, she should be making several hundred thousand dollars a year from her Fragrance licensing and music royalties. Yes, she should be also receiving royalties from hits she didn't even write: "Take, for example, the song “I Will Always Love You” from the 1992 soundtrack for “The Bodyguard.” That version of the song was performed by Whitney Houston, the recording of which is owned Sony Music Entertainment division Arista Records. However the song was written by Dolly Parton, who owns the composition, including the lyrics and melody. Spotify would have to pay Sony to license the recording, who would then give Houston’s estate a percentage of the stream. It would also have to pay the music publisher and songwriter. In this case, Parton is both." https://www.cnbc.com/2018/02/28/how-spotify-licenses-and-pays-for-music-rights.html I think when you add a percentage of steams from spotify, vevo etc... it adds up. While I don't think that percentages of each stream is substantial, if you have a lot of big hits like Britney, it would definitely accumulate. So that, plus her perfume licensing should add up very nicely for Britney annually especially since she is not a big spender at all, which is critical (She should not be spending more than she earns; she's only spending now due to lawyer fees). With Bessemer appointed to manage her assets, then they can also help her with investing.
  14. Well the reason I ask is that the current owner is listed as Britney Brands Inc., which was founded by Britney but according to the trademark database, Baby One More Mark LLC was a previous owner... https://tmsearch.uspto.gov/bin/gate.exe?f=tess&state=4808:31nur7.1.1 https://tmsearch.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=4808:31nur7.2.3
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