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  1. I think that’s the last step of her career tbh. They will drop another album soon & they are going to name the residency “Britney Spears: Baby One More Time” I am certain!
  2. OopsOverprotected

    other DWADney looking like 2018ney

    Put your glasses on sis
  3. I was 100% convinced that they are going to announce a new residency but a musical might be possible as well. It would be a cool move since her music is iconic and a musical would have a great impact on people. MUSICALNEY
  4. her hairstylist and makeup artist for prerogative ad was this guy here: https://www.instagram.com/giannetos/?hl=de he does her makeup a lot of times & he says in a livestream that Britney herself always decides what her makeup is going to look like... mess
  5. omg sorry she looks old and not good in video and picture. the makeup is HORRIBLE. how does her team let her go like that to an interview?
  6. OopsOverprotected

    other If Brit stops the injections...

    duh.... this is 7 years ago. she was younger in 2011.
  7. OopsOverprotected

    other If Brit stops the injections...

    some of you forgot that this was Gloryney as well: she didn't look like this all Glory era: we wish... Idk how a human can look sooooo different within weeks.
  8. OopsOverprotected

    My all-time favorite Britney moment on Ellen

    omg she was so cute and confident and that southern accent is everythinggggg