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  1. it's so bad, god, how did they think this sounds good
  2. I'm not voting because I can't choose and I wanna see the poll results so bad.
  3. I don't know, I feel very ashamed of myself now
  4. Omg you are a woman? This is much shocker than Britney's ******. I always thought you're a man
  5. This thread hilarious loved the idea!!!
  6. Justice for "I've just begun" tbh. That song was single worthy As far as I remember my prerogative was huge
  7. it is the best though well according to Britney, what is like to be me has her best vocals at that time
  8. should I copy you? best: overprotected worst: If I had the choose one, that's where you take me
  9. oops! she is the first human who went to Mars for a music video
  10. this photo shoot is album cover worthy, she looks absolutely stunning!
  11. I've been obsessed with this song since an exhaler shared it (sorry I forgot that user's name ) I want Britney to sing this in English so bad
  12. it's a Samsung Calendar. it's one of Samsung models. Also could it a sign of freedom in processing? Everyone knows ios gives you not much freedom to customize your phone while you can do anything with an android phone? This is why I stopped using an iPhone now I've got a Samsung or am I reading into things too much anyway, there are one or two posts about her flashing ****** I was shocked seeing it and was pretty sure there would be tens of threads and posts on Exhale
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