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  1. Music videos would cost anywhere from $10,000 to over a million dollars to shoot. I doubt the original film would have been disposed of Music videos would cost anywhere from $10,000 to over a million dollars to shoot. Oops' music video cost nearly $1 million to shoot in 2000. I doubt the original 35mm film reels the video were shot on would have been disposed of as soon as the music video wrapped in post-production. They are most likely still in storage somewhere in the USA. The expense of doing proper remastering would cost several thousand dollars to do so. Most likely, Sony/RCA does not want to spend the money right now investing in doing a proper remaster when they can upscale to HD on the cheap. It's just disappointing they upscaled from composite tapes where the rainbow effect is still present in some scenes on videos (digitally removed as best as possible but still evident as @MSTAR suggested), when there are better quality versions of Britney's music videos to upscale from available from DVD/ProRes sources. This is the case with a lot of artists videos from Sony/UMG etc. and not just unique to Britney unfortunately.
  2. Let Me Blow Ya Mind from 2001 has had a 4K remaster from UMG and looks amazing. SME seems to over-sharpen and add too much digital noise reduction for their remasters for Britney and several other artists.
  3. They are not re-scanning the original 35mm film source which all her music videos were shot on from 1998 to 2011. Most of these "remasters" are upscaled to HD from an SD master source with a bit of sharpening, deinterlacing etc.
  4. Definitely. @nnbritney and @Stifler's Mom upscales look better than the official remastered versions. The user ddnt32 on sharemania also has done some great upscales for a few Britney vids too. Maybe in another 10 years, they'll do proper remasters using the original 35mm film source and release all her vids in 4K
  5. Channel 9 in Australia is airing the Framing Britney Spears documentary tonight. Hopefully the 60 Minues segmnent which aired on Sunday (which was alright imo) sparked some interest and will attract a larger audience to the professionally done NYT documentary.
  6. A few of Jennifer Lopez JLO era videos were uploaded in HD for the 20th anniversary of the album.
  7. There were still some videos from around 2010/11 that were uploaded in 480p or 720p. Rihanna's earlier Loud era videos were 480p when uploaded 2011. Kesha, who is under SME, videos from 2010 such as Blah Blah Blah and Your Love Is My Drug were 480p, Take It Off 720p and only in December 2010 We R Who We R was the first 1080p upload.
  8. Sony Music USA finally seems to have begun the process of updating all the music videos shot in 2011 and earlier to HD There were quite a few Sony Music UK/Europe artists videos updated to 4K this year/last year with North American artists missing out. Universal and Warner Music Group has been updating the majority of their artists videography for the past 2 years. Hopefully we will get to see Britney, Christina and several other Sony Music artists recieve HD videos soon A few I have noticed over the past couple of days start popping up - please post more as they are remastered/discovered Chris Brown who is signed to RCA records under Sony just had most of his older videos updated to celebrate 15 years since debut. While most of these remasters aren't a proper rescan of the original film source, it's good to have versions where there is no aliasing/rainbow shimmering from composite sources etc.. Sony Music videos are also exported at their native framing and not dumped into a 16:9 frame like the UMG/WMG videos which is another positive. 50 Cent's (UMG) In Da Club music video from 2003 had a proper 4K remaster from original film sources and its looks stunning. Lets hope Sony put some money and effort into doing the same quality remastering to some of their artists videos
  9. Director's Cut was way better than the official release imo. Loved the extra outfits showcased in the Diretor's Cut and the overall the editing was much better.
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