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  1. Always have loved My Prerogative - iconic opening in the pool , great cinematography throughout Overprotected (Darkchild Remix) especially coming from outside the US - such an iconic video, looks and choreorgraphy are amazing If U Seek Amy - Loved the vibe of the video and the hidden message throughout.
  2. They were shot on 35mm film which has the ability to be scanned at resolutions greater than 4K. The form which her videos exist on YT look like they have been ripped from a 480p NTSC VHS tape. Britney's label/team definitely have digital versions of a far greater quality than the YT versions, which have been used in award show ceremonies etc. While it is extremely unlikely that her older videos film were scanned at 4K when they were put through post-production at the time of release, they were definitely scanned at a quality which is better than what is present on her YT channel.
  3. Please keep the exported video frame rate the same as the imported video frame rate. I.e. 24FPS sourced music video exported at 24FPS, 30FPS tour/performance footage exported at 30FPS etc.
  4. That's not 100% correct. While UMG has done the majority of the remastered videos, Sony and other labels have replaced some music videos with HD versions. For example *NSYNC's "It's Gonna Be Me" (Licencesed to SME (on behalf of JIVE)). Hopefully Britney's team will do so sometime this decade as the current 480p versions look terrible. Other examples (Not UMG) Hopefully they will follow through with option C. It will be a massive task to undertake and be more expensive, but doing it this way allows for the best quality remaster possible. Britney's entire videography is worthy of this and ensures her imagery can be enjoyed for generations in the higest possible quality. If they do option A and just upscale SD/720p source material, I'd rather them keep the current versions until they can remaster properly.
  5. Thank you, you're amazing. I think it has been stretched vertically slightly. Should have horizontal black bars when viewing on a 16:9 display.
  6. If they do a proper remaster (scan the original 35mm film at 4K resolution), it will far exceed the quality of any upscale. These however, are the best quality we will see from Britney's videos until her team/label decide to do a remaster (properly). A lot of other artists on YouTube have had lower quality SD or 720p sourced music videos upscaled to 1080p with a bit of digital noise reduction which don't look that good.
  7. Amazing quality A shame that Lucky's framing has been cropped in slightly from it's original wider format.
  8. Great job on the quality of these videos @MSTAR. What sort of upscaling software are you using? Are you able to export your videos at 24FPS? 60FPS interpolation ruins the cinematic feel of the video by blending frames together giving it a soap opera effect. Same for cropping a video's original aspect ratio into 16:9. Lucky was shot on a slightly wider frame than 16:9 but this has been cropped to 16:9. It doesn't make sense to crop aspect ratios as no matter how you crop it into a 16:9 frame, details from the original frame will be omitted. Same goes for 4:3 and 2.39:1 videos being cropped to 16:9. You lose details from cropping every frame and it makes more sense to keep the same aspect ratio the director of the video shot it at despite getting "black bars" either vertically (4:3) or horizontally (2.39:1) while watching on a 16:9 display.
  9. The ones they used last looked more HQ IMO (Toxic, Oops, Slave). Stronger's framing is terrible.
  10. Amazing quality SME/RCA need to get their act together and remaster all of Britney's videos in 4K. Replace the LQ existing videos with remastered ones retaining all the views. I just hope they don't dump all her 4:3 videos into a 16:9 frame like UMG has done with all their remasters. I'm sure the record company/Sony have all the film masters just sitting in storage somewhere. Today's film scanners would bring to life all of Britney's older videos if remastered properly scanned at 4K. Even FF/BJ/Glory eras there would be a digital higher resolution master somewhere. All her 1080p videos FF onwards don't have the highest bitrate. Would love every video in 4K. That is the best I've seen of Circus.
  11. Fans doing the work Team B/RCA should have done years ago. They all look amazing compared to the LQ official versions. I don't understand the point of interpolating the output frame rate to 60fps from 24fps source as the music videos lose their cinematic look.
  12. It's Gonna Be Me looks good. Bye Bye Bye still has a lot of jaggies and looks like an upscale of a SD source. Obviously an improvement over the previous versions. I hope that eventually Britney's videos get a proper HD remaster from the 35mm film source and no cheap upscales to HD from SD sources like a lot of artists have had done.
  13. IKR. So many other artists from other labels have had their videos remastered over the last year. Britney definitely deserves to have all her music videos prior to 2011 remastered in 4K from the original 35mm film source. The current videos look so bad played on larger screens, almost like they were sourced from a VHS tape. The shimmering, jagged lines, aspect ratio being croppped in videos such as My Prerogative is frustrating to look at. Plus all her pre-2011 videos are have been uploaded at 30FPS when all of them have been shot at 24FPS.
  14. Britney's entire videography from BOMT to 3 (anything prior to 2011) is a mess on YT. The current video quality (even for 480p) is really poor. The videos looked like they have all been sourced from VHS tapes and have really bad jaggies and a weird rainbow shimmering effect. Every video from 1998 to 2009 are only available in 480p 30FPS, which is not even the correct frame rate which they were shot at (24FPS). Videos like My Prerogrative have been cropped poorly from the original aspect ratio. Lucky and Stronger's audio is terrible. I'm pretty certain all her videos from 1998 to 2009 were shot on 35mm film which means her label does have the ability to remaster them by performing a scan of the original film negatives of each video which should be preserved. As seen with all of the Spice Girls videos being replaced with higher qualiy files, it is easy to replace the old video files with new ones on YouTube while preserving the view count. I would love to see all her older videos from 1998 to 2009 re-uploaded in 1080p HD or 4K UHD on her official YouTube channel but I feel Britney's label would be unwilling to fund remasters or just not bother.
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