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  1. 1. Make Me was well promoted on radio the first couple weeks but then support started dying. 2. The new video (that was britneys idea) and the new album cover that came from it was the worst idea and stopped the fan’s support and made it obvious that fans weren’t gonna be happy 3. RCA themselves are a terrible label, Miley had a huge internet hype for her era but the songs got stalled on radio, their other pop artists (Xtina, zayn, Normani) are pretty much flops too. 4. They invested more in Vegas than the album cause streaming killed profits, while its much easier to make money from $40 shirts, $200 tickets, and $1000 meet and greets
  2. Is there a version of Britney 2001 album with all 15 tracks? It’s so hard to find (besides the digital version of course) I can never find a cd version of it without one of the bonus tracks missing there was a really cool fanmade album collection someone made and I wish she would do that and put all the deluxe tracks from every album on it
  3. Kind of lame but all the Urban Outfitter Single vinyls that were released the same day look similar to that
  4. The Asian tour she had in 2017 tells you everything you need to know, and the fact that her Japanese tour rerelease of Glory sold more than Katy’s witness album in Japan on the week it came out
  5. Unlike everyone else, I actually really love the perfume releases cause honestly that’s the only way we get new pictures
  7. I expect the first half of the year to be solely focused on getting her dad out, not even getting rid of the conservatorship or anything I feel like that won’t happen for a while in Terms of musically I think RCA reissued glory to test the waters and see what they could do without her and they’ll probably wanna release small things like a greatest hits cd or more of those b-side and remix vinyls
  8. I’m pretty sure they do sing live though cause Wendy’s performance is definitely live...
  9. HIAM- amazing song, amazing video, amazing choreo that unfortunately she could never do live. It aged the worst out of all of them I feel and never made any impact after it’s #1 debut TTWE- a big hit with in my opinion the best longevity and impact out of the three successful singles, a much simpler choreo compared to HIAM and a cute video that unfortunately has a body double. The only song that Britney acknowledged past 2013 and was used even in Domination Announcement IWG- a fan not-favorite... but actually one of my favorites, it was her biggest song on the radio and it was one of the first Britney videos I ever watched as a kid, cute video that didn’t focus on dancing for one of the few times and has cute Easter eggs and an acting moment. The performances tho..... Criminal- surprisingly turned out to become her most longevity out of the FF singles (mainly cause of TikTok) it did terrible at the time and she never performed it unfortunately, the videos really good tho it really is something we never see from her, and perfume could’ve been similar if it wasn’t for her editing it.. out of the four I think HIAM is the worst even tho it gave her her last solo #1 it did nothing post-FF and I think the fact that TTWE is really similar of a song to HIAM overshadowed it in the future
  10. I just used yours and added my thoughts in orange 1. See You Again 2. 7 Things 3. The Climb 4. Party In The USA 5. When I Look At You 6. Can’t Be Tamed 7. Who Owns My Heart? (I would've excluded this but she just performed it again) 8. We Can’t Stop 9. Wrecking Ball 10. Adore You (I would take this out and put in 23 or Feeling Myself in the British cd) 11. BB Talk (I was thinking of Dooo It! instead) 12. Malibu 13. Nothing Breaks Like A Heart (VERY big in Europe) 14. Mother’s Daughter 15. Midnight Sky 16. Prisoner (with Dua Lipa) [Honestly I would only add this if it becomes a sleeper hit after the Xmas charts right now cause it kinda flopped]
  11. and it honestly isn't even a record for shawn cause they state how miley had 4 albums (they note that two are soundtracks) at 16 years old and justin did it at like 18 with a xmas album
  12. i have other celebs notifs on for insta and i've been getting story notifications for 8 hour old stories lately, so maybe that happened for britney too
  13. Well it’s what happens when the people managing you think it’s good to start a residency at the 2nd peak of your career... I don’t think she ever wants to be at that height of fame though so if she wants to be a “has been” let her be. At least she’ll always be relevant enough to be above xtina
  14. It’s the same as what I posted in my post, it’s footage meant for commercials and promotional footage sent to news and media but the shots they’re using and angles and all that aren’t meant for true dvd quality
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