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  1. The one used in the album Britney is my favorite. It's so fairy-ish like <3 Glory has a nice one, shame the pictures were lame. Circus and In The Zone are also great for their purpose.
  2. I wish she would perform the actual "Head like a hole" cover she did at the end of the episode instead of this. Even Nine Inch Nails fans were digging it...
  3. All whites... color organization
  4. That's how she actually looks nowadays and I don't find her fat at all. What if is actually Britney posting? Will that change how you feel about her? Have you seen her older posts on social media? Full of plot twists? That one time she did a post about Cameron Diaz' tomatoes, in which she was trying to reach out to her and be a friend? I think it's awful to assume everything weird Britney does is her team manipulating her. She's been known to be quirky - reason why there's a podcast solely dedicated to her Instagram. Chill out. Mariah has also posted ridiculously photoshopped pictures and people moved on.
  5. I somehow admire her for choosing these "random" songs. It shows how she wanted to be perceived, even though they might have not been the best choices, at least she was trying to set herself apart and be who she really wants to be. Sometimes the choices were good! Like "It's a man's world". I also think it's interesting to see how Britney and Xtina's fashion choices envolved on red carpets... if they had taken a picture together at the '99, '00 and '02 VMAs, they would have looked like they were trying to match outfits.
  6. Completely agree. I think its totally possible to show your fit body, without showing too much skin. Actually, you can even look sexier by covering certain parts and making people imagine what they are like. Britney tends to leave nothing to imagination these days. Mariah, for instance, the fittest she is, the more she covers herself somehow, and it looks great! By the way, I love the Miley Cyrus outfits you posted.
  7. I don't think it's sad to be seen as someone who survived the "struggle". I think it's sad that she's not able to speak about it like so many people do today (if she doesn't want to, then I respect her decision, but we actually don't have a clue on why no one talks about it). So many of the new artists today are bipolar, it's even boring. Mariah is bipolar II and nothing has changed regarding her public persona. As a matter of fact, I think she's even more respected and people are now able to understand some of her behavior during Glitter and the years with Stella. I think the intensity in which Britney's struggles were documented plus the "mysteriousness" of it all makes people talk even more about her.
  8. These are the only ones I don't like. The silver one looked atrocious, like it didn't fit her. And the golden one looks more classy as it was originally designed. Other than that, she usually looks good when she's showing leg. Obs: The Clive Davis one looked bad in certain angles, but it was not so bad.
  9. You were spot on. This topic seems to make her extremely insecure. And having a boyfriend like Sam must be even harder for her. But I'm glad she knows her potential in terms of achieving the body she wants (muscle memory seems to be the only memory she likes tho lol). She doesn't seem to be in denial anymore about being skinny as a needle. I just hope she knows that her self-worth doesn't need to come from how much she weights.
  10. I think what the person ( @MeAgainstTheMusic_ ) might mean is that she stopped taking care of herself after the big trauma that was her divorce. And I kind of agree. There's a lot of articles about lack of personal grooming, hygiene and self-care being associated with mental health issues as well. I'm not saying that is Britney's case, but I always found a bit unsettling that someone like her doesn't wash her hair or face properly - and this has been noticeable from 2004 onwards.
  11. The tile line close to her right boob is also 'melting' a bit.
  12. Exactly. I understand your frustration. There were so many things she could choose to talk about to her fans, but she chose to be shady and defend her perception of her skinny body, which looks perfectly fine and healthy with a few extra founds. A clear sign that she doesn't accept herself. I will start taking Britney seriously again when she starts taking proper care of herself - with or without conservatorship - and accepting who she is. It doesn't seem like she does. These stories were lame and disappointing.
  13. I was about to post the same thing - knowing that a lot of people might downvote me. It's crazy that she made that "super funny" post mocking those who say she doesn't post her own stuff on Instagram and, to make a point, she posted a video looking unkept (wearing a dirty dress) and with a clearly unwashed face. It was not funny at all. She sounds unintelligent and immature on these stories. Actually, the more she posts on social media these days, the more childish she acts/sounds. She actually reminds me of a kid who's grounded, trying to get people's attention. Sorry. What is happening?
  14. I love both versions and THIS performance (Saturday Night Live 2002).
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