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  1. The video is good, the song just sucks, too corny and childish, it doesn't surprise me Little Mix wrote that song.
  2. No, mostly Larry is the one Exhalers blame, Britney is blamed for the music video cause some believe the BS that she "thought it was too ****"
  3. Some songs have a cute almost infatile vibe(notably If You Seek Amy), it's not everyone's cup of tea just like Lucky is not everyone's cup of tea, there are a minority of fans that dislike BOMT and Oops album cause both are teen pop albums, anyway people love matureney, but a cute song doesn't=a bad one as evidenced on Amnesia, it has a very bubblegum almost childish vibe, but it's a great song and one of her best songs IMO. People don't really like her bubblegum cute songs, look at Pretty Girls, most hated it for being too childish.
  4. It wasn't David's fault, it wasn't Britney's fault either, i think her label was displeased with the video or her team just decided to scrap it.
  5. It doesn't even crack on my top 5(LMD, Mood Ring, No Sea Cortes, MOTM, Coupure Electrique)
  6. True, Xtina tried hard to make Slave 2.0 with Slave and she looked so trashy, besides the only singer that would be **** doing it would be J Lo in my opnion.
  7. i'm thankful for Overprotected, it's video and choreo , i'm thankful for her live vocals on Circus and FF tour, i'm thankful for her slaying Work ***** choreo live.
  8. LOL i haven't downvoted you cause unlike you i have maturity to respect different opnions, you however downvoted me cause you can't handle different opnions
  9. And who are you to call it a masterpiece? You're the one pressed cause some posters don't share your opnion, blaming them cause it's not their cup of tea and you just go accusing them of hating a song cause they think it lacks something
  10. Exactly, i just can't stand pressed stans, they're trying to make Britney Army vs Beyhive happen
  11. And who are you to judge someone's taste? You can't just bash someone for this, it's one everyone's cup of tea. If that was the case explain the love for Mood Ring? You can't just blame people for preferring an uptempo track over a Mid Tempo one, when you think of Britney you expect a dance song just like when you think of Adele you expect a ballad, you can't blame people for wanting something that has always been her signature sound No one said that and you're just assuming the musical taste of other posters
  12. Oh please, the thing is neither song has a catchy chorus, LMD is indeed generic, but it still has a superior chorus than MM and Just Luv Me.
  13. She looked really tired that time most of the time, but she had her classic look back then when she wasn't tired, she looks different now with the lips injections, she'll still pretty with her new lips, we should be thankful it didn't end in a disaster like it did with Gaga
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