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  1. She and her team are so annoying!!! Basically a slap in the face to fans who were traveling to see her in Vegas for 4 years. And more POM? REALLY??? Who the eff cares at this point? Vegas was cool and innovative but now she is purposefully turning herself into a legacy act. Can she not just chill with her millions? Can she work on her SINGING? Can she go through old clips of her dancing and create some of her own choreo for a change? Can she please grow a spine and hire some lawyers and end her c-ship? I'm seriously like, I cannot with her. Oh! You miss POM and so NOW you're posting professional clips of it on your IG. When it was actually happening, you were posting those crappy CCTV footage. WTF?
  2. I think she will get married again. But when I saw her wearing a ring on the beach with Sam it was like, Gurrrll.... Just keep it at engagement level, have fun and don't go any further than that. Also, personally, I think she should break up with him before she goes through the process of ending her conservatorship. Using him as an emotional crutch during all of that would be unfair to him. Actually, that might be one of the signs we see of her starting to take charge: She breaks up with Sam.
  3. Yes. September 1998. She better do something this September for Baby One More Time... My wishlist: FREE CONCERT, BABY!!! All of her biggest hits in New York's Central Park. Or the Coachella venue, her hometown or New Orleans. But yeah. Something big. She can't just ignore that anniversary. And there's no obstacle in her way at this point. The GP loves her. She can do anything she wants.
  4. Yeah, this is one of my favorite performances too. And never thought I'd say this, but I think she can easily get back to this performance level now. I didn't think she could during Britney Jean or all of POM, but seeing her NYE performance, and how happy she is on her IG -- yeah, I think our girl is ready. BRING IT FOR 2018, Brit!!
  5. She's not current enough to perform before midnight -- i mean with what? Make Me? It is meaningful for her to be the first performer of 2018 though. (This better not be a sh-- year like 2017 but the potential is high.) So yeah yeah Britney, bring us good vibes for the new year.
  6. Oh my gaaaawd.... Ready for this to eeeend!!! But seriously it was good times. It could've been better, especially this past year. She should've quit in 2015. But anyway, onward and upward, we tired b--ches!!!
  7. She, and we, are so ready for POM to be over. ETA: We should have a poll on best costumes and performances to celebrate!!!
  8. Gawd, I would love for her perform in New York more. Who says you need a residency for that? Why not pop in to some small venue in the Village to show off fresh choreo? Why not do her own version of Justify My Love (Madonna) in a downtown hotel? Why not do Radio City during the holidays next year? Why not get together with Halle Berry for a real kiss on SNL? So many possibilities!! Aaaahhh!!!!
  9. I'm just gonna pretend it's not happening because it's not on her IG. Heeeh. Lol! I dunno why I'm feeling so bad from this. Like I'm trying to tell myself to get a grip. So weird. Ok back to my movie and hot chocolate.
  10. true. we should hold out hope. Also, I'm feeling like its near the end of POM right now so everyone wanted an announcement of *something new*. So this feels like an extra letdown. If they waited a couple after she performed a solid show at NYE, then the reaction would've been different. ...still I'm just like
  11. Yep pretty much agree. 2018 for Britney in my mind was Get Back On Trackney. OK Vegas was successful and you were groundbreaking. Now just chill for a year. END YOUR C-SHIP. And put out B10 in the fall. I mean good grief. That's the most straightforward, reasonable thing to happen ever. This Smukfest feels so off. POM was magical on its own and this feels like -- it does feel for me like they/she wants legitimacy in Europe for some reason. Noooo... Let it go, folks. Who's doing this? Her or her dad or her team? I dunno. Yeah I'm kinda disappointed too. And just yesterday I felt like Go Brit! Now it's like, huh. She'll probably be fine and have fun anyway. But this feels so off.
  12. Smukfest looks beeeeautiful, so good for her! Hope she takes the boys hiking. Random choice but is there anything like it in the U.S.? Wonder if she was turned off by Tomorrowland festivals. I can kinda see her not being here for those faux-hippie things. Wish she was performing in some place like Colorado or why not Louisiana. This choice does feel off.
  13. People, come on. Don't be such Debbie Downers. Our girl is kicking off 2018 the right way. Have to say, I'm proud of her. Her years in Vegas have really paid off: healthy life, good man, happy kids. Money in her pocket. Loyal fans and team and dancers. And think about it: Taylor is entering money-grubbing zone, like even for her it's a biiit much. Gaga is about to "rot" in Vegas, in the words of her fans. Both of them are dark and off-putting right now. Meanwhile, Britney is about to perform with fresh, current people for New Year's. So yeah, happy for our girl!
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