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  1. lol at this, i'm born in 1993 and therefore a Millenial but I think that our generation is quite ignorant. we were all busy being obsessed by the entertainment industry, spending money and clubbing while Gen Z actually realized there's bigger problems on earth, see fridays for future and stuff. i mean, of course there's also people in our generation who went out for change but for sure, we weren't/aren't as conscious as they are. and also, look at you mocking them, it's just what older people say about younger ones
  2. Hey Myah, thanks for doing this Which songs do you consider to be 90% sung by you on Britney Jean? What was the first thought when you first had the chance to work with Britney? PLEASE RERELASE STILETTO *** AND FEET ON THE GROUND 2K20 REMASTER PLS
  3. bc i'm a talented ***** i thought i bless you with my edit of the new glory cover 💙 thoughts?
  4. UGH Y'ALL ARE JUST TERRIBLE PEOPLE im deleting myself now this is the most toxic place on the internet
  5. hope jamie gets well soon but this might be her anxiety after reading enigmas reviews
  6. You should join our Facebook group and come to our fan meetings, we already met 3 times this year and it’s always a blast and we all got good friends over the last years!! Come and party with us, dm me and I’ll add you
  7. can't believed you're so conceited shove them vocals up yo *** tbh no one listens to ur remixes cause they think you have talent, suck it
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