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  1. It Should Be Easy. Yes it's generic, but all three are barely innovative. Big Fat Bass is good and fun, but nothing more than filler. S & S has iconic concepts but feels like the most will.i.am song, which isn't a good thing (honestly, that song is trash if you replace Britney). It Should Be Easy has a killer chorus.
  2. I know this is disrespectful and, even though no celebrity is off limits, Britney is a unique case. However, this is about as close as we're going to get to the public finding out about the conservator ship. Depending on how they handle it, it could create a massive talking point.
  3. I'd say an incredibly high percentage of her fan base are the demographic who will buy the record rather than stream digital. It's also a silly comparison, as Streisand has MUCH more credibility and perceived talent than Britney. I'm not saying that Britney isn't talented, but Streissand is in another league when it comes to vocals; that's why she sold more and that's why she's an exception. Britney is extremely talented, but her success is down to the quality of her releases and the pop culture impact she makes of each one. My point was that Britney, who could have gone the way of 99% of her contemporaries, is still selling shows and remaining relevant. Her fans will buy her records, but her team need to get the GP back on board. Imagine if Toxic had never been released but they brought it out tomorrow; she'd be at the top of the charts left, right and centre. Britney needs a fire song, guaranteed to be a hit on radio, to get people talking, and then the VIDEO needs to be headline worthy and released immediately.
  4. People need to realise: 1) As every year goes by, less and less people will buy albums. In the U.K, I don't know ANY GP who buy CDs or even pay to download a copy. It's all streaming and it is a FACT that it is hurting album sales; the industry itself is worried on a unprecedented scale. 2) Britney is not currently a pop culture obsession. She had her time, and now she doesn't want it back. In seventeen years, Taylor Swift will be in a similar position. We need to start recognising that Britney selling what she's sold of Glory so far, so far into her career, and when considering my first point regarding streaming, isn't a flop. It sounds nonsensical but in whatever way it MAY be disappointing, it's actually an achievement that she can retain the audience from album to album. Nobody thought she'd be around ten years into her career, never mind twenty. Whoever said that it was her performances that aren't doing her any favours, I'm sorry, but that's not stopping the GP streaming her or buying a single. If people love the song, they'll listen to it, and it will catch fire. Make Me is an excellent song but it's definitely not a lead single. Glory has 17 outstanding tracks that are so well-produced, and it IS her best album ever, but I'd find it tricky to pull singles from. It's a very experimental record. DYWCO might be too generic, as might Liar (even if they're both extremely relatable). I think Love Me Down with a guest spot or Man On The Moon as it is. Slumber Party could either smash or be dismissed as Hotline Bling-lite. I don't understand why we have to keep criticising the MM video, but I do agree that a WB-esque visual was our best bet of sharing her new work this era. The album's far from dead, and with some good decisions it will have longevity. However, knowing who's in charge is obviously not reassuring.
  5. I'm a massive Swift fan, and while you're right, the lyrics do have that vibe, Man On The Moon is better than any song in Taylor'a discography.
  6. If you'be seen any of my posts you'd know that I would pay to watch Britney take a dump. I'd RATHER she mime if she dances. My issue is her team set her up to fail horribly; how can Larry/Jamie watch that performance and think there's any way ANYONE would think she's singing? I LOVED everything about the performance besides the audio. I just wish it would be more a case of 'I think Britney MIGHT be miming' than 'she definitely is'.
  7. I don't mind lipping with pre-records, I don't mind lipping full stop really, but they could at least use something that it makes it sound more authentic.
  8. Many of these reasons are right to a degree, but I remember 3, Hold It Against Me and (who knows to what extent Rihanna helped) S & M shooting to the top of the charts. Her performance the last few eras has not contributed positively, but Britney was a punching bag during the Circus era and before. I think the problem is we're not getting the right songs out, and this is the double-edged sword; you got a radio friendly album that produced three of Britney's biggest radio hits and you labelled it generic; she takes a new creative direction with Glory and you love it, but then fret about its chart performance. IMO a song like Make Me, which I love, deserved the #17 spot, a moderate success, but it's not the kind of tune she's known to make a hit of. Hold It Against Me was so ahead of its time, yet so Britney, and that went number one despite a rubbish video and promotional performances that were no more credible than this era's; yes, she's clearly putting more effort in, but she was still criticised for miming and not dancing like she used to. Again, will.i.am gave her Scream & Shout, a worldwide smash. Work ***** came too late in the EDM trend. The right Britney song that is thoroughly Britney will go #1; if what you get instead is what Britney wants to put out, radio-friendly or not, it won't smash. I'd rather have Glory with longevity than number ones.
  9. It is, but only in the sense that they don't use pre-records. But I feel like she has earned the right to lipsync when she performs like that. Live vocals would not be performed by anybody in those circumstances. She was on point for the entire slot.
  10. I left the club to live stream this, she's loving it. Also exhalers, the AUDIENCE are loving it. Take your complaints to the fellow haters. Also if I hear ANYONE complain about what she's wearing after the leotard nonsense...
  11. I'd like to agree with you but when you say 'we don't know what is really going on', I could say the same to you. I was saying that in this case, I don't think fans should be criticising her outfits when I truly believe that if she herself wouldnt wear it, she wouldnt have to; she feels good in it, tabloids ACKNOWLEDGE THAT IT SHOWS OFF HER GREAT BODY and she obviously feels confident.
  12. More people need to be on our page. I'm a staunch critic of the C-ship and I'm terrified so much is imposed on her against her wishes, but I don't believe she's told what to wear. She looks hot, she doesn't look anywhere near cheap. And for the record, the yellow was fire. I love Glory too; experimental records will never be chart hits. I'm all for another Glory, but I'm all for another Femme Fatale. Britney doesn't need hits as long as she can sell tickets and earn a hefty few million a year.
  13. What she wears will literally never skew anything. When Britney release a sure fire radio hit, she'll get a hit and a response. Look at JB, he release Sorry and everyone goes ******* nuts and becomes a belieber. It's hard, but Britney could get a song like that. Even if she admitted she lipped, people will still listen to A REALLY GOOD RADIO FRIENDLY SONG. I guess the leotards are just for exhalers to remain pressed about. Did anyone ever think; maybe Britney is really into leotards and feels good in them? Like you don't work a body like that and wear **** that doesn't make you feel good in your own skin.
  14. It is literally ONLY YOU GUYS arguing about how good she looks in the outfit. Even if any publication ran with the lipping angle, they all complemented how hot she looked. She looked like fire, why are you all so pressed about the colour? I wish this fanbase would stop nitpicking about rubbish like whether the leotard should be yellow or something else. It was perfect, the GP thought so too, if nothing else about her performance was. Even if you hate yellow you can't deny how hot she looked when she pressed her backside out on all fours. Stop it everyone, you're embarrassing for those of us will accept that if it's good enough for her to wear, it's good enough for us.
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