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  1. I come back to Exhale after a while and I see Slumber Party slander???
  2. Some of those sentences are quotes. https://www.color-wheel-pro.com/color-meaning.html Blue: Interesting that she says that her favorite is red at the time:
  3. Some of y'all really don't deserve this woman I can't comprehend why people call her crazy because of these videos, besides the fact that she is just Britney Spears. She's just trying to be cute. You can see when the video starts; she snaps into it when she knows she's being recorded. It really breaks my heart. Britney can never catch a break. I hope she doesn't read the comments.
  4. Oh no, she's being cringey! Let's lock her up, medicate her, and take away her fundamental human rights!!! Please. She's always been awkward and cringey when not being Britney Spears™.
  5. Could you say what was posted or post a screenshot? Can't see since they're suspended now.
  6. The more I watch that video the more I hear “I’m free”. She makes a little sound before you hear the “eeee”, that sounds like a low “I’m”. Although it could be that I’m just primed to hear it/want to hear it. Since the quality of the audio isn’t the best, it’s just really hard to be sure. Sort of like the whole Yanny vs Laurel debacle. Regardless, I’m really happy to see her in good spirits.
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