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  1. 1. Gimme More 2. Womanizer 3. Hold It Against Knee 4. Work ***** 5. Oops!...I Did It Again 6. Make Knee.. (feat. G-Eazy) 7. I'm a Slave 4 U 8. ...Baby One More Time 9. Knee Against the Music (feat. Madonna) dont @me for putting the bubblegum pop & MATM further down than HIAM
  2. BOMT: I honestly only really liked the singles OIDIA: (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, Don't Go Knockin' On My Door, What U See (Is What U Get) Britney: Lonely, What It's Like To Be Me, Let Me Be --- Honestly all of the songs could have been singles imo ITZ: Breathe On Me, Touch of My Hand, Showdown Blackout: Ooh Ooh Baby, Perfect Lover, Freakshow (everything on this album was perfect tbh) Circus: Shattered Glass, Unusual You, Kill the Lights FF: Inside Out, Gasoline, Seal it With A Kiss (er maybe Up N' Down) this album, like the rest, was like nearly flawless BJ: Til' It's Gone, Tik Tik Boom, Body Ache Glory: God Me Down, Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes), If I'm Dancing UNRELEASED: Mood Ring (idc if it's technically released it need attention), Baby Boy, Dramatic
  3. 1. Better album cover because exhale would have had a meldown about the MM MV either way 2. BLACKOUT 3. Delete her breakdown, FF album was amazing just the era was eh 4. I would be broken if she hated me so see her live again 5. I mean a good amount of her hits are "PG" but I also like hypersexualney - but I choose success 6. I really don't think her being single is a bad thing... so I'm gonna go w/ whats goin on now 7. Britney 8. Blackout is too good sorry In The Zone 9. Dance like its 2001 and never sing live again 10. Roast just because it would bring her back to the centerstage some more - plus roastney > bitchney 11. Beyonce if she wanted sales and popularity but Ariana if we wanted quality music 12. Stop smoking 13. Choreographers - recycling her same moves is late and im not here for it 14. Scrapped videos 15. Circus tour - we basically already have one with Apple Music Festival 16. Hot selfies - I need things to spam my friends 17. OIDIA is better imo, but BOMT is more iconic 18. Better than ever in afew years - but I would be expecting new choreo 19. PG. 20. Isn't a bad singer - I don't think the world thinks she is dumb, its more like they still see her as that unstable woman from 2007 that really doesn't know whats going on 21. I'm here for competetiveney 22. Day at the beach 23. MUSIC VIDEOES 24. Would you rather fanta or coke?
  4. You all chose ones that are taken, sorry you can choose a different one though fixed --- 3
  5. Invitation - already good Make Me - it's fine, perfect amount of vibeney Private Show - filter chipmunk voice and scrap the whole work it work it slide down my pole watch me spin it and twerk it also the "swing it to the left... to the right" part should have been a larger part of the bridge Man On The Moon - it's perfect except the very beginning is a little strange Just Luv Me - if you listen to the raw vocals they are so much better because she sounds so much more crisp, especially in the bridge. I also feel the chorus doesn't differ enough from the verses, just a slight bump up would go miles Clumsy - I think it's okay except it is missing the chorus, but overall i think it gets too much hate Do You Wanna Come Over - I don't really like the mans parts tbh, i feel this song kinda falls flat of what it could be with the chorus. It's the same reason I couldn't really get into Focus by Ariana Grande, the mans voice detracts from the song. Slumber Party - perfect Just Like Me - also perfect (bless vocalney) Love Me Down - I really think this song is perfect, i love the repetition and the La-la-la-love me gets me every time Hard To Forget You - the chorus is too repetitive, the verses are amazing but the chorus kinda makes the song bland at point. It's like - okay i get it What You Need - Again really repetitive, but i appreciate vocalney. I just hate when she yells I gotchu i gotchu i gotchu at the end, but other than that i love it. Better - scrap "from your guard down to yor buttons" because i always hear it as guts down to your buttons and it makes me Also if we had some vocals during the isolated beat it would go miles Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) - PUT IT ON THE ORIGINAL Liar - The chorus is just a bit off, the verses literally are perfection but the bridge and chorus don't really match them as well as i would like If I'm Dancing - perfection - even the chakra part Coupure Électrique - i don't know why they put such good production on this track, why not use it for a original track? Mood Ring - literally one of the best songs of this era, Larry wtf were u thinking having clumsy on instead of this (btw i love every song and wouldn't ever skip any of them (except maybe Private Show) but some of them could be slightly better)
  6. God Me Down If I'm Dancing Mood Ring Make Me Slumber Party Better Liar Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)
  7. I don't readily listen to her first two albums, but i can appreciate them; everything from "Britney" to now i love (even billie joe and pretty goblins) but I always tend to lean towards the more current songs
  8. it's not that is bad, it's just that relative to the rest of the album can you name a song it's better than (except maybe clumsy, which is debatable)
  9. I'm guessing she is just gonna do POM choreo because its so close there wouldn't be enough time to rechoreograph anything let's just pray she has a new Glory song choreo up her sleeve
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