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  1. She rebelled and exposed the industry/illuminati and doesn't want to be part of that satanic and evil cult anymore. Sadly, they rule almost the entire world, so we have to get use to this treatment sooner than later. I'm actually really proud of her for that. She's such a brave woman. ******* Queen.
  2. Keep bringing up jayz money. Makes so much sense.
  3. So what?! Britney is filthy rich and doesn't need more money. What the **** happened to this place. Stupid *****
  4. Britney is not a sell out like bleach, that's the reason. Why do you care so much about numbers. It's all an illusion, you know. If Britney wanted she could be just as "successfull" as thief, but she wants her freedom and happiness. Been there done that. Britney is a ******* legend and plays by her own rules now, has sold MUCH more than bleach and is filthy rich. Still she manages to make the best album in years, looking out of this world and happier than ever, and performing with such a fierce attitude. Britney doesn't buy her own albums or views and stays far away from "relevance" cause it almost took her life. She was haunted and didn't have any privacy at all. And look at bleach and all the other illuminti promoters; do they seem happy or free to you? I need to ignore more people.
  5. So what? I liked your comment, not you. I'm sick of your Britney bashing. End of story. Ignoring you now. Bye
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