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  1. And this is something that we should celebrate? Cuz I don't think so
  2. Tom Holland and Anna Hathaway the best for me. Amazing performances.
  3. Ultimate 90s Album (BBC Radio2) Vote for BOMT We can vote by 23:59 on Sunday.
  4. It's not her fault that some idiots burn and destroy buildings, loot stores and then says 'we fight for our rights'. Totally BS. If your really want fight for your rights do it correct but stop destroying your city. What happened with George was just disgusting. No matter what colour of skin he had. Can't for the new music from Ava. She is amazing.
  5. They will do the same with B10 lead single ha ha
  6. I wasn't expecting that releasing old song will be so much news. On the radio Pulse1 (UK) they were talking about coronavirus, employers will be paing 20% wages from August and in the middle of it they said that after 4 years Britney Spears release new music. Wish they could play Mood Ring.
  7. For no reason? Dude, after Bad Romance, Million Reasons or Shallow she released Stupid Love and Rain On Me, whole ArtPop and other ****s which I do not even remember. Something is wrong with her. She should focus on music, not trying make another #1. This is not Lady Gaga. She has huge talent. Hope someday she will find her OWN way. Britney should stay away from music for some time. She's not ready to do good music. First she should take care about mental health.
  8. Shoe scene from SP is much more entertainment than whole video of Gaga and Ari. I love it! So far GaGa and her new music But Dua Lipa and her Future Nostalgia - OMG! She saves the music with this album. Nothing can compare to it! Guys, please do not put **** On Me in one sentence with any song from FN!
  9. I don't know why but I think Harleys In Hawaii is much better. I really love it.
  10. yeah, I feel the same. It's too much for me. Some scenes are great, but overall this is not a music video ... maybe **** movie? I don't know, but am glad they scraped it.
  11. 1. WB 2. Womanizer 3. GM 4. MM 5. BOMT 6. OIDIA 7. Slave 4U 8. HIAM 9. MATM
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