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  1. Yes, I am serious. I just saw some tweets that her lawyer said that in court. Just wonder if I miss something, or those tweets are the only one source we have.
  2. Did she really said that? Do we have any proof (I mean documents, not tweets)?
  3. But you know that everytime radio station plays any of her songs, her recording label get some money for it?
  4. Maybe this is her 'red project'. Christmas, red colour and now this - all make sens.
  5. So basically people here thinks that Britney is recording these odd videos and then someone is using it just to show that she's unstable? Or someone forces her to record them? I do not get it. Are you fighting for her freedom even when you do not know what is going in her head? Check her Instagram. Watch her videos, see her photos. Just stop for a while and try imagine her social media when she is free. Back to 2007. Do you remember days when she was partying with Paris, her ***** on the covers of magazines all over the world, wild night out with paparazzi, VMA2007? This is what you want for her? I agree that her father as a conservator isn't a good idea. I feel like he pushed her onto the stage in 2008. Maybe not for money, but just to keep her busy. But this should ended after Circus tour. He should let her disappear from show business. They should removed him long ago. Hope this is what they want to do right now. She has some serious mental health and needs help. No one gonna give her freedom. It's not all about money, it is about her health and life. This is how I see it all. I do not and won't support freebritney movement. She was out of control in 2007. It was entertainment for us, but destruction for her.
  6. OMG what the heck?! Creepy af. Now you can see clearly that she's not ok. She still has some mental problems. That's why freebritney movement is a bs and conservatorship must to be kept.
  7. Well ... it's playback+live I think. I saw some live performances, and she doesn't sound good (especially when she is dancing/walking). She just needs to work on it, because her voice is amazing (on album and live).
  8. It is official midweek sales (Friday - Sunday) She is currently at numer 1. But difference between numer 1 and 2 is extremely close.
  9. https://www.officialcharts.com/charts/albums-chart-update/ So far so good. Hope she will keep that spot for a full week.
  10. 911 is the only one song I like from Chromatica. Good choice. I really like the video. Can't wait for next album.
  11. WTF?! She just said: let's tweet that out and didn't need any approval. Clearly you see what you want to see (even throught this guy's body).
  12. I wish her the best but I think her numbers won't be impressive. I love this album. I am listening it constantly and there is no song I want to skip. This is something I was missing- pure pop. Great music, great vocals. Maybe lyrics are ****ty, but who cares. Catchy and enjoyable music - I think this what we all need right now. Smile and Chromatica aren't even close to H&H in my opinion. They pretend to be a pop albums while Heaven & Hell is everything you could expect from that type of music. Ava did such a good job.
  13. Pure pop, good job Ava. Definitely gonna buy her album.
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