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  1. ... & That's on period. Also - I think she is going to start a new trend with this album. A new era of non bangers and low-key / vibey tunes.
  2. For me I don't think everything has to be about numbers / being a game changer - and I don't think this album is trying to be. She's just releasing music and I welcome the new tunes. This album is way better than thank u next - for me. I like easy listening and feel good times. Thank u next was too much drama, it was rushed & underproduced
  3. Simple & Clean - Hikaru Utada Express Yourself - Madonna (Twist!!) Overprotected original is better than the remix.
  4. Folklore by far ๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿ’… Tbh I think future nostalgia is v overrated. I still like it but it's not the greatest ๐Ÿคท
  5. Betty - Folklore Just Like Me - Glory Miss Americana - Liver (yeah I spelt it that way) Bartender - Norman ******* Rockwell
  6. Does anyone get the "love triangle story" that they are trying to push with folklore as a "no ****" vibe? Like - often times the pop stars are like "the music is up for interpretation", but now that swift has some songs that cause the GP to question her sexuality they're like "no these songs are definitely about a teenage love triangle" (which is also low key creepy). Idk I just think people are really pushing to let everyone know she definitely isn't a little queer before listening to the album. Plus, why isn't "seven" a part of this story? There is no clear indication that that's about swift when she was 7, just as there is no indication that Cardigan is about a love triangle. Blehh!
  7. - Chromatica III intro 1) Sine from Above 2) Love Game 3) John Wayne 4) Do What U Want - Monster Remix interlude 5) Rain on Me 6) Telephone 7) Dance in the Dark 8) Aura 9) Sour Candy 10) Paparazzi 11) Pokerface - Joanne Interlude 12) Shallow 13) Brown Eyes 14) Dope - Venus Interlude 15) Alice 16) Just Dance 17) 1,000 Doves 18) Babylon - Come to Mama (Don't call me GaGa) remix interlude 19) Born This Way 20) Bad Romance - Encore 21) Stupid Love ๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿ’…
  8. - Part 1 - Telephone Kitchen set 1) He ate my S-Sour candy (monster x sour candy mashup) 2) Teeth 3) Cake like Gaga 4) Body Ache cover - Say my name Destiny's Child interlude - Part 2 - Therapist office 5) Joanne (skrillex remix) 6) Do What U want ft. Emily Osment 7) I like it Rough - Madonna American Life interlude - Part 3 - Bedroom 8) Sour Candy (except the black pink parts have been taken out and are replaced with military sounds) 9) Dragula Theme song cover 10) Hollywood (Madonna cover) featuring Landon Cider 11) Replay 12) Replay 13) Replay 14) Replay 15) Replay 16) Replay 17) Replay 18) Replay 19) Replay 20 til the end of time) Replay
  9. My #1 favorite non fan-favorite song would be Ooh La La. I fruckin' love that song. Especially the breakdown. Jayzus Christ
  10. Does anyone have the link to that fan made Britney doc from like 2016/2017. It was basically her whole career from the very start up to her Billboard performance. I can't find it on vimeo and that's where I would last saw it. If my sister's could help me out it would be very much appreciated. Thank you!!!!
  11. Idk but I'm not too excited. Personally, I would like to hear sounds from someone new. Chill pop is coming to a close. Glory was great but I can't say I'd want a Glory 2.0. How about Britney & Grimes - xx.
  12. I agree w/MuuMuuse - NappyTabs are shady and unprofessional. You shouldn't be speaking out about your client's project like this and it's also very disrespectful to talk about the show that Britney cancelled due to family issues. They have 0 empathy and only care about themselves. Domination would have been Britney Jean 2.0
  13. I'm also relieved it was cancelled. I was not looking forward to another expensive Vegas trip but she I would spend the money for Brit. It was too soon and it was Britney overload. Once Piece of Me ended they should have stop touring/shows for a few years.
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