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  1. Hahah in a dream world I would love to see it! She’s basic & everything all at once. I’m not thinking too many people would tune in but might as well set the record for least viewed super bowl performance am I right!?!
  2. I’ll start: The crowd at project SoFi stadium goes wild when out of the crowd comes the queen Ashley Tisdale herself and performs a quickened acapaella version of “Suddenly” with a choir The lights in the field go out and then we see a gigantic heart shaped stage in the center of the field glowing in the dark while “vibrations” begins to play. Ashley vibes around on stage with two football shaped mascots. The mascots are punted by Ashley off the stage and “Hot Mess” comes on. Ashley sings this while playing the guitar and dancing with two backup dancers. When she gets to the ‘I’m such a hot mess with you’ part, someone new comes up from the bottom of the stage and it’s Hilary Duff! The two then perform a duet of “Confetti” as Confetti is shot across the stadium. The crowd is at a 10 and screaming, Ashley goes in for the kill with “Not Like That”. The crowd is now going absolutely wild and hasn’t seen this level of performance since Michael Jackson, and try to storm the stage. The crowd gets through but jokes on us they are a crowd of dancers as we segue into “Crank it Up”. Ashely does the choreo and sings with a crowd of hundreds of people on the field. The dancers rush off the field and now it’s just ashely as the song finishes and we get to her final song “Switch” as she rides a hot air balloon across the field and throws flowers into the crowd. The hot air balloon sails away as Ashley and the crowd chant ‘Open Your Heart Yeahhh get back to the start’. As Ashley fades away into the sunset the game starts again. OK your turn!
  3. Sorry this album still slaps and is timeless and everyone’s favs could never. Tay came close and that’s about as close as anyone is going to get. that’s all!
  4. Wow I remember last year during great turmoil and economic upset, Lady GaGa just told everyone to “Be Kind” so in the face of this hardship I would like to offer the same to you GaGa, just be kind. I hope her dog walker makes a full recovery that is what’s important.
  5. I like the album - it’s v mature and I think it’s one that we will look back on and be like, this isn’t that bad. It’s not bop heavy but it’s good! Definitely better than Joanne. I’d say this is her Bedtime Stories. Not Madonna’s best but a v good album overall
  6. Mine would be called “she’s the mistress” and my lead single would be Fancy (Charli ft Iggy) she’s the mistress: 1) Fancy (charli and iggy) 2) King of My Castle (wamdue project) 3) Cover Girl (Ru Paul) 4) Better Off Alone (Alice DJ) 5) Get Back (Britney) 6) Death By *** (Kim Petras) 7) Survival (Madonna) 8) Halo (Beyoncé) 9) Last Great American Dynasty (T Swift) 10) Holla Back Girl (Gwen) 11) Just Dance (Lady GaGa) 12) I’m That Chick (Kelly Rowland)
  7. 1) Future Love 2) Vanity 3) No Way 4) Dirty Icecream 5) Retro Physical
  8. Hold up has samples from literally several songs
  9. Where’s the lie? She is not completely wrong. I do think Trump knew he was inciting the attack but at the same time he believed what he was saying was true. It doesn’t make it ok it just adds to the complexity of understanding this situation - because dems suck in a lot of ways too and we need to figure out how to see eye to eye
  10. Weight doesn’t always have an exact correlation with being unhealthy - what I would argue is the person degrading the women in this article is rather mentally unhealthy, and I am sure they do lots of sit ups. Let fat people be fat - and you can just keep being a dumb ho despite your thinness xx
  11. Idk - I think she should change the name of the album to "Plastic Bops" because it would be more accurate. - it's an amazing album, and as we know with Blackout, sometimes the good stuff doesn't get noticed until much later. I prefer this to Safematica, Safelore & Safeitions
  12. ... & That's on period. Also - I think she is going to start a new trend with this album. A new era of non bangers and low-key / vibey tunes.
  13. For me I don't think everything has to be about numbers / being a game changer - and I don't think this album is trying to be. She's just releasing music and I welcome the new tunes. This album is way better than thank u next - for me. I like easy listening and feel good times. Thank u next was too much drama, it was rushed & underproduced
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