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  1. Sounds like generic production music snippets to me.
  2. Just the thought of Donald Trump caring enough to say terrible things about Kevin tickles me. I wonder what he thinks about Lou? He seems like a stan... what's his username here?
  3. Whatever they did to her ankles kind of terrifies me. But this is a gorgeous pic nonetheless!
  4. Wow, this is really insightful. I've never seen this before. Considering this came from someone who was managed by creep/conman Lou Pearlman, you can only imagine what was going on in Britney's camp that he found disturbing.
  5. I do suspect she's had some lipo at some point, but I agree fully. Her body has always looked healthy. At her peak, she worked damn hard for her figure. Something I always thought was admirable about her is that just about anyone could have a body like hers with hard work... unlike a lot of the influencers these days, unless you say working hard to earn money to spend on elective surgeries counts. Not trying to shame anyone for that either-- it's just something that I admire about Britney specifically.
  6. With a corporate fiduciary taking over her finances and her hiatus, I hope she can take the time to focus on her wellness and rediscover her path in life. I believe one day she will be free, even free to make bad decisions, but with some level of support and a "safety net" so to speak, nothing too catastrophic.
  7. She is so cute dressed down in her glasses! I love her. And she's not too short... the light is just too high.
  8. Nobody really knows how "sudden" the Jason Alexander marriage was. Maybe they were talking a lot and spending time together behind the scenes. "Regular" people elope prematurely all the time, especially in Vegas. And the annulment happened at the behest of her team, IIRC. They might have stayed together longer of that wasn't the case... who knows? I do think she was beginning to feel the effects of being overworked for so long around that time and was genuinely seeking a way out. She always wanted to start a family and may have had some clause baked into her contract related to her being married and taking a reduced workload.
  9. So she did some "bad thing" and was a habitual criminal... so they put her under the care of her daddy and had her dancing on stages all over the country for years. A very typical sentencing indeed. People who are found to abuse their children, possess drugs, and endanger those around them are not in conservatorships... they're in jail. I believe she just had a mental illness and was not caring for herself properly. Maybe her home was messy, maybe she was unsanitary in some ways. I think that's about the extent of it.
  10. Unless it comes out that she's a pedophile or literally Satan incarnate, these "sensitive medical issues" will not ruin her reputation and career. I think society as a whole right now interprets medical issues more positively than they do uncertainty and mystery. I mean, if her diagnosis was made public in 2008, it would be a different story. I've never felt like we were owed an explanation of Britney's state, but if she wants the details made public, that's her prerogative. Jamie attempting to block this makes me think that either he has something to hide or he would be embarrassed of his daughter. This comes off as a self-preserving effort.
  11. If my nerdy *** has had multiple threesomes, I would have a hard time believing that Britney hasn't.
  12. How do you know what they're vaping? Plenty of people vape nicotine liquids.
  13. If you clone an adult, you get a baby. Period. If we had the technology to age someone at that rate, it would not be a secret.
  14. I don't think this is directed towards anyone in particular, because Britney was the one who got famous off of her work. K-Fed, Larry, and Jamie were never more famous than her. But a lot of people discredit her and claim that she's completely manufactured and don't respect her as an artist. Yes, there were a lot of people who contributed to her success, producers, songwriters, stylist, choreographers, etc. But true fans know that she always had input and was always the one working the hardest, putting her physical and mental health on the line the most. She has always deserved more recognition, and above all, respect...
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