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  1. My birthday is today haha. Also, Wtf, I love this song haha
  2. I love the track . It's catchy in an 2010 way ! It might be generic AF but we don't get many songs as pop as this one anymore. Summer is on
  3. wow, what's up with this billie jean thing ... is it real ????
  4. I agree it is actually very good ! I love Come Alive, Extreme Occident,Dark Ballet and of course I don't search I found ! I even surprise myself listening to Medellin ...
  5. first Britney show is saw ! love the pre recorded vocals , it's better than nothing
  6. I don't know I just used words and melodies from Sometimes and You drive me crazy haha
  7. thank you for the feedbacks I'm actually not new on the community but I don"t interact much as I am shy lol. But I do read a lot on exhale
  8. Hey guys , I don't know if it's the right place to share this, if not, feel free to delete my topic !!!! I decided to take my quarantine time to make some cover, obviously I started with Britney ***** ! I'd love to have your feedbacks on my baby one more time cover Be safe everyone !!!
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