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  1. As a privileged white cis gay male I'll say this: She's talented. She can dance and sing. However I don't connect with her music or her persona. She has some hits but outside of that I'm not even interested in finding gems on her albums like I do with other female artists. Although I went to see the Formation tour and it was awesome. in summary I don't care much about her
  2. It's ok I guess...nothing special. Sounds a bit generic I give it 3 days and it will be gone from Trending on YT.
  3. Aahhh this will be so awkward to watch But whatever she says I won't be able to watch her show the same way I did before. She will be under a microscope and people will probably analyse her every word and gesture going forward. Up until Christmas give aways of course
  4. It was a smart move to put JB in the video and have him lipsync 'Selena'. it will get people talking in the comments on YT. other than that...it's just another copy/paste beat and sound for Drake... Sue me
  5. Let them have it! Summer of 2020 was literally the worst so it's a perfect fit
  6. this topic just makes my realize that summer is ending and days are getting shorter
  7. For a country that prides its self for the 1st Amendment rights it is really confusing to see this topic even being discussed Live and let live!
  8. I think she's spot on. You can see it in the music videos. Flying cash, cars, diamond chains and ladies twerking around. it's all the same....for the most part of course. But that's how they want to be potreyed and build their brand sooo.
  9. this sounds like early 00s Max Martin's productions (specifically Stronger) and I live for it
  10. hmmm...the visuals are good but the song sounds like a filler from a Bruno Mars album
  11. she jumped on a 'pop country' trend and now she's doing it with disco revival she needs to make that coin...soooo.
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