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  1. I've heard the bad things about Sam and you guys can say, "We don't know for sure! Stop judging!", but his ex-girlfriend calling him out on Twitter for being a womanizer when he and Britney got together is pretty solid proof. That said, I still say it's Britney's fault overall. Why does she think it's okay to slack off whenever she gets involved with someone? Even if Sam is bad, this always happens in some form. So maybe, but overall it's still on Britney.

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  2. 36 minutes ago, Betty1994 said:

    False otherwise how could Justin bieber cancel his?

    the European sponsors for her tour are herself and her own perfume line. The European meet and greets is where she had the issues.

    Not true; North America had issues as well. We heard stories of fans leaving in tears (not happy ones) and that's also where the lighting issue started. Basically, only the first few nights of the tour were flaw free M&G wise.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Crayboy said:

    I don’t Wanna read all 44 pages, someone fill me in

    It's been a f*cking mess M&G wise, is really all you need to know. I'm going to assume you know about Marta; this is about another bad review from a M&G. (Though not on the same Marta bad level.) Technically there's been two other bad reviews, because another came from the same M&G Marta was apart of. So this is why this thread.

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  4. 13 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

    I think Felicia is really missing in this tour, she's clearly a big part in the interaction between Britney and the fans. She knows how to handle them unlike Robin or any other member of her staff. She mantally prepares them before meeting Britney or at least is there after the experience to comfort them.

    Ding ding ding.

    I'm not saying it's the case of all of it because yes, it's on Britney, but Felicia's presence would really make this all less dramatic than its been, if you get what I mean. Even the little side complaints these fans always mention about them rushing through the little stage walkthrough part, Fe did that much better. And she'd console a fan who had a bad experience.

    Bad idea not to bring her along, IMO.

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  5. If they think all of this won't reflect on sales of the next residency, well, I have news. Maybe it's what they need to face. :heresthetea:

    Of course, they can't cancel the rest of the M&Gs, because they've already been paid for and scheduled. People will bitch. It's a no win on the current tour unless they refund every M&G after cancelling the rest. Frankly, I'd just advise anyone with one left to be very mindful of everything that's happened, and don't go in expecting.... anything. At all.

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  6. The fact that this didn't continue with "...That it still has three more shows." (Three more shows? I don't know. I don't care.)

    I mean, agreed, but its not even POM, because POM needs to be over. But Britney's production levels, costuming, etc etc, needs to go back to being higher than C or D lister. And also, she needs to go back to letting her team get her stylists and real designers, and... not giving her scissors.


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  7. 11 minutes ago, LEMONADEGLORY said:

    Mr. King Alex posted on Instagram something about the dress. Even though I don't like Alex, I still believe him above the other people there because he knows a little bit more about the environment since he does M&Gs frequently. 

    The thing is everyone says that this never happened in 7 years so it's easier to blame this girl instead of thinking that there's always a chance that this could happen for the very first time. Plus, there's been a lot of weird M&Gs stories lately so maybe she exploded.

    Note: I'm not defending neither of Britney or the girl BUT the people in here are taking it too far to say she's a psycho and that there's something off with her on the videos. First of all, she recorded the video when the accident just happened so she was mad at the moment; second, it pretty obvious that English isn't her first language, it's hard trying to speak another language when you're in your emotions and that's probably a reason why y'all think there's something off with her (my first language is Spanish and I know it's hard to express yourself in another language when you're on your feelings). Third, of course she will be forgetting things/details as she was shocked and angry because of the situation.

    I do think that her team should stop milking her and get rid of the M&Gs... at least for a couple months.

    Another member cleared that up for me; I understand it's not new, but I do still stick by my belief that this woman honestly should have sat down, cooled off, and then written everything out. Everything so far has been done in anger, and while I'm not saying I don't get it if there was a clear misunderstanding-- it's not helping her case.

    Do I think she did something absolutely horrible? No. (Ftr, this started last night and yes, we did think she'd touched her butt last night, because that detail continued to change.) I get it-- she tried to put her hand on her back. Apparently she did this three times, with Britney asking her to stop twice before she got security involved. This has been reported by two other people, and one of the details of their story lines up with other fans at the M&G. Maybe she got too excited, maybe she was anxious, I don't know, but when Britney made it clear she didn't want to be touched, it should have ended there.

    Now, I don't agree with the fans who are calling her a psycho. I don't think there's something off with her, either. I understand that she said back, and I know that she is speaking in anger. But I also think that anger is clouding her memory. If the other fans are telling the truth, she was asked to stop and she did not. Its sad that it happened and that Britney wasn't feeling that particular experience like she was, but it was what it was. Her paying for the M&G is irrelevant and if it did get mentioned as much as she says, I understand why it was taken as an insult. Throwing money at someone doesn't entitle you to anything from them without their consent, bottom line. Plus, I know she's getting her refund.

    Am I taking into account that Britney HAS been off and rude to fans lately? Yes, I am. So I do agree about M&Gs; I think they should keep them exclusively in Vegas, where the situation is obviously more controlled to Britney's liking. 

    And as I said before, Britney will look bad for this, Marta will get her refund, and this tour will finally come to an end. Life will go on. 

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  8. 1 minute ago, Invitation said:

    I held that story back because I wanted to keep some privacy for those fans and Britney, but yes she did a couple of times and also ‘hit me with your best shot’. You never know what ugly rumours people on exhale can come up with if you reveal something.

    No, that's understandable, I don't blame you for that. But oh, my God, that's so awesome! Y'all are so lucky.

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  9. 6 minutes ago, really really cool guy said:

    So she asked her to stop twice. That's a good reason for Britney to kick her out.  

    According to two different fans, yes. And the detail about Britney singing BOMT to one of them has been confirmed as true by several other fans. I think the tweets can be found on pages ten and eleven in this thread? I'm not sure, though.

    4 minutes ago, ifuseekamy_ said:

    Well she was tweeting Alex thanking him for helping her w/ the dress and the video of her w/ the dress recorded at the start of the concert seems to indicate that she did in fact have a problem with her dress. Her mistake IMO was acting like a diva bc of it upon walking in the room and this started the awkwardness between her and Britney even before she put her arm around her

    See, she really should have waited until she was calmer and could get her full story down, because this just seems like a jumbled, disorganized mess where details are dropped, brought back in, dropped again, etc etc. I get she has a lot of people coming at her for details, but its just-- a mess. But fair enough, that makes sense.

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  10. 10 minutes ago, fabr_argent said:

    The perfumer and mother of two responded, mocking her: "Oh, poor thing, you've paid a lot of money to be here, poor ...", laughing.  :joanne:

    But I thought Britney didn't speak to her at all....



    She's getting her refund-- despite that she doesn't deserve a damn dime of it back-- and Britney will look bad for something that's not actually her fault this time and that she was in the right for. This tour will finally come to a end after five long years, and life will go on.

    But I hope the lie got her the attention she wanted.

    Case closed.

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