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  1. 2 hours ago, Hannah said:

    Allegedly he had sexual encounters with several of the female actresses he worked with on his shows according to his wife, which could include Buffy. 



    Also, that drama caused someone to make this:


    And I know this one from memory: It's funny that everyone loves Spike so much, because IRL James Marsters had a thing for Dawn and even wrote a song about her. Yeah.

    Yeah. :gross:

    (I still watch because it's been my favorite show since 1998, I just have to... ignore reality when I do.)

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  2. 8 hours ago, I Always Sing Live said:

    for most of them.. I guess.. probably.. but "Oops" definitely has that nostalgia factor.. I was working on a project with my history teacher, we're good friends, she's like 25 or something and we were listening to Britney together and she told me how much she loved "Oops" as a kid, she would write the lyrics in her diary and she still remembers and adores the voice memos.. so many girls grew up with that album! :nynod:

    Oh, no, that's very true. That was actually the only Britney album my friend knew before we got to know one another.

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  3. So you knew making this topic would bring the very subject into the topic itself, right? Because I agree with you, but.... you had to have known they'd bring their complaints to you directly, because by mentioning it at all, they feel you've opened the floodgates for it. (Never mind that they make sure to exhaust the subject in all threads, anyway.)

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  4. 9 hours ago, Spongbob said:

    Some of y'all are too much. Her face is fine but the make up is not doing her any favors. And y'all need to get over the "Britney face" she got surgery now she doesn't look the same GET OVER IT. It's creepy how some of you make it ALWAYS about her face. Then you wonder why Britney wants nothing to do with her fans.

    Are you sure you're twelve? (That is you, right? If not-- sorry, there's a member that's legit twelve here, so I'm not trying to be mean with that; I just thought it was you.) You're too smart already.

  5. 1. Neither OHT or DWAD are underrated here and are, in fact, overrated. Actual underrated tour: the Oops tour/Crazy Y2K.

    2. Circus is very meh.

    3. Work Bitch sucks. (Oops, too many people think this, this isn't unpopular. I'm keeping it in here anyway.)

    4. Shadow >>> Everytime. 

    5. I bet if FF had performed the way BJ did/it was given the same treatment that era, half the stans of it wouldn't love it anymore because they only care about how commercially successful it was. Facts.

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  6. 6 hours ago, I'mNotTheAverageLady said:


    For the record, I generally agree with everything you said, but this one gets me because the patterns don't match: and while that's fine (she looks stunning), back then I wore a pair of low-cut, patched jeans (y'all know the ones, there's probably a shot of Britney in a pair from the 2000s somewhere) with this one particular colorful top and was told by my fellow classmates that they didn't match a lot. (Yes, they freaking did. Also, who cared if Britney was getting away with mixing these two.)

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  7. Womanizer vs Invitation
    Circus vs Do You Wanna Come Over?
    Out from Under vs Make Me...
    Kill the Lights vs Private Show
    Shattered Glass vs Man On The Moon
    If U Seek Amy vs Just Luv Me
    Unusual You vs Clumsy
    Blur vs Slumber Party
    Mmm Papi vs Just like Me
    Mannequin vs Love me Down
    Lace and Leather vs Hard to Forget Ya
    My Baby vs What You Need
    Radar vs Better
    Rock Boy vs Change your Mind
    Amnesia vs Liar
    Rock Me In vs If I'm Dancing
    Phonography vs Coupure Électrique
    Trouble vs Mood Ring (I can't, sorry, so they both get this one.)

    Circus: 8

    Glory: 11

  8. 4 hours ago, The Greatest Show said:

    She said the same thing before liberation was released and even in 2002 when  she was at the height of her career she said that she didn't care how many copies Stripped would sell because she was happy with the music and that's What a most important.

    I remember that, actually. :mhm: