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  1. I really wish you had made this public so people could see when people voted yes or no.

    But I never doubted her vocal abilities. It's why I never get involved in discussions over what could have possibly happened to her voice. I'm not bringing up the other issue in the other thread because I believe that one should stay positive, and I don't even want to bring it here since this is a topic about her vocals, but I feel like a lot of people here are going to turn this birthday thing into a, "Haha, she proved you all wrong!" moment here in this forum, when there's still things that should be taken care of by B10. :yaknow: That's honestly all I think the majority of us have been saying.

  2. 45 minutes ago, 3isacharm said:

    OMG imagine... that would have been so scandalous. I wish they had done it tbh

    I don't, actually. That's bordering on too cruel. They made their point.

    13 minutes ago, asitalian12587 said:

    watching the video, the music is stripped down to hear the layered effect. i still think they legit think shes signing live with playback, i still dont think its shade but hey to each his own.

    I'd agree if this wasn't Billboard and was someone like TMZ, etc. They know music. They can be bought, but that's besides the point: they also included CPK as one. But I'm not looking to argue, so I'm happy to agree to disagree.

  3. 12 minutes ago, jokobitch said:

    I was waiting for this transexual to jump on this topic. Whoever watched it, is it gonna piss me off?

    She says as long as a performer is up there dancing their ass off, she doesn't care if they lip sync or not. She also talks about how she knew Britney was going to say the VMAs 2001 performance was her biggest regret, and why she feels it's Britney's.

  4. 18 minutes ago, asitalian12587 said:

    i dont know why some people think theyre trying to shade her? they literally said "Even though Spears is often backed by playback, because she does give a killer performance, Billboard has pulled together seven of the best videos of Spears clearly singing live throughout her career." its a legit article praising her, ill take it :brit:

    The shade is all in the last video and that its fake. It's calling Britney out passive aggressively with that video and this caption: "As Spears recently said, she performs her Las Vegas residency Piece of Me with a mix of playback and her live voice, which you can hear in this video. You can see just how involved the iconic pop star's entire show is based on this clip alone."

    I'll put it to you this way, the only way they could have gotten shadier about it is if the video they used was the Britney Maskgate clip with that blurb.

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  5. Just now, Lilith said:

    aww I didn't expect someone would try to sum up everything for real. You put a lot of effort to remember all that. I don't remember half of the thread :orangu:  Thank you for writing everything down! :)

    I just have a really good memory. I mostly use it to remember stuff that's moot, like pop culture stuff. Lmao. No problem! ;)

    2 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:



  6. 36 minutes ago, Lilith said:

    who wants to sum up the posts in this thread? lmao  :uknowit:

    Uhhhh.... I know I'm going to miss bits, so anyone feel free to interject for points they were here for:

    -- Start of thread is mostly Britney fans administering equal disgust/shock at her comments, or Britards saying things like, "YAS QUEEN TELL THEM" or trying to defend her with, "Britney doesn't know she's not singing, look at the vein in her neck for reference", "it's the sound engineer's fault! it's britney's team's fault!"

    -- People who were not having those excuses shut those excuses down and continued to criticize Britney. Most of us agree that it's not the lie that bothers us the most, because it's something you know as a Britney fan, but it's the demand of being given credit for bringing a mediocre show and a bunch of half-assed lipping as "hard work" that we are appalled by

    -- I know at some point, some fan came in and insisted everyone was being really ruthless to Britney and was also shut down fairly quickly

    -- Some other fan came in and claimed we were all a bunch of trolls hating on Britney for daring to criticize her work ethic, then threatened physical violence on member @button, and then again threatened violence on member @Lilith

    -- Same fan claimed we were all attacking Britney personally as well as attacking her family, we asked for the receipts, he claimed simply criticizing Britney was attacking her boys (I believe these last two are on pages 61/62, or beginning from there)

    -- He was shut down, but in the midst of this, @$elfish spoke out against "trolls" in the forum (meaning cheri, Lilith, button, and others; it's not letting me @ members anymore) and thus this new sub topic began to branch out

    -- At some point @Crayboy came in and pointed out $elfish was fourteen and to stop attacking him, and it again leads into this sub topic

    -- Edit: Oh, and at one point a Britard actually claimed it's because Britney's white that she can't dance anymore. I think that's page... 40-ish, maybe? That was too good to leave out.

    That's all I've got right now.

  7. Just now, lileli22 said:

    It is so sad that Britney has a bunch of cyber bullies as fans. You attack her and her family... and somehow are offended when you get the same fire back.

    Says someone who threatened to cut someone else over an opinion. :wtf:

    When did anyone personally attack anything other than Britney's work ethic? Show me the receipts of them attacking her family. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Spearsfan said:


    Gaga and the others care about their career. Britney doesn't 

    When Britney releases quality and actually does something for the fans very few complaints happen 

    The italicized: :mhm:

    The bold: This is true. All of them bitch about how terrible we are, or how we're never positive-- but when Britney's doing something right, we all tend to agree and we even send the actual haters packing.

  9. 4 hours ago, Britneysfreak said:

    I suppose so since this is a topic we are discussing. I'm not trying to be combative and I do think you're a sensible member and major props for your avatar but I just don't think Larry shoulders the blame that a lot of fans think he should whether we're talking last year or today. I'm never satisfied 100% with anything but who complained during the first four eras? Is it not a coincidence that the ship has veered off course a bit since 2007? Can't blame Larry for that or trying to rebrand Britney. Don't get me wrong, I have certain misgivings about Larry, the man isn't a saint and there's things that have made me scratch my head about him and her management as a whole but at this point he knows her and her family and she feels comfortable with him and I'll forever be grateful for his efforts to bring Britney to me and the world in the first place.

    I was mostly trying to figure out where you stood as a fan so I could figure out how to respond, so fair. The way I see it, Britney has proven -- even as recently as yesterday, lol -- that she is at fault for the biggest issues that I personally have. But you're right, Larry does get a lot of the burdens of what goes wrong, as does Charm and the other choreographers, the seamstresses, the sound engineers, etc etc, and it's been unraveling here in recent months that it all boils down to being the decisions Britney is choosing to make and no one else. A lot of people can't fathom actually blaming Britney herself, however; how could their idol/favorite willingly make such poor decisions? So it is scapegoating. It's not right, but it's what happens here a lot. At this point I realize who's manning the ship, but I can't be shocked that some still try to point the finger at him. I do still say he works best when there's a co-manager involved, however.

    (And thank you for the compliment on Kiefer/David. :giggleney: )

  10. 4 minutes ago, cheri said:

    yeah he said he's tried just about every drug out there and that he was high as hell whenever he used to go to coachella

    :omg: TIL. Damn. (I had a feeling about him smoking weed, but the rest is all news to me.)

    22 minutes ago, cheri said:

    yeah. she admitted she dabbled in weed when she was a teenager (not implying that's bad, but just saying) and since britney is easily influenced it wouldn't surprise me if she did some sh!t with justin. i mean she even copies her boyfriends mannerisms, come on. drug use doesn't make someone a bad person, decisions like neglecting your kids to go party every night turns you into one. i'm glad those days are over too but some people here need to face the music. it's ok if britney doesn't wanna talk about it, she doesn't have to - but the information is out there,  even from lynne's mouth.  hell even britney touched on alcohol herself during that letter she wrote in 07. "i don't think it was the alcohol" - denial and lies like everything else that comes out of her mouth obviously.

    not sure why some people are ashamed of admitting she had a substance issue. it's just another chapter in britney's life that she overcame.

    All of it, but the bold in particular: :tiffanynod:

  11. 1 hour ago, breatheheavy said:

    It was on the main page, but without going into too much detail I needed to remove it. It's inaccurate. The Israeli newspaper pulled old quotes from many different interviews over the years and passed them off as new. A lot of those questions were never asked to Britney in their chat together. 

    So we were right when we thought a lot of those quotes sounded like stuff from For The Record, etc. Hm. :ponderney:

  12. 4 hours ago, HairFlipQueen said:

    So basically, she's performing the way she is now because she's not black. Her being white affects her dance skills, and also her ability to sing. And also, every sound engineer around the world is cruelly sabotaging her. 

    I've truly heard everything now.


    Oh, my God, I can't. :dead:

    Do you think they realize and know how far they're reaching for excuses, or do they actually believe the bullshit that they think up to defend her with?

  13. 3 hours ago, glitterfalls said:

    I'm wondering something about the Selena/Ariana thing. I don't blame anybody for shutting my ass down for saying this theory, maybe you'd say you'd prefer delusion over shutting everything out completely, idk. Does Britney sit down and watch the news, look at it online, read a newspaper? Maybe she's the type of person that hates seeing so many awful things going on in this world and realizing that people are pretty much powerless when something like this happens?  Maybe she glances at headlines, 'Oh, terrorist event happened. Okay, I know something bad went down and that's sad.  I just don't want to focus a lot of attention on the bad sh!t, time to block the sadness. *goes to look up pictures of sunsets*"

    Flipping through channels and the TV Guide, I know the difference between Ariana, Demi, and Selena. And I must say that I'm somebody that really isn't paying attention to current pop culture. Could it be possible that Britney might be on a layer beneath me? Maybe she doesn't give a flying f**k about any of their music, couldn't identify a picture of any of them if her life depended on it. Probably has only heard their names in passing. 

    Could any of this be happening or do I deserve :weirdmeout: for suggesting these theories?

    I mean, that very well could be the case, it's not unreasonable that it is. She might only just pay enough attention to grab the basics of what's going on -- or hell, she may ignore it all completely and someone from her team updates her on things -- and as for the younger pop girls, her not having reason to pay much attention makes sense, too. I mean, professionally, it doesn't make her look good. Even if she can't relate to it/doesn't listen to it, its always good to be well informed on the music scene when you're apart of it. But can I blame her? Well, I don't listen to any of the three myself, so no.

    So I don't know.