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  1. I'm too tipsy for careful reading, but--


    It crossed my mind that if Britney were to make up for these shortfalls that she would perhaps give the audience more attention. Instead, besides quickly greeting “Connecticut” at the beginning of her performance and briefly saying goodbye at the end, her only other audience interaction consisted of her team pulling one unsuspecting young man on stage halfway through the show to take part in BDSM shenanigans with the pop star. After being strapped into a leather harness and put onto his hands and knees, Britney “walked” the man across the stage while holding onto a leash attached to a leather collar around his neck (much to his enjoyment). Note: This all happened after she “whipped” the sides of his thighs with a horse-whip stick. Otherwise, she seemed mentally removed from her fans, holding herself at a psychological distance from everything that was happening around her.

    @Chaoscontrol See? Others notice it, too. (Me included, ftr.)

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  2. 29 minutes ago, Diamond Horse said:


    https://www.cbs42.com/watch/whats-on-cbs-42 TV PROGRAMME

    http://oklivetv.com/cbs-wiat-42-alabama-live/ THE LIVE BROADCAST OF THE CHANNEL

    i think that will be it and have the it factor tonight :) 


    I'm crying, you're watching a Bham Al TV station to stream elsewhere? Well at least my state's good for something.



  3. 6 minutes ago, I Always Sing Live said:


    You know she will.

    1 minute ago, Crayboy said:

    Watch the shaderoom or any other influental person not post this......:tiffanycries:

    and rather post more failed attempts instead

    Nope, it says above that a member here got them to post it. :)

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  4. I knew the unisex thing was dodgy and its actually why its taken them so long, but I think they should have tested it on different men to see how it reacted with their body chemistry/natural scent, and what the general opinion (from guys) were. And then made the women's results of the same test less of a priority and more of a follow up to make sure it could still be marketable to women. And there actually IS a market for this, if they'd made the scent more natural/woodsy. There's women out there who only wear cologne.

    As someone else said, its weird that Elizabeth Arden didn't really feel that out better. :umsaywhat:

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  5. I knew it was coming. I sincerely doubt she's "over" -- this is not a first, come on -- and things like this and bad press do seem to light a fire under her ass, however temporarily, so I can't say it didn't need to happen since she had time to rehearse this before going out on the road: but I can't read the comments. (Or watch the video again.) I don't know.... I can read the comments from Britney fans, but with people who probably don't like her anyway, nah. :messbye:

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  6. Wasn't Planet Hollywood funding the Asia tour, though? This isn't supported by them at all. As for where in the hell the Pepsi sponsorship plays into this tour, I actually kind of thought we might see the stage improve when she goes to Europe, so I say it went there. The catwalk will be returning when she does. I think North America is intentionally being kept small because of the smaller venues. :yaknow:

  7. So WilderWein and I are the only ones who noticed the nip slip, huh? Well, I know what'll be the background of a bunch of construction workers phones for the next month again....

    As for the tic, man.... I keep saying dance therapy.

  8. Quote

    It’s hard to remember Spears going this gonzo onstage back in her prime, and hearing these hits should have reminded you that, yes, it’s been nearly two decades since MTV transformed this humble Mouseketeer into the last Lolita of the 20th century. And like they always do, old songs begin to express new things. When a 16-year-old sings, “My loneliness is killing me,” we hear a specific kind of adolescent pain — excruciating, but fleeting. When a 36-year-old mouths along to those same words, it evokes an entirely different kind of wound.


    But yes, this review is mostly positive. He's just being very honest in saying she has changed since her prime and that her dancing is, well, all over the place, unlike in her prime. And that there's no live vocals, of course.

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  9. 5 minutes ago, Spearsfan said:

    Back in my day, hoodies at concerts were $40 and T-shirts were 15-20. 

    Now T-shirt’s are $40 and hoodies are $80. 

    The banana pin is cute. It’s too expensive though

    Right? I spent like, either eighty or a hundred at Kiefer Sutherland's show, but that was for a demo version of his album before it came out, a shirt, and a signed poster. (The cd was signed, too.) I know its not the same level, but good lord. (I can't remember how much my shirt at Kesha's show was.)

    But agreed.

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  10. 1 minute ago, Monsah said:

    this kind of wishful thinking is exactly what led us to this point. Stop giving her free pass over her -almost- mediocre acts


    having the same show doesn’t excuse the lacks of rehearsal, custome changes, energy, and proper execution. Once again, stop giving her a free pass just because she’s been doing this for five years. 


    ACTUALLY because she has been doig it for five years her movements should be the most fluid movements. 


    You are saying we feel this way because we’ve seen it for five years, let me rephrase this:


    We feel this way because we GOT used to her mediocre appearance for five years. 


    And that, is the tea. With shade.

    I didn't give her a free pass? But I also didn't delude myself into thinking that Britney would suddenly give a damn, unlike most of you, it seems. So--


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  11. Well I didn't buy tickets to POM because I knew it'd be the same show she's been doing for five years, so she didn't take anything from me. I also feel like everyone here had warning that it'd be the same thing and that things would even be cut back because of her being on the road.

    Frankly, the only people here who have the right to be freaking out are the people who paid money and went to last night's show, and sat their asses in those chairs. I've heard a lot say they enjoyed it. Hey, good for them. I expect more out of my concert experience, but then again, what do I know? I wasn't there to feel the energy, and I'm not gonna be.

    I don't know, I guess I've gotten to the point where its neither here nor there to me. Its what B10 gives me that'll matter to me, and be the deciding factor on whether I stick around, or go back to how I was during the FF era. :yaknow:

    tl;dr: To an extent, I agree. I do feel there should be more care, craft, and dedication given to her work. I don't care if she doesn't want to be a "mega superstar" anymore, that's not the point; I don't think she could be anymore, tbqh. At the same time, however, they didn't go and change the name of the show and pretend like they were giving anything new other than a few tracks. It's still called POM, ffs.

    It's like walking into a burning building and complaining about the heat.

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